International Standard Industrial Classification

The International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities is a United Nations system for classifying economic data. The United Nations Statistics Division describes it in the following terms:

::Wide use has been made of ISIC, both nationally and internationally, in classifying data according to kind of economic activity in the fields of production, employment, gross domestic product and other statistical areas. ISIC is a basic tool for studying economic phenomena, fostering international comparability of data, providing guidance for the development of national classifications and for promoting the development of sound national statistical systems.

For the two-number codes of this system and links to greater detail see [ UN Statistics Website] .

ee also

*Standard Industrial Classification (United States)
*North American Industry Classification System
*United Kingdom Standard Industrial Classification of Economic Activities
*Russian Economic Activities Classification System (OKVED) languageicon|ru|in Russian
*Industry Classification Benchmark
*Global Industry Classification Standard
*Statistical classification of economic activities in the European Community (NACE)


* [ United Nations Statistics Division: List of international family of economic and social classifications]
* [ ISIC Rev.4 structure (2008, United Nations Statistics Division)]
* [ ISIC Rev.3 structure (1989, United Nations Statistics Division)]
* [ ISIC Revison 3.0 adaption in Investment Map statistical tool]

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