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*Alexis I. du Pont Bayard (1918–1985), American politician from Delaware, Lieutenant Governor of Delaware
*Bayard family, American family of lawyers and politicians from Delaware
*George Dashiell Bayard (1835–1862), Union Army general in the American Civil War
*Hippolyte Bayard (1801–1877), early French photography pioneer
*James A. Bayard (1767–1815), American politician from Delaware, US representative and senator
*James A. Bayard, Jr. (1799–1888), American politician from Delaware, US senator, son of James A. Bayard
*Jean-François Bayard (1796–1853), French playwright
*John Bayard (1738–1807), American statesman from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; delegate to the Continental Congress
*Pierre Terrail, seigneur de Bayard (Chevalier de Bayard) (1473–1524), French soldier, known as "le chevalier sans peur et sans reproche"
*Richard H. Bayard (1796–1868), American politician from Delaware, mayor of Wilmington and US senator
*Samuel Preston Bayard (1908-1997), American Folklorist
*Thomas F. Bayard (1828–1898), American politician, statesman, and senator
*Thomas F. Bayard, Jr. (1868–1942), American lawyer and politician, US senator from Delaware

Given name

*Bayard H. Faulkner (1894–1983), American politician from New Jersey, mayor of Montclair, New Jersey
*Bayard Rustin (1912–1987), American civil rights activist, mentor of Martin Luther King, Jr.
*Bayard Taylor (1825–1878), American author from Pennsylvania

Places in the United States

*Bayard, Jacksonville, Florida, a neighborhood
*Bayard, Iowa, city in Guthrie County
*Bayard, Kansas, unincorporated community
*Bayard, Nebraska, city in Morrill County
*Bayard, New Mexico, Grant County
*Bayard, West Virginia, town in Grant County
*Fort Bayard National Cemetery, Grant County, New Mexico
*Fort Bayard (Washington, D.C.), American Civil War-era fortification protecting the United States capital


*Bayard, magic bay horse in the legends derived from the "chansons de geste"
*Bayard-Condict Building, building in New York designed by Louis Sullivan, erected 1899
*Bayard Cutting Arboretum State Park, park on the Connetquot River, in Long Island's Suffolk County, New York, USA
*Bayard Presse, French press group
*Bayard's Cove Fort, small early Tudor artillery fort, Dartmouth, Devon, England
*Bayardo (horse), (1906–1917), English Thoroughbred race horse
*Clément-Bayard, French automobile manufacturer 1903–1922

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