Wrangel family

Wrangel family

Wrangel (sometimes transliterated as Wrangell) is a Baltic German noble family, included in both Swedish and Russian nobility.

Notable members

* Herman Wrangel (ca.1584-1643), a Swedish Governor-General of Livonia, Field Marshal, and Privy Councillor
* Carl Gustaf Wrangel (1613-1676), a Swedish soldier and Privy Councillor (son of Herman Wrangel)
* Heinrich Johann Freiherr Wrangell from Addinal ("Andrei Ivanovich Wrangel", 1736-1813), Russian General-Lieutenant
* Ferdinand von Wrangel ("Ferdinand Petrovich Wrangel", 1797-1870), Imperial Russian Navy admiral, Arctic explorer, Governor of Russian Alaska
* Ferdinand Georg Friedrich von Wrangel ("Ferdinand Ferdinandovich Wrangel", 1844-1919)
* Pyotr Nikolayevich Wrangel (Peter von Wrangel), a leader of the White Army during the Russian Civil War
* Alexander Evstafiyevich Wrangel (1804-1880), Baron, Russian infantry general
* Wilhelm Bernhard Friedrich von Wrangel ("Vasili Vasiliyevich Wrangel", 1797-1872), Baron, Imperial Russian Navy admiral
* Vasili Georgiyevich Wrangel (1816-1860)
* Georg Gustav Ludwig von Wrangel ("Yegor Vasiliyevich Wrangel", 1784-1841)
* Karl Michael von Wrangel ("Karl Yegorovich Wrangel", 1794-1874), Baron Russian cavalry general
* Reinhold Otto Fabian von Wrangel ("Roman Yegorovich Wrangel", 1797-1884), Russian General of Artillery
* Karl Karlovich Wrangel (1800-1872), Baron, Russian infantry general
* Hans Georg Hermann von Wrangel ("Yegor Ermolayevich Wrangel", 1803–1868)
* Karl Gustav von Wrangel ("Karl Reingoldovich Wrangel", 1742-1824), Russian infantry general.
* Georg von Wrangel ("Yegor Yegorovich Wrangel", 1827-1875), Russian senator
* Michael von Wrangel ("Mihhail Yegorovich Wrangel", 1803–1868), Russian General-Lieutenant, Governor of Livland
* Vasili Georgiyevich Wrangel (1862-1901)
* Margarethe Mathilde von Wrangell (1877-1932)
* Nikolai Nikolayevich Wrangel (1880-1915)
* Hans Olaf von Wrangel (born 1928), Baron, German parliamentarian

ee also

*Friedrich Heinrich Ernst Graf von Wrangel (1784-1877), Prussian "Generalfeldmarschall"

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