List of minor Winx Club characters

chool cadre


Ms. Faragonda is the headmistress of Alfea. She is a kind soul who cares for her students but she will not put up with nonsense and will dispense discipline when needed. She teaches convergence to the fairies of Alfea. Faragonda has a good relationship, and a little bit of a rivalry, with Ms. Griffin. In season three, it is revealed that this is because they and Headmaster Saladin of Red Fountain had worked together to help defend the planet of Domino from Baltor. Apparently, Faragonda was friends with Bloom's parents King Oritel and Queen Miriam of Sparx and was deeply disturbed by their disappearance. Faragonda is one of the three points of magic, the others being Griffin and Saladin. Rachael Lillis voices Faragonda in the 4kids version. According to, at one point Ms. Faragonda was a witch. It is also stated that she was once a fairy godmother.

Assistant Principal Griselda is the assistant to Ms. Faragonda and head of discipline at Alfea. She isn't friendly at all and jumps at every chance to punish someone. While not a bad person, Griselda seems to dislike Bloom and Stella: Bloom for lying to her on the first day, and Stella for blowing up the potions lab the year before the events of Season One. But they are her students, so she does on some level care for them. She teaches the fairies a system of techniques involving defense and reflection abilities and teaches them some incredible new spells. Su Meredith voices Griselda in the 4kids version.

Professor Palladium is an elf who teaches Potionology at Alfea. In the first season, he is somewhat flustered and nervous. He is a brave fighter though, jumping into battle in the last episode with a magical scimitar. During the second season, we see a new Palladium. He has undergone an evolution and is now a more confident character. Sebastian Arcelus voices Palladium in the 4kids version.

Professor Wizgiz is a somewhat eccentric teacher and Leprechaun who teaches Metamorphosimbiosis, the process of changing from one form into another, to the fairies of Alfea. Pete Zarustica voices Wizgiz in the 4kids version.

Professor DuFour is a rarely seen teacher. She wears a large scarlet hat and teaches about "good ways" (manners). She has been seen in other episodes, including an implication that she was once close friends with Musa's parents.

Professor Avalon is a teacher of Magiphilosophy, a mix of magic and philosophy, to the fairies of Alfea. He is also a paladin. It is revealed very late in the second season that the Avalon at Alfea is an impostor working for Darkar and the real Avalon had been trapped in Shadowhaunt, Lord Darkar's stronghold.

Barbatea is Alfea's head librarian.

Ofelia is Alfea's resident doctor (name wasn't mentioned).

Cloud Tower

Griffin is the headmistress of Cloud Tower. She is somewhat a bitter rival of Faragonda and it is stated (in the final episode, "Fire and Flame") that the two of them were once good friends and even dated the same boy. Griffin can seem mean but she honestly cares for her students and will defend them if threatened. In season three, it is revealed that as a young witch, she once teamed with Baltor/Valtor to work for the Ancestral Witches. She was saved by Faragonda and went on to help defend the planet of Domino alongside Ms. Faragonda and Principal Saladin of Red Fountain. Griffin is one of the three points of magic, the others being Faragonda and Saladin. Carol Jacobanis voices Griffin in the 4kids version.

Professor Ediltrude is a professor at Cloud Tower and sister of Zarathustra. (Name wasn't mentioned in season one)

Professor Zarathustra: A professor at Cloud Tower and sister of Ediltrude. (Name wasn't mentioned in season one)

Red Fountain

Professor Saladin is the headmaster of Red Fountain. He is an old but very powerful wizard. It is revealed in season three that he, Ms, Faragonda, and Griffin helped defend the planet of Domino. Saladin is one of the three points of magic, the others being Faragonda and Griffin. Michael Alston Baley voices Saladin in the 4kids version.

Professor Codatorta is the head of discipline at Red Fountain. Not much is known about him, other than that he is very robust and active. He fights with a whip or a sword and he comes from the Fortress of Light. Matt Hoverman voices Codatorta in the 4kids version.


Alfea students

Luna is a fairy with short green hair who attends the same classes as the Winx Club members.

Ortensia wears glasses and an orange shirt, and in her fairy form keeps her glasses and wears a muffin cap, and a pink tank top and dark pink skirt. She was noted as complaining about the prom in the last few episodes of Season One.She has the power of music like Musa.

Amaryl wears a yellow-green fairy outfit and has pink and orange wings. She is the only Alfea student other than the Winx who has a known power. She shouted "Star power" during one of the Season Two episodes. She has a bit of an attitude. She and Stella don't get along very well through the two first seasons and Amaryl actually tried to attack Stella in one of their classes, but was stopped by Professor Palladium. (Depending on the version, she was trying to attack Stella with the Sphere of Truth.) In season three, Amaryl and Stella seemed to put aside their quarrel because in one episode she is seen in front of the school with Ms Faragonda, Griselda, Mirta and the Winx Club and at the end Stella and Amaryl are waiting together the other girls for Ms Faragonda's speech. Amaryl may have a friendly relationship with Mirta and Lucy, as she can be seen with them at the Concert of Season Two and with Mirta

Francis wears a harlequin fairy outfit. She is also Layla's roommate. She is first seen sleeping in their room, cuddling Piff. She is friendly, but definitely has an attitude: she insults Timmy when he comes looking for Tecna in the 19th episode of season two, during Tecna's phase of hating Timmy (depending on the version, for not making the first move, or for not shooting the Trix and letting them take the Codex piece at Red Fountain).

Francine has long red hair and wears a dark blue fairy outfit. Her casual outfit is light blue. Francine is a character of many names. She's called Dahlia or Priscilla in other episodes, but the Circle of Power card game refers to her as Francine.Powers: She is the fastest flyer.

Priscilla is a background fairy with short red hair. She wears a dark green fairy outfit with leaf-shaped wings.

Galatea is a fairy with light blonde hair. She has a cream-coloured fairy outfit with darker cream-coloured wings shaped like treble clefs with gold trimming. The witches force her to take them to Alfea's spell chamber so they can steal its spells. Icy breaks Galatea's wings when she tries to escape. When Galatea tries to save the books in the chamber from a fire that Darcy starts, she is overcome by smoke. Musa saves her and earns her Enchantix.

Nova is a fairy with bright orange hair and is she is from Solaria. When all the other Winx girls are in Tides, she is the one that gives Stella all the latest news about Solaria.

Lesser known Alfea fairies

Note: names of lesser-known fairies were first introduced in the Toys "R" Us exclusive Winx Club Trading Card Game: Circle of Power. The back of the playmat contained the names of all the fairy/character cards. It wasn't until much later on where the official site added many character icons with corresponding names.

Katy: Katy is a girl who is seen in a few episodes throughout the series. She wears a pink tank top and skirt with a blue scarf. Her fairy outfit is yellow and has a collar with a bell on it. She has cat ears and a tail in this form.

Ahisa: Ahisa is a fairy that has long black hair with bangs. It can be assumed that she and Mirta are friends, as she, Kimmy, and Mirta have been seen together in one episode in Season Two.She is the guardian of love and posesses love-based attack.Her element colour is pink.

Alice: Alice has long curly blue hair. She has a high-necked baby blue fairy outfit with dark blue parts and purple cape like part on her dress. Alice looks very elegant. She is Jared's love interest at the end of the second season.She has ice powers like Icy, but on the good side.Her element colour is blue.

Kadija: Kadija is a fairy with brown cornrows. Her fairy outfit is orange with blue accents, and her daily outfit consits of a yellow top, jeans and a blue necklace. She seems to be in several classes with Stella and Bloom.

Kaie: Kaie has short, messy red-brown hair. She has not been seen in her fairy outfit, but her normal outfit is a navy blue beater and jeans.

Karina: Karina has chin-length brown hair. Her fairy outfit is red and pink, as is her daily outfit. Her daily outfit consists of a maroon and pink sweater, and a dark skirt.She is from the same realm as Flora, but another city. Her element colour is green.

Kimmy: Kimmy is a blonde fairy who keeps her hair in a bun at the back of her head. She has a purple-and-blue fairy outfit with a corset-like top and blue boots with some pink parts. It can be assumed that she, Ahisa and Mirta are friends, as they have been seen together in two episodes in Season Two.She has Eyptian fairy outfit looks, and has the power of te moon- the opposite realm of Stella. Shes also the princess of Lunaria- opposite of Solaria. Her element colour is moon blue.

Kylie: Kylie is a strawberry-blonde fairy with short bangs and a rather skimpy pink fairy outfit.Her powers are unknown.

Lavigne: Lavigne is a blonde who is often seen wearing a green t-shirt. Lavigne's fairy outfit consists of a lavender midriff top and dark purple shorts with sport shoes and lavender wings. She complains about the pop quiz in season 1, "Pushing the Envelope". Her powers are shields and barrier, in a purple element colour.

Lolina: Lolina is a fairy with black hair. Her daily outfit consists of a striped green and white shirt and a miniskirt. She was a contestant in Miss Magix, but did not win. Green gravity-defying rings surround her fairy outfit. Her element colour is green.

Lin Poo: Lin Poo is a minor fairy with bright pink hair. Her hair is curled into buns on the sides of her head. She sometimes is seen at Cloud Tower. She wears a yellow t-shirt and pink gym shorts as her daily outfit, but nothing is known about her fairy outfit.

Miky: Miky is a black haired fairy. Her hair is very curly and she wears an orange fairy outfit and daily outfit.

Simbelene: Simblene is a fairy with bright blue hair. She wears a blue and orange tank top as part of her normal outfit.

Silicya: Silicya is a red-haired fairy. Her fairy outfit is gold with navy blue accents. Her powers are the sun like Stella. She is of course close to Nova and also talks to Stella once in a while. She is the one who gave Nova those magazines.

Cloud Tower students

Mirta is a kind hybrid fairy/witch who stands out quite prominently from the other witches of Cloud Tower. Her sweet and shy nature makes her a target of ridicule and scorn there, except for her roommate and childhood friend Lucy. Mirta doesn't think the fairies are bad, and even attempts to help Bloom on one occasion, but she pays a heavy price for interfering in the Trix's business and is turned into a pumpkin for the second half of the first season. Flora keeps the pumpkin in her room and takes care of it affectionately, trying several times to turn her back into the girl she once was. By the end of the first season, she is turned back into a girl and becomes a transfer student to Alfea. Each time The Winx Club go to Cloud Tower, Mirta goes with them as a guide. She is seen in Winx form in the 10th episode of the third season (however, although she also features in the next episode, she doesn't transform into Winx form; this has disappointed some fans and it is also unknown if she had her charmix). In the movie, Mirta is featured three times: When Stella, Musa, Flora, Tecna and Layla are graduated, she cheers them; When Mandragora attacks Alféa, she takes down one of her monsters and also when the teachers, pixies and fairies restore Alféa after the battle.

Lucy is Mirta's only friend at Cloud Tower. Tall, Pale, and not quite as attractive as others, Lucy has self-esteem problems and desperately wants to befriend the Trix in Season 1 (though they scorn and tease her). She appears to be a very good dancer though, appearing in the Miss Magix competition in disguise. She and Mirta have been friends since childhood. They lose contact at the end of the first season, as Mirta transfers to Alfea, but halfway through the second season, Lucy and Mirta reconcile. They are seen dancing with Amaryl at Musa's concert and together at the end of year party during the finale of the second season, proving that they are once more friends. Lucy was part of the attack on Alfea in the 3rd season, under Baltor's control.

There are at least 60 unnamed witches in Cloud Tower.

The Specialists

Sky: Sky is the Prince of Eraklyon. Before the school year started, he switched places with his squire, Brandon, to have more freedom of action. He had an arranged fianceé, Diaspro, however he managed to break up with her because he and Bloom fell in love. Sky is clever, funny, brave, charming, compassionate and loyal, his blonde hair is quite lovely. He is really close to Brandon, they are best friends. Sky wants to be an expert fighter pilot and he is a great swordsman. His blue-colored phantoblade is styled after a longsword. He also uses a blue-colored phantoshield. Dan Green voices Sky in the 4kids version and Mark Mauser in the UK version and Alessandro Quarta in Italian version. Sky's birthday is April 27 in the 4kids version and March 20 in the Rainbow version.

Brandon: Brandon is Sky's squire. His love interest is Stella. His favorite hobby is going out with girls, and despite his good heart he can be very vain and self-centered at times, thus making him an excellent match for Stella. Brandon is very muscular and seems to like to show it by constantly wearing sleeve-less clothing. He is by far the strongest and most physically fit of the group. Despite his hobby, he proves a faithful and loving partner. His green-colored phantoblade is modeled after a broadsword. Frank Frankson voices Brandon in the 4kids version, and Danny Brochu in the original version. Brandon's birthday is October 14 in the 4kids version and September 23 in the original version.
*"Brandon" means "sword" in Old English.

Helia: Helia is an artistic student who is Principal Saladin's Nephew. He was the top student until he decided to dedicate his life to nature and poetry. He arrives during the second season, during episode 34, "Party Monster". Helia, formerly an art student, is a pacifist, and does not believe in heroics and fighting. However, he saves Flora in an act of defense, using his laser string glove, and for some reason, chooses to stay at Red Fountain. Helia is a quiet individual, who prefers sketching to practicing heroics, despite heroics being in his blood. He doesn't like to use technology, even though he's an excellent pilot; the only weapon he'll ever use is his laser string glove. He enjoys writing poems and sometimes draws. Helia's birthday is unknown in the 4kids version and September 2 in the original version. He is voiced by Marc Diraison in the 4Kids version. Helia has been in a relationship with Flora since she admitted how she felt during the second season.
* "Helia", though usually a female name, means "sun" in Latin.

Timmy: Timmy is an inventor that prefers to use logic instead of violence, he is from a long family line of scientists. Although Timmy has trouble expressing his feelings towards Tecna, Timmy heroically protects her on many an occasion. His yellow-colored phantoblade is styled after a rapier. He's also only one in the group who uses a laser gun. He and Tecna get along well and end up dating, though not without some rough spots. Sebastian Arcelus voices Timmy in the 4kids version and Michael Tarmush in the original English version. Timmy's birthday is January 13 in the 4kids version and February 15 in the original version.
*"Timmy" is diminutive for Timothy, which means "honouring/honoured by God".

Riven: Riven is the maverick of the group. Riven puts up a cold front, and has trouble expressing his emotions as they scare him. He grew up alone, and he acts for himself according to his rules. Riven mistrusts females, as his mother abandoned him at birth, and is thus a chauvinist. He's very competitive (above all, with Sky). He is a good swordsman, wielding a scimitar-styled purple phantoblade. He also wields a phanto sai with a mace. He is also good at all kinds of sport. Some think Riven is a daredevil, clever and touchy. Riven is shown subtly as having an interest in, and being the love interest of, Musa all through the first and second seasons. He admits he likes Musa at the end of the first season, but they don't become a couple until the end of the second season. In season three, Musa considers breaking up with him, but in the last episodes they decided to stay together. Michael Sinterniklaas voices Riven in the 4kids version and Mitchell Rothpan in the original version. Riven's birthday is November 6 in the 4kids version and October 15 in the original version.

Nabu: Nabu is a valiant wizard and strategic thinker. He is the intended of Layla. At first, he was thought by the Winx girls to be working with Baltor/Valtor, but he cleared his name when he saved Layla from being killed by a monster. Nabu ran away from home in order to see what Layla was like and ended up falling in love with her. He used the name Ophir as an alias, but told her later on who he really was. It turned out that Layla had fallen in love with him, too, and had no problem with being betrothed to him. Briefly, he was the rival of Riven, who thought Nabu was stealing Musa from him.

Other specialists

Simply referred to as W (and only in the 4K version), he is a long-haired specialist who uses claws, much like Wolverine's. He is most likely a parody of the famous Marvel Character.

Bishop (again, only named in the 4K dub): A specialist with a purple ponytail on top of his head. He has markings on his forehead. Possibly yet another reference to a Marvel Character.Fact|date=February 2007

Jared: A dark-haired specialist that had a crush on Musa in Season Two. According to the 4K dub, Stella set them up on a date thinking he was better than Riven. Darcy used him to sabotage the test the Winx took. He and Musa ended up as friends, but by the end of season 2 Jared was seen with a new love interest, a fairy named Alice, which Tune noticed.

Roccaluce (The Fortress of Light)

Known as Light Haven in the 4KIDS TV edition.

Located above the Lake Fortress of Light in non-space and unreachable for almost anyone except for those who are trained to a very high and advanced level of magic who can travel through dimensions, it is a temple high above the clouds on a huge and rocky mountain. After season one, the witches were sent there for unleashing the army of decay on Magix. [ More details]

Queen Algae: Queen of the aquatic fairies.

Lusiz: One of the aquatic fairies.


Lord Darkar, The master of shadows, Lord Darkar is the lord of the Kingdom of Shadowhaunt in the underealm. In Back to School" he rescued the Trix from Lake Fortress of Light and gave them their Gloomix. The Gloomix gave them greater dark power. Darkar tried to use the Trix to get each of the 4 Codex pieces and enter the realm of Realix to gain the Ultimate Power and rule the universe. With the help of an evil Paladin disguised as Professor Avalon, Darkar retrived all 4 codex pieces and cast a spell on Bloom to make her not only steal Alfea's codex but, use the Dragonfire with Darkar's Shadowfire to open the portal to Realix. He seems to develop an obsession for Bloom near the end of the season. While in Realix, Darkar was defeated by all 6 Winx girls (including Bloom who had been freed from the spell by Sky) doing a Charmix Convergence"' thus banishing Darkar to the realm he came from. Darkar was the main villan in Season 2. He dumped the Trix after he turned Bloom evil.

Dark Bloom Bloom after Lord Darkar had put a dark spell over her.

Keborg (Kerbog in the 4kids edition) is a bat-like creature that serves Lord Darkar as a spy for the Dark master.

Hell's Mastiff, Spit Monster, and Brute Monster: Monster servants of Lord Darkar. (names weren't mentioned)


King Enervus is the King of Downland.

Queen Quoeda is the Queen of Downland.

Princess Amentia is the Princess of Downland, and she wanted to marry Brandon. When Amentia decides she wants something she's ruthless in her pursuit of it. She's also a complete perfectionist, and forces her servants to adhere to strict and apparently nonsensical rules. She is, however, an excellent warrior who will fight to the finish. In the 4kids version, she is Queen of Downland, rather than just a princess, likely because she is so dominating that her parents do not mind that she runs the kingdom.

Sponsus is Princess Amentia's loyal servant, who is deeply in love with her. He attempts to win her heart by bestowing gifts on her, but to no avail. Thanks to Amore, Princess Amentia finally falls in love with Sponsus, and agrees to break her 'engagement' with Brandon.

Pixies' Village

It is a village in the Dark Forest where the pixies live. Lord Darkar was trying to locate it so that he could find a piece of the Codex, a powerful piece of magic that will allow him to open a portal to the Realm of Realix. Later in season two he turned Bloom evil so he could use both his and her powers to activate it. [ More details]


There are Pixies (called "minifairies" in the Italian version) who bond with fairies, and there are four guardian pixies that protect the Codex at the four main places in Magix: Alfea, Redfountain, Cloudtower and Pixies' Village. The witches used the term "pixies" as an insult to the fairies only in the first season of the 4kids version.

Concorda is the guardian of Alfea's Codex. She is bonded to the magic archive of Alfea, where it is later revealed that the Codex is hidden within the shelves of books, and thus guards the Codex there.

Discorda is the guardian of Cloud Tower's Codex. She is haughty and loves fashion. Her powers are more powerful than the other pixies.

Athena is the guardian of Red Fountain's Codex. She likes going to dragon races in the arena and she dislikes Concorda.

Ninfea is the guardian of Pixie Village's Codex. She guards and protects Pixie Village in the Dark Forest.

Lockette is the pixie of Portals, and thus, knows her way anywhere. She has a hairclip that transforms into a scepter, that helps her point people in the right direction. Lockette is Bloom's bonded pixie, as Bloom often finds herself lost, and is constantly on a journey to discover the secrets of her past throughout the series (or 'has many hidden passages in her heart'). Lockette not only helps Bloom find her way physically, but also emotionally, as she tries to discover her true self and connect with her power and family. Lockette's guidance and loyalty saves Bloom on many an occasion, and the two are thus, inseparable (much to Kiko's dismay). Also in Season 3 it seems that she doesn't like Prince Sky that much.

Amore As her name suggests ('amore' is Italian for 'love'), Amore is the pixie of Love. Her sensitive nature is mirrored in appearance by her rosy-red hair, flowing pink dress and floral decorations. She is Stella's bonded pixie. As Stella's bonded pixie, Amore reminds Stella of what is truly important in life: Love. Amore's belief in love as being beautiful, and Stella's love for beauty compliment each other perfectly.

Chatta is the pixie of Chatter, who looks somewhat like Stella: long, blonde hair in two ponytails, with a green outfit. She is extremely talkative, and enjoys writing cheers and talking about just about everything, especially herself. Chatta is also the bravest of the pixies, as she once stood up to Darkar in a Season 2 episode. As Flora's bonded pixie, Flora is very dependent on Chatta, due to her extremely introverted, quiet nature. Chatta encourages Flora to find the strength to speak her mind, often showing the most positive of outcomes. (It has been noted and sometimes mistaken that Amore and Chatta could also have fit with each other's associated fairy, due to Amore's floral decorations and Chatta's blonde pigtails and attitude.)

Tune is the pixie of Etiquette, or Good Manners, who is polite, even when she is yelling at others. Tune is neat, orderly, prim and proper, and old-fashioned, with pale purple hair, and a Victorian style outfit in purples, whites and blues. Tune believes in being lady-like, a contrast to her bonded fairy, Musa, who is famous for her outgoing behaviour. In spite of Tune's nagging and correcting, Tune and Musa make the perfect pair, each lessening each other's extremes.

Digit is the pixie of Nanotechnology (technology on an extremely small scale), who lives up to her name. She is extremely immaculate, logical, precise, mathematical and shows little emotion. She is an obvious match for Tecna, and the two have an extremely close relationship, as Digit and Tecna are perfect for challenging each other's minds (and video game skills), discussing similar interests and speaking in their technical manner.

Piff is a baby pixie of Sweet Sleep, who can turn any nightmare into a sweet dream by falling asleep on someone's head. Piff is unable to talk (and mostly speaks babytalk), and depends on Layla, staying always by her side (or in her hood). Piff is almost always sleeping, and is the perfect match for the restless Layla, who often tosses and turns in her sleep due to nightmares. Layla and Piff, both of whom are, coincidentally, African-American in appearance, have an extremely close bond, as Layla needs Piff to function.

Glim is the pixie of Fireflies. However, like Piff, she's still a baby. Glim was called "Blinky" once, but later on, she was called "Glim", and still is now.Fact|date=February 2007

Zing is the pixie of Bugs and can change her appearance to look like other people (although smaller).

Livy is the pixie of Messages, so she surfs on folded messages. She has a habit of being forgetful, but what she lacks in memory, she makes up in heart. Livy isn't bonded to anyone. In the second season though, Livy accidentally revealed the Pixies' Village to Darkar. Livy is Jolly's younger sister and has a tomboyish behaviour complimented by her boy-looking appearance.

Jolly Appeared in the episode 'Hallowinx' (European title) and wears a joker-type outfit. She uses cards to tell the future. She is Livy's older sister.

Charmy is Lockette's cousin. She disappears in Shadowhaunt.

Other characters

The Water Nymphs live in the Black-Mud swamp where a rare plant about to go extinct was residing until Flora took a sample of it. Some of them warned Alfea of the invasion of the Army of Darkness led by the Trix. The Water Nymphs are called "The Junior League of the Swamp" in the 4kids version, and had a much-higher profile (in the original, no one had seen them before).

Kiko is Bloom's pet rabbit. He has fur in a light-blue with white splashes. He displays an unusually high amount of intelligence for a rabbit, but no one seems to notice. Kiko is suspected through most of the series to have magic powers (he follows Bloom and Stella through an invisible wall that keeps Bloom's non-magical parents out of Magix), which are finally revealed late into the second season. He is a pixie pet, revealed in the last episode of the Winx Club season two also you could see kiko flying at the end of season.

Knut is a near-sighted ogre who works for the Trix. Despite being fairly intelligent, Knut is constantly messing something up somehow. This does not endear him to the Trix particularly well and they berate him often. He switches sides to fight alongside the Specialists and fairies at the end of season one. In season two, he works at Alfea. He is only one episode in season 3. Marc Thompson voices Knut in the English version.

Mitzi is Bloom's classmate and neighbor on Earth. She is a rich, spoiled girl who enjoys taunting Bloom every time she sees her. Lisa Ortiz voices Mitzi in the 4kids version and Victoria Justice in the live action/ animated direct-to-video.

Pepe is the name of a duckling who resulted from the Winx using their powers to make a spell cast by the Trix backfire. Since Icy was the first person he saw upon hatching, he continually follows her, much to her annoyance. From season two onwards, however, Pepe is no longer mentioned.

Princess Diaspro is the arranged fiancée of Prince Sky, but he dumped her for Bloom. Bloom, believing Diaspro was one of the Trix (4K dub: more specifically, Icy) in disguise, attacked her during the Exhibition Day at Redfountain. She also has a magical girl transformation in her season one episode, very similar to the main Winx Club girls but a bit cheaper. Diaspro is the fairy of gemstones. In season two, ninja warriors called the Techno Ninjas (The Wrong Righters in the dub) kidnap her, forcing Sky, Bloom, Brandon and Flora to rescue her. It is then that we learn that she has been trained and taught for many years to become Sky's wife, and she is quite bitter at the fact that Bloom has taken her place. Flora and Chatta console her, and tell her that she will find her prince someday. In season three she teams up with Baltor and the Trix to try and get Sky back from Bloom, because she wants revenge. She was never shown after the Winx came to Eraklyon to break the spell on Sky in the 9th episode of season 3; she was mentioned afterwards have been banished soon after. Veronica Taylor voices Princess Diaspro in the 4kids version.

Countess Cassandra and Chimera are a mother and daughter duo introduced in the third season of the series. Chimera appears in the fifty-third episode, constantly in conflict with the Winx Club as they shop in preparation for Stella's princess ball on Solaria. Countess Cassandra appears in the 54th episode when Winx girls arrive on Solaria. Both of them team up with Baltor to gain control of Solaria. Cassandra and Stella's father, King Radius, are engaged to be married, for reasons unknown. Cassandra puts a spell on Radius that forces him to do everything she tells him to, even banishing his own daughter. Chimera uses her powers to turn Stella into a hideous monster. Later in the season Chimera takes Stella's place as Princess of Solaria. In episode 19 of season 3, however, Stella later defeats them and they are imprisoned and she becomes the princess once again.

Valtor (Baltor in the 4Kids version) is the third main villain after Lord Darkar. He is a powerful wizard who would love nothing more than to be the greatest wizard of them all. To do so, he turns people into monsters that willingly serve him, and places a mark that looks like a "V" on other people so they too will serve him, in order to conquer each planet or realm. He, like Bloom, was born from the Dragon's Flame, but unlike Bloom, he was born from its dark side. He was with the Three Ancient Witches when they destroyed Sparks, but was sent to the Omega Dimension. Not long after Darkar's defeat, the Trix were sent there too where they found and broke Valtor out of his prison. Valtor escaped from Omega with the Trix and began conquering Tides, Layla's planet of origin. Valtor then moved on to go to Solaria where he took some power from the second sun of Solaria, which was enough to give him back the power that Omega took from him. Valtor is often very interested in Bloom, possibly because of their mysterious connection in the past, which makes the Trix wonder if he is related to her. He was once Ms. Griffin's magical companion when they were young. It was at this time that he met Bloom's parents Queen Miriam and King Oritel of Domino, who were both stronger than him. However, he tricked them both and supposedly killed them the day Domino was destroyed. His favorite hobby happens to be making his the people who defeated him the in past miserable; he hunts down Faragonda and Griffin, two members of the Company of Light, humiliating and imprisoning them. He is voiced by Sean Schemmel in the 4Kids version. In the second-to-last episode of Season 3, Valtor transforms into a demon and unleashes a spell known as the Spell of the Elements. The Spell of the Elements sent elemental attacks in four directions; water to Cloud Tower, wind to Red Fountain, fire to Alfea, and earth to Magix. However, the Winx Club managed to release all the spells that Valtor had stolen. Finally, in the final episode, he, in his demon form, was defeated by Bloom's Dragon Fire from the inside out, being banished to the realm of Oblivion along with the three Ancient Witches. Valtor also blinded Layla, froze Bloom, trapped Tecna in the omega dimension, and trapped Mrs. Griffin in her school prison.

Miele (4Kids version: Rose) is Flora's little sister. In episode 12 (season 3) Flora saves Miele from drowning and thus gets her Enchantix. Miele appears throughout the episode portrayed as a strong-willed girl who wants to be brave and a great fairy inspired by the Winx Club girls.

Nabu is Layla's fiance that her parents have chosen for her as part of a tradition. He had been secretly watching Layla since "Tears From The Black Willow" (3x12). He refers to himself as Ophir when he first meets her in the 18th episode of season 3, only revealing his true identity in 2nd to last episode of season 3.

Miriam and Oritel are the Queen and King of Sparkz and the parents of Daphne and Bloom. They first appear in Season Two, Episode Nine in a dream. Miriam has red hair like Bloom's, and Oritel has brown hair. They were apparently very powerful and a formidable threat to valtor's rule. They were friends with Faragonda, Griffin, and Saladin, who tried to help them fight off valtor from Sparks. According to Faragonda's story, Miriam and Oritel beat valtor in battle and locked him away in the Omega Dimension, but valtor's says that he tricked and defeated them.But in episode 24 of season 3 when Bloom goes to Cloud Tower in search of the 3 Ancestral Witches (also known as the Ancestresses) because their essence remains in the Crypt of Cloud Tower they reveal to her that valtor lied to her and that her parents were not trapped within him (because that was a trick that valtor used to try and defeat her with) but that her parents are still very much alive but they are in a place far beyond where the magical dimesion can reach and that this place is not reachable through or by magic.

Daphne is the oldest child of Oritel and Miriam of Domino and Bloom's older sister (however, the 4Kids dub dropped her family to Bloom). Her voice is first heard in Season One "Mission to Cloud Tower" and first appears in the episode "Day of the Rose". On the day Domino was destroyed, King Oritel told Daphne to take her little sister and hide. Daphne safely delivered Bloom to Earth. She is no longer mortal, but she is Bloom's mermaid guardian. She is also part nymph. She helps Bloom develop her powers.

Anne Anne is Layla's best friend who teaches her how to dance and promises Layla that she'll write to her. She only appears in the second season.

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