B12 (disambiguation)

B12 or B-12 can refer to:
* b12, an antibody against the HIV surface protein gp120 found in some long-term nonprogressors
* B12 (band), a British electronic music duo
* B12 (New York City bus) serving Brooklyn
* Alpina B12, a car model by German manufacturer Alpina
* Bensen B-12, a 1961 American unconventional aircraft
* Chery B12, a 2007 Chinese Chery Automobile model
* HLA-B12, an HLA - B serotype
* Vitamin Bssub|12and also :
* Brandon C. Rodegeb, an American music executive, film-maker, rap artist, writer known as B12
* Caro-Kann Defence, a common opening in the game of chess
* Nissan Sunny, a car model by Japanese manufacturer Nissan
* a modified version of the B-10 bomber
* a song by the now-defunct grunge band, Grey Daze

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