Indian Heaven

Indian Heaven

Infobox Mountain
Name = Indian Heaven
Photo = Indian Heaven.jpg
Caption = East Crater in the Indian Heaven volcanic field
Elevation = Convert|5925|ft|m|0|abbr=on
Location = Washington, United States
Range = Cascade Range
Prominence =
Coordinates = coord|45|55|48|N|121|49|12|W|type:mountain_region:US

Type = volcanic field
Volcanic_Arc/Belt=Cascade Volcanic Arc
Age = Pleistocene and Holocene
Last eruption = 8,200 years ago
First ascent =
Easiest route =
Language =
Pronunciation =

Indian Heaven is a polygeneticcite book | last = Wood | first = Charles A. | coauthors = Jűrgen Kienle | title = Volcanoes of North America | publisher = Cambridge University Press | date = 1993 | pages = pp. 166-167 | month = | isbn = 0-512-43811-X ] volcanic field in Washington, United States. It is located midway between Mount St. Helens and Mount Adams, and dates from the Pleistocene and Holocene. The field trends north to south and is dominated by seven small shield volcanoes that have each erupted only once. [ (?)] . Those shields are topped by small spatter and cinder cones. The northernmost peak in the field is Sawtooth Mountain and the southernmost is Red Mountain. The highest point is Lemei Rock at convert|5925|ft|m|0.

Its last volcanic activity produced a large cinder cone and a voluminous lava and scoria flows about 8200 years ago.

About 60 eruptive centers lie on the convert|30|km|mi|0|adj=on|sp=us long, N10degreesEast-trending, Indian Heaven fissure zone. The convert|600|km2|sqmi|0|sp=us field has a volume of about convert|100|km3|cumi|0|sp=us and forms the western part of a convert|2000|km2|sqmi|0|adj=on|sp=us Quaternary basalt field in the southern Washington Cascades, including the King Mountain fissure zone along which Mount Adams was built.

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* [ Gifford Pinchot National Forest - Indian Heaven Wilderness]
* [ USGS - Indian Heaven Volcanic Field]

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