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Origin = Reykjavík
Genre = Pop
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Current_members = Magni Ásgeirsson (vocals)
Sævar Þór Helgason (Guitar)
Heimir Eyvindarson (Electronic Board)
Þórir Gunnarsson (Bass guitar)
Stefán I. Þórhallsson (drums)

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Á Móti Sól is an Icelandic pop band formed in the fall of 1995 by Þórir Gunnarsson and Heimir Eyvindarson. Stefán Þórhallsson joined the band in the spring of 1997, Sævar Þór Helgason in the spring of 1998, and Magni Ásgeirsson in the fall 1999.

Records and Performances

Á Móti Sól has released 7 albums, 5 of them with Magni.

Their first record was called "Gumpurinn" and was published in 1997. The first single from that record was a cover of the song "Reykjavíkurborg" by Þú og Ég. The summer 1997 came the song "Djöfull er ég flottur", which became a very popular song.

In 1997-1998 a few singles were published.

In 1999 a record by the name "1999" was published. By the summer 1999 Björgvin Hreiðarsson, their former singer, quit the band. In fall 1999, the band found Magni, their current singer, in Egilsstaðir where he was working as a baker and was the lead singer of the band, SHAPE. Magni's first record with the band was the Christmas song "Þegar jólin koma" (literally "When Christmas comes" in English).

2001 saw the release of the album "AMS". In 2003 a record by the name "Fiðrildi" (Butterfly) was published.

In 2004 they released two records, "12 íslensk topplög" and "Hin 12 topplögin", which featured songs written by a variety of well-known Icelandic songwriters.

Upon Magni's return to Iceland after appearing on U.S. television show, "", the band went into the studio to record and put together the album, "Á Móti Sól Í 10 Ár", a look back at their greatest hits of the past ten years. The album, which was released in November 2006, featured two new songs, most notably the Icelandic hit "Hvar sem ég fer", as well as re-recordings of songs from the 1997-1999 era, such as "Djöfull er ég flottur" and "Saet", with Magni's vocals. In January 2008, the band released a new single, "Árin," which has reached number one on the Iceland radio chart. The band is currently working on their eighth album, which is slated for release in the second half of 2008.

Á Móti Sól performs extensively throughout Iceland, performing in clubs as well as school and country dances. In August 2007, the band was a headliner at Þjóðhátíð, one of Iceland's most popular music festivals, in Vestmannaeyjar, and performed before a crowd of nearly 50,000 on the main stage at the annual Menningarnótt (Reykjavik Culture Night) festival.

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* [http://www.amotisol.is "Á Móti Sól" (in Icelandic)]

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