List of fictional clergy and religious figures

Clergy and other religious figures have generally represented a popular outlet for pop culture, although this has tapered in recent years. Some of the more popular clergy, members of religious orders and other religious personages featured in works of fiction are listed below.

NOTE: All names on list are in Western order (first name, last name) when applicable.


Roman Catholic Church

Attended seminary

* Robert Chase - House M.D

Monks and Friars

* Adso of Melk (Benedictine) - "The Name of the Rose" novel & movie
* Brother Brace - RuneScape
* Brother Cadfael (Benedictine) - mystery novels by Edith Pargeter
* Brother Francisco, played by Giampiero Albertini in the 1975 film version of Zorro.
* Caraccioli - (Dominican) - "A General History of the Robberies and Murders Of the most notorious Pyrates" by Charles Johnson (pirate biographer)
* Frère Jacques
* Friar Carl - "Van Helsing (film)"
* Friar Domingo - "Shogun (novel)", played by Michael Hordern in the 1980 Shogun (miniseries).
* Brother Dominic - TV ads for Xerox photocopiers
* "Friar Fuck" - "Sex and the City"
* Brother Edward Hamilton - "Chrono Crusade"
* Friar Huberd - "The Canterbury Tales" by Geoffrey Chaucer
* Father Imperius - "Ladyhawke"
* Friar Lawrence - "Romeo and Juliet"
* Brother Maynard - "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"
* The Monk - "The Canterbury Tales" by Geoffrey Chaucer
* Brother Theo (Dominican) - "Babylon 5"
* Fray Felipe - "The Mask of Zorro"
* Friar Tuck - "Robin Hood"
* William of Baskerville (Franciscan) - "The Name of the Rose" novel & movie


*Sister Agnes (Meg Tilly) - "Agnes of God"
*Sister Angela - "One-Pound Gospel"
*Sister Anna Baragli - "Hudson Hawk"
*Sister Ann- Sacred Flesh
*Sister Barbara Bennett - "Change of Habit"
*Sister Catherine- Sacred Flesh
*Ciel - "Tsukihime", "Melty Blood" and "Shingetsutan Tsukihime"
*Sister Dominique - "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody"
*Sister Laura Donnelly - "Love is a Many Splendored Thing"
*Abbess Elizabeth- Sacred Flesh
*Eglentyne The Prioress - "The Canterbury Tales" by Geoffrey Chaucer
*Sister Encarnación - "Nacho Libre"
*Sister Euphemia - "Nuns on the Run"
*Felicia - "Darkstalkers"
*Sister Fidelma - stories by Peter Tremayne
*Sister Gertrude- Killer Nun
*Sister Helen- Sacred Flesh
*Sister Helena- Sacred Flesh
*Sister Mathieu- Killer Nun
*Sister Michelle Gallagher - "Change of Habit"
*Sister Mako Graham - "Yakitate!! Japan"
*Sister Inviolata - "Nuns on the Run"
*Sister Irene Hawkins - "Change of Habit"
*Sister Jane- Sacred Flesh
*Sister Kate - TV series "Sister Kate"
*Sister Margaret - "D no Fūin" and "Girl Saurus" series, all by mangaka Kei Kusunoki
*Sister Marie - "Popetown"
*Sister Mary of the Annunciation - "Nuns on the Run"
*Sister Mary Benedict - "The Bells of St. Mary's"
*Sister Mary Elephant - from the Cheech & Chong comedy skit of the same name
*Sister Mary of the Sacred Heart - "Nuns on the Run"
*Sister Mary Stigmata (a.k.a. "The Penguin") - "The Blues Brothers"
*Sister Miyako - "Kannazuki no Miko"
*Sister Josepha Montafiore (Natascha McElhone) - "Revelations" TV miniseries
*Sister Olav - "The Far Arena"
*Sister Sandrine Beil-"The Da Vinci Code"
*Sister Stephanie "Steve" Oskowski - "Father Dowling Mysteries" TV series
*Mother Miriam Ruth (Anne Bancroft) - "Agnes of God"
*Mother Stephen - "Bless Me, Father"
*Mother Superior- (Alida Valli)- Killer Nun
*Sister Penelope - "Popetown"
*Sister Peter Marie - "Oz"
*Sister Teresa- Sacred Flesh
*Yoko Belnades in
*Sister Yukariko Sanada - "Mai-HiME"
*Sister Yumiko/Yumie from Hellsing
*The Second Nun - "The Canterbury Tales" by Geoffrey Chaucer
*Sister Thornly - "Time Squad"

Nuns from "Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?"

*Sister Helen
*Sister Lee
*Sister Louise
*Sister Melanie
*Sister Monica

Nuns from "The Flying Nun"

*Sister Ana
*Sister Bertrille/Elsie Ethrington (Sally Field)
*Sister Jacqueline
*Reverend Mother Superior Plaseato
*Sister Sixto
*Sister Theresa

Nuns from "The Sound of Music"

*Mother Abbess
*Sister Bernice
*Sister Berthe
*Sister Margaretta
*Sister Sophia
*Novice Maria

Nuns from "Chrono Crusade"

Unless otherwise specified, all below belong to the fictional Order of Magdalene (specifically, the Order of Mary Magdalene).
*Sister Anna
*Sister Claire
*Sister Rosette Christopher
*Sister Azmaria Hendric
*Sister Mary
*Sister Kate Valentine

Nuns from "Sister Act" and ""

*Mother Superior (played by Maggie Smith)
*Sister Alma
*Sister Mary Clarence, alias Deloris van Cartier (played by Whoopi Goldberg)
*Sister Mary Lazarus
*Sister Mary Patrick
*Sister Mary Robert

Nuns from "Trinity Blood"

*Sister Esther Blanchett (Queen of Albion)
*Sister Noélle Bor (Mistress)
*Sister Kate Scott (Iron Maiden)
*Sister Paula (Lady of Death)
*Various Abesses and Nuns


*The Pardoner - "The Canterbury Tales" by Geoffrey Chaucer
*Deacon Ernest Frye (Sherman Hemsley) - "Amen (TV series)"


*Father Adelfio - "Cinema Paradiso"
*Captain Paul Adrano - Chaplain in the US Marines in Donald Pfarrer's novel "The Fearless Man"
*Father Amaro - "The Sinof Father Amaro"
*Father Alexander Anderson - "Hellsing"
*Monsignor Marcus Apollo - "A Canticle for Leibowitz"
*Father Arkos - "A Canticle for Leibowitz"
*Father Barry - "On the Waterfront", a character based on Father John M. Corridan
*Father Ben - fictional character from (meta-fictional) television show that Father Ted watched.
*Father Neil Boyd - "Bless Me, Father"
*Pfarrer Guido Braun - "Pfarrer Braun", a 2003 German TV series based on the "Father Brown" stories
*Father Brennan - "The Omen"
*Father Ralph de Bricassart - "The Thorn Birds"
*Father John Brown - created by G. K. Chesterton
*Father Donald Callahan - Stephen King's novel "Salem's Lot" and in "The Dark Tower" series
*Father Capitola - "Neighbours"
*Father Cheroki - "A Canticle for Leibowitz"
*Father Francis Chisholm - "The Keys of the Kingdom"
*Joshua Christopher (eventually) - "Chrono Crusade"/"Chrno Crusade"
*Father Peter Clifford - BBC TV's "Ballykissangel"
*Father Jerome (Jerry) Connelly - "Angels with Dirty Faces"
*Father Ted Crilly - "Father Ted" TV series
*Confessor (Jeremiah Parrish) - "Astro City"
*Father Thomas Cusack (Christopher Reeve) - "Mortal Sins" (1992 TV Movie)
*Pastor Dave (Kevin McDonald) - "That '70s Show"
*Father David - "D no Fuin"
*Father Anthony Delvecchio (Al Molinaro) - "Happy Days"
*Father Frank Dowling - "Father Dowling Mysteries" TV series
*Father Charles Duddleswell - "Bless Me, Father"
*Father Mike Dugan - Robert K. Tanenbaum's crime novels featuring Marlene Ciampi and Butch Karp
*Mr. Eko - "Lost"
*Father Ellerton - "Priest" (1994 movie)
*Father Stephen Fermoyle - "The Cardinal" by Henry Morton Robinson
*Father John Flaherty (Christopher Reeve) - "Monsignor"
* Reverend Matthew Fordwick (John Ritter) - "The Waltons"
*Belial (Betheal) Gavarre - "Priest" manga
*Father Jack Gilliam - "Chrono Crusade"/"Chrno Crusade"
*Father Christian Gladstone - "Windswept House" by Malachi Martin
*Father Andrew Graham - "Yakitate!! Japan"
*Father Jack Hackett - "Father Ted" TV series
*Father Keiron Hobbs - "Hollyoaks"
*Father Hubley (Charles Durning) - "Everybody Loves Raymond"
*Vaclav Havel (Know Faith) - "Trinity Blood"
*Father Ignatius - ""
*Father Tres Iqus (HC-IIIX, Gunslinger) - "Trinity Blood"
*Father José - "La Mala Educación"
*Father Isaac Edward Leibowitz - "A Canticle for Leibowitz"
*Father Markus Kane - "Indigo Prophecy"
*Father Damien Karras - "The Exorcist"
*Father Andrew Kiernan (Gabriel Byrne) - "Stigmata"
*Father Kirei Kotomine - "Fate/Stay Night"
*Father Laforgue - "Black Robe"
*Father Jean Marie Latour - "Death Comes for the Archbishop" by Willa Cather
*Father Peter Lonergan - "The Quiet Man"
*Father Lonigan - "Passions"
*Father Lucci - "The Seventh Sign"
*Father 'Mac' Macanally - BBC TV's "Ballykissangel"
*Father John Majeski - "All in the Family" TV series
*Father Manolo - "La Mala Educación
*Father Maurice - ""
*Father Maxi - "South Park"
*Father Enrico Maxwell (later Archbishop) - "Hellsing"
*Father Dougal McGuire - "Father Ted" TV series
*Father Lancaster Merrin - "The Exorcist"
*Tommy Miller - "The Butterfly Effect"
*Father Richard Moore - "The Exorcism of Emily Rose"
*Father John Patrick Francis Mulcahy - M*A*S*H (TV series)
*Father Nicholas - "Popetown"
*Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner) - "X-Men"
*Father Abel Nightroad (Kresnik/Crusnik) - "Trinity Blood"
*The Nun's Priest - "The Canterbury Tales" by Geoffrey Chaucer
*Father Aidan O'Connell - BBC TV's "Ballykissangel"
*Father O'Day - Escape to Witch Mountain (book)
*Father O'Reilly - "Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?"
*Father Chuck O'Malley - "Going My Way" and "The Bells of Saint Mary's"
*Father Paneloux - "The Plague"
*Father Fermin de Pas "La Regenta"
*The Parson - "The Canterbury Tales" by Geoffrey Chaucer
*Dom Paulo of Pecos - "A Canticle for Leibowitz"
*Father Greg Pilkington - "Priest" (1994 movie)
*Father Philip Prestwick - "Father Dowling Mysteries" TV series
*Priest (no name given) - "The Power and the Glory", a novel by Graham Greene
*Father Ewan Remington - "Chrono Crusade"
*Father Restrepo "The House of the Spirits"
*Father Roberto - "D no Fuin" and "Girl Saurus" series, all by mangaka Kei Kusunoki
*Father Ronaldo, "Hellsing"
*Father Ramon Ruiz-Sanchez - Jesuit priest in "A Case of Conscience" by James Blish
*Father Emilio Sandoz - Jesuit priest-linguist in Mary Doria Russell's novels "The Sparrow" and "Children of God"
*Father Guido Sarducci - Vatican gossip columnist played by comedian Don Novello on "Saturday Night Live" and other TV shows and movies
*Fr. Frank "Buzz" Scott - "The Poseidon Adventure" novel by Paul Gallico and movie
*Father James- Sacred Flesh
*Father Tom Scully - "Neighbours"
*Father Vincent Sheahan - BBC TV's "Ballykissangel"
*Sloth, the lazy priest - "Piers Plowman", a long-form poem written by William Langland in 1377
*Reverend Snow (Peter Mark Richman) - "Three's Company"; Chrissy Snow's (Suzanne Somers) father was a priest, who came to visit in the episode, "Chrissy, Come Home" (February 28, 1978).
*Father Peter- Sacred Flesh
*Father Spiletto - "The Omen"
*Don Camillo Tarocci - Giovanni Guareschi's tales
*Father Thomas - ""
*Father Matthew Thomas - "Priest" (1994 movie)
*Father Antonio Torres - "Sunset Beach"
*Father Hugue de Watteau (Sword Dancer) - "Trinity Blood"
*Father Wolfgang - ""
*Nicholas D. Wolfwood - "Trigun"
*Father Zerchi - "A Canticle for Leibowitz"


*Bishop of Aquila - "Ladyhawke"
*Bishop René d'Herblay of Vannes - The "D'Artagnan Romances" novels of Alexandre Dumas, père
*Bishop Manuel Aringarosa - Opus Dei Bishop in "The Da Vinci Code"
*Bishop Bernard - "Rebirth (manhwa)"
*Bishop Len Brennan - "Father Ted" TV series
*Archbishop Gilday - "The Godfather Part III"
*Bishop O'Hara - "Sister Act"
*Bishop Myriel (aka Monseigneur Bienvenue; Bishop of Digne) - "Les Misérables"
*Archbishop Richard Rushman - "Primal Fear"
*Bishop Blackie Ryan - Andrew Greeley novels
*Archbishop of Cologne, Alfonso d'Este - "Trinity Blood"


*"Cardinal" - "Flesh & Blood" (1985)
*Cardinal Sean Cronin - "Andrew Greeley" Novels
*Cardinal Dario Fungi - "Gilda Live", Father Guido Sarducci accompanies him on the "college lecture circuit"
*Cardinal Ignatius Glick - "Dogma", played by George Carlin
*Cardinal Grandenetti - "Astro City"
*Cardinal Daniel Houseman (Jonathan Pryce) - "Stigmata"
*Cardinal Lamberto - "The Godfather Part III"
*Cardinal Maestroianni - "Windswept House" by Malachi Martin
*Cardinal Patrick Henry Roark - "Sin City"
*Cardinal Mortati - "Angels and Demons"
*Cardinal Francesco di Medici - "Trinity Blood"
*Cardinal Caterina Sforza - "Trinity Blood"


*Pope John XXIV - "White Smoke: A Novel of Papal Election" by Andrew Greeley
*Pope John XXIV - "The Promise of God: A Novel" by David Shapiro
*Pope Bernadette II - "Crusade
*Pope Celestine VI - "Conclave" and "Council" by Greg Tobin
*Pope Linus Stephen I - "Conclave" by Roberto Pazzi
*Pope David I - (Robbie Coltrane) "The Pope Must Die"
*Pope Eleanor - The Night's Dawn Trilogy who excommunicated all persons using affinity in 2090.
*Pope Francis I - Vicar of Christ by Walter F. Murphy
*Pope Joan - female pope in "De septem donis Spiritu Sancti" ("The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit"), a medieval satire of the Church written circa 1250
*Pope Joan - female pope in Robert Rankin's ""
*Pope John Paul I - a fictional Pope loosely based on the real John Paul I in
*Pope Kiril I - "The Shoes of the Fisherman" by Morris West, played by Anthony Quinn in the movie based on that novel
*Pope Gregory XVII - "To Kill the Pope : An Ecclesiastical Thriller" by Tad Szulc, a fictional story loosely based on the real assassination attempt of Pope John Paul II in 1981
*Pope Leo XIV - "Lazarus" by Morris West
*Pope Hadrian VII - "Hadrian the Seventh" by Frederick Rolfe
*Pope Hadrian XI - "The Futurological Congress" by Stanisław Lem
*Pope Oswald Leopold II - "Battle Pope"
*Pope Patrick I - "Pope Patrick" by Peter de Rosa
*Pope Paul VII - "The Confessor" by Daniel Silva
*Pope Peter II - "The Accidental Pope" by Raymond Flynn and Robin Moore
*Pope Peter II - "The Reckoning" by Thomas F. Monteleone
*Pope Peter II - "The Third Secret: A Novel Of Suspense" by Steve Berry
*Pope Clement XV - "The Last Fisherman: A Novel of the Last Pope, the Antichrist and the End of the Age" by Randy England
*Pope Clement XV - "The Third Secret: A Novel Of Suspense" by Steve Berry
*Pope Clement XV - "In Solemn Conclave" by Robert L Carneiro
*Pope Innocent XIV - "Glory of the Olive: A Novel of the Time of Tribulation" by Susan Claire Potts
*Pope Robert I - "Millennium Pope : A Novel of Spiritual Journey" by Frederick J. Luhmann
*Pope Octavian I - "The Call of Pope Octavian: A Novel of the 21st Century" by William B. Faherty
*Pope Gregory XVIII - "The Last Pope" by David Osborn
*Pope Pius Innocent I - "The Last Pope" by Jerry Marcus
*Pope Pius - "The Pope Must Die"
*Pope Pius XIII - "Basilica" by William Montalbano
*Pope Pius XV - "Babylon 5" universe
*Pope Pius XX - "" by Arthur C. Clarke
*Pope Genevieve G. Rota - "Lexx"
*Pope Sixtus the Seventh - robot pope in "Good News from the Vatican" by Robert Silverberg
*Pope Urban IX - "In Solemn Conclave" by Robert L Carneiro
*Pope Urban X - "Candide"
*The Space Pope (Crocodylus pontifex) - "Futurama"
*Pope Alexander IX - "First American Pope: Pontifex Maximus" by Angelo Pagnotti
*Pope Alessandro XVIII - "Trinity Blood"
*Pope Snowball - Rabbit Pope, alleged descendent of Peter Rabbit "South Park"

Eastern Orthodox Church


*Theodorus Philetas -"The History of the Necronomicon" by H. P. Lovecraft
*Elder Zosima - "The Brothers Karamazov" by Fyodor Dostoevsky


*Sister Pelagia -- "Pelagia and the White Bulldog" and sequels by Boris Akunin


*Father Grigori - "Half Life 2" video game


* Bishop Mitrofaniy of Zavolzhsk - "Pelagia and the White Bulldog" and sequels by Boris Akunin
*Bishop Tikhon - "The Devils" by Fyodor Dostoevsky, from a chapter originally excised by Russian censors but which can be found in many modern editions.

=Anglican/Episcopal Churches=


*Rev. Claire Fergusson- written by Julia spencer-fleming
*The Ven. Edwin Allchin - "The Cunning Man"
*Mr Arabin - "Chronicles of Barsetshire" series of novels by Anthony Trollope
*Reverend Stephen Babbington - "Three Act Tragedy" by Agatha Christie
*Rev. and Hon. Wilfred Bohun - "The Hammer of God" by G. K. Chesterton
*Reverend Caleb Dane Calthrop - "The Moving Finger" by Agatha Christie
*Reverend Leonard Clement - "The Murder at the Vicarage" by Agatha Christie
*Reverend John Colchester - "'Death by Request" by Katherine and Romilly John
*William Collins - "Pride and Prejudice", novel by Jane Austen; also several film and TV adaptations
*Dr Daly - "The Sorcerer", by Gilbert and Sullivan"
*The Reverend Lord Henry d'Ascoyne ("The Parson") - "Kind Hearts and Coronets", one of eight roles played by Alec Guinness in that film.
*Professor the Reverend Simon Darcourt - The Cornish Trilogy
*Archdeacon Davenant - "War in Heaven" by Charles Williams
*Mr Elton - "Emma" by Jane Austen
*Reverend Frank (Robin Williams) - "License to Wed" movie
*Reverend Jack Gilliam - "Chrono Crusade"
*Reverend Geraldine Grainger - "The Vicar of Dibley" TV Series
*Reverend Arnold Golightly - "Doctor Who" episode "The Unicorn and the Wasp"
*Dr Grant - "Mansfield Park" by Jane Austen
*Archdeacon Grantly - "Chronicles of Barsetshire" series of novels by Anthony Trollope
*Septimus Harding - "Chronicles of Barsetshire" series of novels by Anthony Trollope
*Reverend Julian Harmon - "A Murder is Announced" by Agatha Christie
*Graham Hess - "Signs"
*Fr. Ninian Hobbes - "The Cunning Man"
*Reverend Rosie Hoyland - "Neighbours"
*Fr. Charles Iredale - "The Cunning Man"
*Reverend Lester Lowe - character in 1983 novel "Cycle of the Werewolf", by Steven King. It was retitled "Silver Bullet" when it was adapted for the screen in 1985. Everett McGill played Lowe.
*Father Lonigan on Passions
*Mr Magister -- "The Dæmons" episodes of Doctor Who
*Dr Meddlar - "The Liar"
*Canon Pennyfather - "At Bertram's Hotel" by Agatha Christie
*Mr Quiverfull - "Chronicles of Barsetshire" series of novels by Anthony Trollope
*Mr Pinkerton - "Bless Me, Father"
*Cyril Playfair - "The Quiet Man"
*Mr Roundhay - "The Adventure of the Devil's Foot" by Arthur Conan Doyle
*Archdeacon Simmons - "At Bertram's Hotel" by Agatha Christie
*Obadiah Slope - "Chronicles of Barsetshire" series of novels by Anthony Trollope
*Reverend John Smith - "The Canon in Residence" by Victor Lorenzo Whitechurch
*Reverend Doctor Christopher Syn - "Doctor Syn" series of novels by Russell Thorndike
*Father Stanley Unwin - "The Secret Service"
*Reverend Wainwright (played by Nicholas Parsons) - "Doctor Who" serial "The Curse of Fenric"
*Reverend John Walters - "The Curse of the Golden Cross" by G. K. Chesterton
*Mike Weber (Dan Aykroyd) - "Soul Man" TV Series
*Daniel Webster -"The Book of Daniel TV Series
*Reverend Jonathan Whirley (Christopher Plummer) - "Dragnet" (1987 movie)
*Reverend Walter Goodfellow (Rowan Atkinson) - "Keeping Mum" (2005 movie)


*"The Baby-Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells" - "Blackadder II" TV series
*Henry Brougham - "The Bishop's Wife"
*Beatrice Congreve - "The Book of Daniel" TV Series
*"The Episcopal Ghost" - "The Great Divorce" by C. S. Lewis
*Bishop of Frattenbury - "Thrilling Stories of the Railway" by Victor Lorenzo Whitechurch
*Bishop Grantly - "Chronicles of Barsetshire" series of novels by Anthony Trollope
*Bishop Proudie - "Chronicles of Barsetshire" series of novels by Anthony Trollope
*Bertram Webster - "The Book of Daniel" TV series
*Bishop George Postlethwaite - "Emmerdale"


*Br. John Parlabane - "The Rebel Angels"


Nuns from "Black Narcissus"

*Sister Briony (Judith Furse)
*Sister Clodagh (Deborah Kerr)
*Mother Dorothea (Nancy Roberts)
*Sister Honey (Jenny Laird)
*Sister Phillipa (Flora Robson)
*Sister Ruth (Kathleen Byron)


Baptist Ministers

* Rev. Henry Biggs, "The Preacher's Wife"
*Chaplain Captain Albert T. Tappman - "Catch-22", novel by Joseph Heller
* The Reverend Jesse Custer - Preacher created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon.
* Rev. Matthew Fordwick, "The Waltons" television program
*Reverend Reuben Gregory (Clifton Davis) - "Amen (TV series)"
* Rev. Scroggins, "Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe", novel by Fannie Farmer

=Congregationalist Ministers=

*Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale - "The Scarlet Letter"
*Abner Hale - "Hawaii" novel & movie

Lutheran Pastors

*Pastor Ingqvist (Lake Wobegon Lutheran Church) - "A Prairie Home Companion"
*Pastor Manders - "Ghosts"
*Pastor Dan Parker - "Raising Helen"

Methodist Ministers

*Chaplain James J. Banquette - the man impersonated by adult bookstore janitor Miles Derry on a US Navy ship in "One of the Guys", novel by Robert Clark Young
*Rev. Karen Stroup - "King of the Hill"
*Brother Justin Crowe - "Carnivàle"
*Reverend Norman Balthus - "Carnivàle"
*Bishop Charles McNaughton - "Carnivàle"

Presbyterian Ministers

*Rev. Macpherson - "Local Hero"
*Rev. I.M. Jolly - "Scotch and Wry"
*Rev. Mike Hill - The North Avenue Irregulars
*Rev. Hopkins - "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever"

Non-denominational/Other/Unspecified/Fictional Protestant

*Marvin O. Bagman - "Good Omens"
*Derrial Book, Shepard - "Firefly"
*Caleb - "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
*Eric Camdem-" 7th heaven"
*Chapel the Evergreen - "Trigun"
*Reverend Robert Alden (Dabbs Greer) - "Little House on the Prairie"
*Reverend Jimmy Lee Farnsworth (R. Lee Ermey) - "Fletch Lives"
*Reverend Felcher - "All in the Family" TV series
*Rev. Aaron Gilstrom (Ozzy Osbourne) - "Trick or Treat" (1986)
*Reverend Green - Cluedo, classic detective game created by the Parker Brothers
*Ivan Isaacs - "Priest" manga
*L. Ron Hubbard the 23rd - Robert Rankin's "Armageddon the Musical"
*Reverend Cleophus James (James Brown) - pastor of the Triple Rock Church, from "The Blues Brothers"
*Billy Kosch - "The Müller-Fokker Effect"
*Reverend Timothy Jonhson -"Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman"
*Rev. Lester Lowe - character in 1983 novel "Cycle of the Werewolf", by Steven King. It was retitled "Silver Bullet" when it was adapted for the screen in 1985. Everett McGill played Lowe.
*Reverend Timothy Lovejoy - "The Simpsons" ("American Presbylutheran")
*Reverend Lloyd Meechum - "Mama's Family"; minister of the (unnamed) church of which the Harpers are members and henpecked husband of Church Ladies' League leader Alberta Meechum; married Vint and Naomi; officiated at Fran's funeral; talked the Harpers into babysitting his incorrigible grandson Eugene.
*Reverend Shaw Moore (John Lithgow) - "Footloose", minister responsible for banning dancing and rock music in a small town
*Jonas Nightengale - "Leap of Faith" (1992)
*Ray Porter - "Pass the Ammo" (1988)
*Homer J. Simpson - Has been a missionary among other things
*Reverend Harry Powell - unspecified in "The Night of the Hunter" (1953)
*Pastor Richards - ""
*Reverend Purlie Victorious, "Purlie"
*Nicholas D. Wolfwood - "Trigun"
*Rev. Jeremiah Brown - "Inherit the Wind"

=Unspecified/Pre-schism/Other religious workers=

*Prester John - Christian priest-king of medieval legend
*Olynt - Christian Priest at The Last Days of Pompeii
*Pope John Calvin - novel "The Golden Compass" by Philip Pullman
*The Reverend Tom Stuart, "EastEnders"
*The Reverend David Walsh, "EastEnders"
*The Reverend Mary Lavender, "EastEnders"
*Douglas Baker, "EastEnders"
*The Reverend Alex Healy, "EastEnders"
*Duncan Boyd (curate), "EastEnders"
*The Reverend Ashley Thomas, "Emmerdale"
*Bishop George Postlethwaite, "Emmerdale"
*Ethan Blake (curate), "Emmerdale"



*Rei Hino's grandfather ("Jī-chan") - "Sailor Moon"
*Kagome's grandfather ("Jī-chan") - "InuYasha"
*Kazuki Ōgami - "Kannazuki no Miko"


*Mina Hakuba - ""
*Keiko Asakura - "Shaman King"
*Reimu Hakurei - "Touhou Project"
*Sanae Kochiya - "Touhou Project"
*Rika Furude - "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni"
*Kagome Higurashi - "InuYasha"
*Chikane Himemiya - "Kannazuki no Miko"
*Rei Hino - "Sailor Moon", "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon"
*Akari Ichijo - "The Last Blade" video game series
*Kaede - "InuYasha"
*Kikyo - "InuYasha"
*Miaka Yuki - "Fushigi Yuugi"
*Yui Hongo - "Fushigi Yuugi"
*Takiko Okuda - "Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden"
*Himeko Kurusugawa - "Kannazuki no Miko"
*Kaho Mizuki - "Cardcaptor Sakura"
*Kirara-"Samurai 7"
*Kurogane's Mother - ""
*Midoriko - "InuYasha"
*Sayo-chan (aka "Pocky") - KiKi KaiKai video game (and it's SNES sequel Pocky and Rocky)
*Miki-chan (aka "Becky") - also from the KiKi Kai Kai/Pocky and Rocky series
*Mana Tatsumiya - "Negima"
*Princess Tomoyo - ""
*Rin Yagami - "Atlach Nacha"
*Sarina (Mizuchi Saiou) - "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX"
*Yuki - "The Last Blade" video game series
*Nami Yamigumo - "Silent Mobius"
*Ayane - "Nagasarete Airantō"
*Machi - "Nagasarete Airantō"
*Mirei Mikuna - "Phantasy Star Universe"
*Sakura - "Urusei Yatsura"
*Mikan Katsuragi - "Rental Magica"
*Arashi Kishu-"X/1999"
*Tsukasa Hiiragi - "Lucky Star"
*Kagami Hiiragi - "Lucky Star"
*Kureha Akabane - Night Wizard the animation

Miko from "Shrine of the Morning Mist"

*Kurako Hieda
*Tama Hieda
*Yuzu Hieda
*Shizuka Midō
*Seiko Rikīshi
*Izumi Sakakibara
*Chika Yurikasa

Kuro Miko

While "Dark Miko" do not exist in real-world Shinto, a number of them appear in popular fiction.
*Mizuho Hamaji - "Shrine of the Morning Mist"
*Kukuri Shirayama - "Shrine of the Morning Mist"
*Tsubaki - "InuYasha"
*Yukie Uranami - "Shrine of the Morning Mist"




*Genjo Sanzo - "Saiyuki"


*Spiritual Virtue - "The Chinese Bell Murders" by Robert van Gulik


*Mikihisa Asakura - "Shaman King"
*Kwai Chang Caine (Shaolin) - "Kung Fu"
*Chichiri (Hōjin Ri) (Chan) - "Fushigi Yūgi"
*Edge Master (Chan) - "Soul Calibur"
*Hoichi the Earless (Zen)
*Kilik (Chan) - "Soul Calibur"
*Miroku (Zen) - "InuYasha"
*Retsu (Zen) - "Street Fighter"
*Anji Yukyuzan (Zen) - "Rurouni Kenshin"

Monks from "Shaolin Soccer"

*Empty Hand (Brother #4)
*Hooking Leg (Brother #2)
*Iron Head (Brother #1)
*Iron Shirt (Brother #3)
*Sing (also known as "Steel Leg") (Brother #5) (Stephen Chow)
*Weight Vest (Brother #6)

=Monks from "Mortal Kombat"=

Unless specified, all belong to the Shaolin discipline.
*Bo' Rai Cho (Chan)
*Liu Kang
*Kung Lao, the elder (aka the Great Kung Lao)
*Kung Lao, the younger



*The Monk with No Name (Tibetan Buddhism) - "Bulletproof Monk"


*"Dalai Dan" - Robert Rankin's ""


*Rabbi Avram Belinski (Gene Wilder) - "The Frisco Kid"
*Rabbi Copperfield - Showy Las Vegas rabbi from the "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein" episode of "Family Guy"
*Rabbi Richard Glass ("7th Heaven")
*Rabbi Hyman Krustofski (voiced by Jackie Mason) - "The Simpsons" TV series
*Rabbi Moscowitz - " Matters of Choice"
*Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich - creation of Eustace Mullins.
*Rabbi David Small - novel "Friday the Rabbi Slept Late" and its sequels by Harry Kemelman
*Rabbi Tuckman (Mel Brooks) - parody of Friar Tuck, ""
*Rabbi Jacob (Louis de Funès) - "Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob"


*David Markus -" Matters of Choice"



*Jade Mirror - "The Haunted Monastery" by Robert van Gulik
*True Wisdom - "The Haunted Monastery" by Robert van Gulik


*Master Crane Robe - "The Chinese Maze Murders" by Robert van Gulik
*Master Gourd - "Necklace and Calabash" by Robert van Gulik

Ainu religion

*Nakoruru - "Samurai Shodown"
*Rimururu - "Samurai Shodown"
*Tamao Tamamura - "Shaman King"
*Horokeu Usui - "Shaman King"
*Pirika Usui - "Shaman King"

=Native American shamanist =

*Goldva, Native American shaman - "Shaman King"
*Kalim, Native American shaman - "Shaman King"
*Nightwolf, Native American shaman - "Mortal Kombat" video game series
*Silva, Native American shaman - "Shaman King"

Fictional Religions

Yevonism (from "Final Fantasy X")


Maesters are considered equivalent of cardinals, with the Grand Maester equivalent to the Pope.

*Grand Maester Mika
*Maester Seymour Guado
*Maester Wen Kinoc
*Maester Kelk Ronso
*Maester Jyscal Guado (predecessor and father to Maester Seymour Guado)


Summoners are a cross between miko and priests; they fall into the ranks of "summoner" and "high summoner" (the title of High Summoner is posthumously bestowed upon a summoner when they defeat Sin).
*High Summoner Yunalesca (first high summoner)
*High Summoner Gandof
*High Summoner Ohalland
*High Summoner Yocun
*High Summoner Braska
*High Summoner Yuna (received title non-posthumously)
*Summoner Belgemine (killed on pilgrimage)
*Summoner Ginnem (killed on pilgrimage)
*Unnamed sister of O'aka XXIII and Wantz (killed on pilgrimage)
*Summoner Dona (quit pilgrimage)
*Summoner Isaaru (quit pilgrimage)
*Summoner Zuke (quit pilgrimage)


Acolytes of the Yevon church are common, but the only one that plays a major role in the game is a young woman named Shelinda

Arms of the Church

The Yevon Church also has many militant arms in addition to the Summoners.
*The Warrior Monks serve as protectors of the Maesters and the City of Bevelle itself. Maester Kinoc is the leader of the Warrior Monks and Auron was a former member of the Warrior Monks.
*The Guardians serve as protectors of the Summoners, but are not directly related to the church. A Summoner chooses their Guardians and can choose non-Yevonites if they wish.
*The Crusaders are a kind of army the exists to protect towns and temples from Sin. Unlike the Guardians, Crusaders are directly related to the church. The Crusaders used to be called the "Crimson Blades" until they were absorbed into the church.

The Church of Aram (from "The Elder Gods")


Andari are considered the equivalent of bishops.
*Andari Estarg


Heria are Aramite priests.

Bajoran Religion (from "")

*Vedek Bareil Antos
*Kai Winn Adami

The Order (from "Silent Hill")

*Dahlia Gillespie, Priestess
*Leonard Wolf, Keeper of the Seal
*Father Vincent, Priest
*Claudia Wolf, Priestess
*Jimmy Stone, Priest of the Valtiel Sect
*George Rostin, Priest of the Valtiel Sect
*Toby Archbolt, Priest of the Holy Mother Sect

Nisan Religion (from "Xenogears")

Great Mother

Great Mothers are akin to popes, the leaders of the religion.
*Margie Fatima

Ethos (from "Xenogears")


*Billy Lee Black



Ormus (From "Xenosaga")


*Patriarch Julius XVIII
*Patriarch Sergius XIV
*Patriarch Sergius XVII


*Cardinal Heinlein


*Chief Inquisitor Margulis

Omnianism (from "Discworld")


The Cenobiarch or Supreme Iam is equivalent to the Pope.
*Unnamed Cenobiarch







Quite Reverend

*Mightily-Exalted-Are-Those-Who-Praise-Om Oats


*Nuhmrod (Master of Novices)

"Discworld" pantheon

*Hughnon Ridcully, High Priest of Blind Io - "Discworld"

The Order of Wen the Eternally Surprised from "Discworld"

*See under History Monks

The Church of Granas (from "Grandia II")


*Pope Zera

High Priestess








The Chapter of Viron (from The Book of the Long Sun)


*Patera Quetzal, Prolocutor of Viron
*Patera Remora, Coadjutor.
*Patera Caldé Silk
*Patera Bull
*Patera Feeler
*Patera Gulo
*Patera Incus
*Patera Jerboa
*Patera Moray
*Patera Pike


*Maytera Betel
*Maytera Marble
*Maytera Mint
*Maytera Mockorange
*Maytera Rose
*Maytera Wood


*Reverend Behemial Far Traveller (aka Rev Bem), Wayist - "Andromeda"
*Bheid, Awes Priest - "The Redemption of Althalus"
*Brother Cavill, Colonial cleric - "Battlestar Galactica"
*Father Changstein-El-Gamal, First Amalgamated Church - "Futurama"
*Father Cornello, priest of the sun god Leto - "Fullmetal Alchemist"
*Dhalsim, Hindu ascetic - "Street Fighter" video game series
*Supreme Bishop Digby of the Fosterites - "Stranger in a Strange Land"
*Elosha, Colonial Priestess - "Battlestar Galactica"
*V. Rev. Lieutenant Theo Fobius - "Schlock Mercenary"
*The Reverend Foster, founder of the Fosterites - "Stranger in a Strange Land"
*Yui Hongo, Priestess of Seiryu - "Fushigi Yūgi"
*Imhotep, Mortuary priest - "Death Comes as the End" by Agatha Christie
*Kalon, the New Priest of Apollo - "The Eye of Apollo", a Father Brown story by G. K. Chesterton
*Wilbur Mercer, founder of Mercerism - "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?"
*The Very Irreverend Joffy Next, Global Standard Deity - "Thursday Next" books
*Reverend Lionel Preacherbot, Robotology - "Futurama"
*(unnamed)Priest who taught Scar - "Fullmetal Alchemist"
*Father Silk - "The Book of the Long Sun"
*Reverend Wayne, Asherah cult priest - "Snow Crash"
*Miaka Yūki, Priestess of Suzaku - "Fushigi Yūgi"
*Zadoc, High Priest of The Internet Oracle
*Zagato, High Priest of the Pillar religion - "Magic Knight Rayearth"
*Okuda Takiko, Priestess of Genbu - "Fushigi Yūgi Genbu Kaiden"
*Marcus Didius Falco- Procurator of the Sacred Geese (he also officied some wedding ceremonies)
*Arbaces, Isis priest - "Last Days of Pompeii"
*Sinuhe, Amon priest "(Individuals only could be medecins in ancient Egypt if were ordered priests)"-"The Egyptian"

ee also

*List of fictional religions

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