Thinakkal Padmanabhan

Thinakkal Padmanabhan is a popular short story writer in Malayalam. His major works are "Prakasam Parathunna Penkutti" (The Girl Who Spreads Radiance, 1955), O"ru Kathakrithu Kurishil" (A Story Writer being Crucified, 1956), "Makhan Singhinte Maranam" (The Death of Makhan Singh, 1958) , "Kala Bhairavan" and "Gouri" (1993).

Major Literary Awards

*Ezhuthachan Award (2003) (Instituted by Kerala Government) [ [ The Hindu : Ezhuthachan award for T. Padmanabhan ] ]
*Odakkuzhal Award (1995) - (Kadal)
*Lalithambika Antharjanam Award (1998) [ [ official website of INFORMATION AND PUBLIC RELATION DEPARTMENT ] ]
*Kendra Sahitya Academy Award (1996) (Gowry)

Major works

*Prakaasam parathunna oru penkutti (A girl who spreads light) (1955)
*Oru kathakrithu kurisil (A story writer on the crucifix) (1956)
*Makhan Singhinte Maranam (The Death of Makhan singh) (1958)
*T. Padmanabhante Theranjetutha kathakal (Selected stories of T. Padmanabhan) (1971)
*Saakshi (witness) (1973)
*Harison Sayvinte Naaya (The Dog of Harrison Sahib) (1979)
*Veetu nashtappetta kutti (The child who lost its home) (1983)
*Kallabhairavan (Lord Siva) (1986)
*Nalinakanthi (Beauty of the Lotus) (1988)
*Gouri (Name of a person) (1991)
*Katal (Sea) 1994
*Padmanabhante kathakal (Stories by Padmanabhan) (1995).


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