List of Hell Teacher Nūbē chapters

This is a list of the chapters and volumes of the manga series "Jigoku Sensei Nūbē" ("Hell Teacher Nūbē"}, created for the manga anthology Weekly Shonen Jump by the duo of artist Takeshi Okano and writer Makura Shou. The covers for each volume, as well as the names of each chapter and other information, will be covered in this page. All names are translated renditions of the original Japanese title for the chapter.

Volume 1: The 99-Legged Bug

*Japanese Title: 九十九の足の虫の巻 ("Tsukumo no Ashi no Mushi no Maki")
*Release Date: January 16, 1994
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-871456-3

:1. The 99-Legged Bug:2. The Tyrannical Jizou of Child Limbo:3. The Rumor Rubbing Shadow...:4. Guardian Spirit Transfer! (Beginning):5. Guardian Spirit Transfer! (End):6. The Kappa and the Parrell Bars:Special - Jigoku Sensei Nūbō (2nd Pilot)

Volume 2: Yōko • The Rampant Runaround

*Japanese Title: 妖狐•跳梁跋扈の巻 ("Yōko • Chōryō Batsuko no Maki")
*Release Date: April 9, 1994
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-871457-1

:7. The Curse of Hatamon Temple (Beginning):8. The Curse of Hatamon Temple (End):9. The Strolling Ghost:10. Crash!:11. Yōko • The Rampant Runaround (Beginning):12. Yōko • The Rampant Runaround (End):13. Oni no Te vs. the Foxfire Tail Technique:14. Spirit Beast • Remugyō (Beginning):15. Spirit Beast • Remugyō (End)

Volume 3: The Midnight Honor Student

*Japanese Title: 真夜中の優等生の巻 ("Mayonaka no Yūtōrei no Maki")
*Release Date: July 9, 1994
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-871458-X

:16. The Midnight Honor Student:17. The Teketeke Mystery:18. "Angel-Sama":19. The Demon of the 13th Floor:20. The Girl Who Brings Good Luck:21. Gakidama:22. The Nightly Snake:23. Doppelgänger (One More Self):Special - Jigoku Sensei Nūbō (1st Pilot)

Volume 4: The Terrible Kuchisake-onna

*Japanese Title: 恐怖の口裂け女の巻 ("Kyōfu no Kuchisake-onna no Maki")
*Release Date: October 9, 1994
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-871459-8

:24. "A" Has Come!:25. The Otonai-san Pass:26. The Ten-Million Unlucky Letters:27. Aliens, Appear in Dōmori-cho!:28. The Three Animals Murder!:29. The Black Face at the Water's Bottom:30. Traces of Snow - The Season's End Yukionna:31. The Terrible Kuchisake-onna:32. The Yōkai Rokurokubi

Volume 5: Mystery of the Cannibalistic Mona Lisa

*Japanese Title: 人食いモナリザの謎の巻 ("Hitokui Mona Liza no Nazo no Maki")
*Release Date: December 7, 1994
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-871460-1

:33. Who is the Fifth Person!?:34. Mystery of the Cannibalistic Mona Lisa:35. Jinmenken:36. An Experience with Death:37. The Early-Morning Engraving Wanderer:38. Nūbē vs. Ootsuki-sensei:39. Forgotten Thing from 20 Years Ago:40. The Marriage Crows:41. The Mysterious Viewing Mirrors

Volume 6: The Phantom of the 4th Lane

*Japanese Title: 第4コースの幽霊の巻 ("Dai 4 Cōsu no Yūrei no Maki")
*Release Date: February 8, 1995
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-871526-8

:42. The Phantom of the 4th Lane:43. Transform! Pompoko Pon:44. The Piano Played at Night:45. Memories of a Previous Era:46. Run! Ninomiya Kinjirō:47. Ghost Story • The Tree-Climbing Ghost:48. The Great Yōkai Gathering!:49. The Mid-Summer Yukionna:50. Akai Chanchanko

Volume 7: The Erethral Body Pulling Game!

*Japanese Title: 幽体ひっぱりゲームの巻 ("Yūtai Hippari Gēmu no Maki")
*Release Date: April 9, 1995
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-871527-6

:51. The Dream-Eating Baku:52. Miki's Grand Jinx Operation!:53. The Child-Raising Ghost:54. Jinmenso:55. Yōkai Akaname:56. Nūbē • Yukime's Ultimate Tag!:57. The Guardian Spirit Social Gathering:58. Nūbē, Buy a Porsche:59. The Erethral Body Pulling Game!

Volume 8: Season of the Yukionna

*Japanese Title: 雪女の季節の巻 ("Yukionna no Kisetsu no Maki")
*Release Date: July 9, 1995
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-871528-4

:60. Kodama:61. The Terrible Spirit Photograph:62. Hyakki Yakō:63. The Tale of the Three Kuchisake Sisters:64. 0:00:00:65. Season of the Yukionna:66. Nekomata:67. The Mermaid's Request:68. The Yōkai Shōkera is Peeping Through the Window

Volume 9: The Yōkai Ohaguro Bettari

*Japanese Title: 妖怪歯黒べったりの巻 ("Yōkai Ohaguro Bettari no Maki")
*Release Date: September 9, 1995
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-871529-2

:69. The Crooked Priest is a Yōkai!? Nuralihyon:70. The Carrying Monster:71. Huge-Busted Yōkai • Nenekogappa:72. The Flying Bald Head:73. The Seven Misaki:74. The Spiritually Powered Itako-Girl • Izuna:75. The Circuit to That World:76. Dodomeki:77. The Yōkai Ohaguro Bettari

Volume 10: Nūbē Travels Through Time

*Japanese Title: 時をかけるぬ~べ~の巻 ("Toki wo Kakeru Nūbē no Maki")
*Release Date: November 7, 1995
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-871530-6

:78. Nūbē Travels Through Time:79. Showdown! Yukionna vs. Zashiki Warashi:80. The Goddess Raiment:81. New Theory • Happyakku Bikuni:82. When You Think of Buildings, Its Daidara Bocchi!:83. That Girl is Nopperabō!?:84. Kirin:85. Meat-Man:86. The Great Hatsuka Mouse Riot!

Volume 11: The Resurrection Technique

*Japanese Title: 反魂の術の巻 ("Hankon no Jutsu no Maki")
*Release Date: January 15, 1996
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-872211-6

:87. Fuchi Searches for Treasure!?:88. Amanojyaku:89. The Tsurube Otoshi of the Forest of Death:90. Imina:91. The Resurrection Technique:92. Strangeness • Old Lady Murasaki:93. The Prediction Yōkai • Kudan:94. The Tan Yukionna:95. The Old Lady is a Witch!?

Volume 12: The Oni no Te's Secret

*Japanese Title: 鬼の手の秘密の巻 ("Oni no Te no Himitsu no Maki")
*Release Date: March 9, 1996
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-872212-4

:96. The Returning Yōko • Tamamo:97. The Ultimate Enemy!?:98. The Vampire Dracula:99. Itako-Girl Izuna Summons:100. The Hundreth Tale:101. The Devil's Great Invention!? Hieronymus Machine:102. The Oni no Te's Secret (Beginning):103. The Oni no Te's Secret (End):104. The Horseback Warrior's Ghost

Volume 13: The Yukionna Whose Cold Winds Vanished

*Japanese Title: 木枯らしに消えた雪女の巻 ("Kogarashi ni Kieta Yukionna no Maki")
*Release Date: May 15, 1996
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-872213-2

:105. Spirit Birds • Itsu Made:106. Yōkai • Futaguchi Onna:107. Yōko • His Former Name:108. Electric Girl • Shiori:109. Secret of Eternal Youth and Immortality:110. The Yukionna Whose Cold Winds Vanished:111. U.M.A.:112. Yōkai • Kanedama:113. The Dimensional Pit

Volume 14: The Mysterious Combustiable Body Phenominon

*Japanese Title: 謎の人体発火現象の巻 ("Nazo no Jintai Hatsuka Genshō no Maki")
*Release Date: July 9, 1996
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-872214-0

:114. The Kesaran Pasaran of Happiness:115. The Proud Werewolf:116. The Spirit World Communicator's Great Inventions!:117. Good Luck, Ritsuko-sensei!:118. The Mysterious Combustiable Body Phenominon:119. Jiyorōgumo:120. The Parasite:121. The Fresh-Blooded Holy Mark:122. Shock! Nūbē and Kyōko's Classified Connection

Volume 15: Zashiki Warashi's Sorrowful Past

*Japanese Title: 座敷童子の悲しき過去の巻 ("Zashiki Warashi no Kanashiki Kako no Maki")
*Release Date: September 9, 1996
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-872215-9

:123. Island in the Sky • The Mystery of Laputa:124. Bizarre • The Upside-Down School:125. Oni no Te • Ultimate Power Up!?:126. Reunion with Yukime:127. Wonderful Dousing Power!:128. Zashiki Warashi's Sorrowful Past:129. Bukimi-chan:130. Hatred! Suspicion! Witch-sensei!?:131. The Face-Attaching Mask

Volume 16: Dōmori Elementary • The Great Love Free-For-All!

*Japanese Title: 童守小 • 恋の大混戦!の巻 ("Dōmori Shō • Koi no Daikonran! no Maki")
*Release Date: November 6, 1996
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-872216-7

:132. Nūbē • Tamamo Cooperative Front:133. The Sex-Appeal Yōkai • The Spirit Pauchi:134. Yōkai • Maikubi:135. The Man Who Loved Nureonago:136. The Purple Mirror that Invites Death:137. Dimension Yōkai • Makuragaeshi:138. Yukime • Return to Dōmori:139. Dōmori Elementary • The Great Love Free-For-All!:140. The Worldly Priest and Onmoraki

Volume 17: Nūbē Goes on His First Trip Abroad

*Japanese Title: ぬ~べ~初めて海外旅行に行くの巻 ("Nūbē Hajimete Kōkai Ryokō ni Iku no Maki")
*Release Date: December 30, 1996
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-872217-5

:141. Nūbē Goes on His First Trip Abroad:142. The Resurrection Incense Choberiba!:143. Echo! Kodama:144. Funayūrei:145. Azukiarai and the Boy:146. Hayame • Idol Debut!?:147. The Yōkai Kerakera Onna:148. Rain, Rain, Fall, Fall:149. The Spirit Tree That Sipped Blood

Volume 18: Nūbē • The Man Who Knows His Past

*Japanese Title: ぬ~べ~•過去を知る男の巻 ("Nūbē • Kako wo Shiru Otoko no Maki")
*Release Date: March 9, 1997
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-872218-3

:150. Descending Devil Beelzebub:151. Grudge • Oboroguruma:152. Yōkai Ice Woman • The Assassin Who Comes From Ice Country!:153. Nūbē • The Man Who Knows His Past:154. Do Personal Computers Dream of Electric Sheep!?:155. The Seed-Planting Yōkai • Tankororin:156. Its Sunny But Its Raining!? The Kitsune Wedding:157. Violent Runner! Jetbabā:158. A String Came Out!

Volume 19: Yōshin Transformation • Ayumi-chan's Great Adventure

*Japanese Title: 陽神七変化•あゆみちゃん大冒険の巻 ("Yōshin Shichi Henke • Ayumi-chan Daibōken no Maki")
*Release Date: May 6, 1997
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-872219-1

:159. The Marathon Ghost:160. Imitation Yōkai Mishige:161. Yōshin Transformation • Ayumi-chan's Great Adventure:162. Santa Claus is Here?:163. Hell's Sugoroku:164. When Izuna's Dream Comes True:165. First-Dream Grand Operation!:166. Immense Yōkai Norikoshi Nyūdō:167. A Miraculous Discovery

Volume 20: Nūbē • Yukime: Love's Final Battle!?

*Japanese Title: ぬ~べ~ゆきめ愛の最終決着!?の巻 ("Nūbē • Yukime Ai no Saishū Kecchaku!? no Maki")
*Release Date: July 9, 1997
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-872220-5

:168. Old Man Akashiya's Mysterious Paper:169. The Final Purikura:170. Nūbē • Yukime: Love's Final Battle!? (Beginning):171. Nūbē • Yukime: Love's Final Battle!? (End):172. It's Easy Everywhere: 0 Ring:173. The Girls of 5-3 Are In Danger: The Skirt-Chasing Yōkai • Yamako:174. Annihilation of Dōmori Town!? The Comet Calls Forth the Plague:175. OOPARTS Discovery!:176. Yōkai Therapy

Volume 21: Immense Space Yōkai • Nozuchi

*Japanese Title: 超空間妖怪•野槌の巻 ("Chōkūkan Yōkai • Nozuchi no Maki")
*Release Date: September 9, 1997
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-872401-1

:177. How To Create a Spiritualist:178. Dan • Ge • Ro • Us: The Training Simulation:179. Search for the Mandragora!:180. The Tattle-Tale Yokai • Sanshi:181. The Substitution Jizō:182. Minako-sensei is Angry! The Oni no Te's Rebellion:183. The Melancholy of Dr. Tamamo:184. Immense Space Yōkai • Nozuchi:185. Rescue!

Volume 22: Nūbē's Class News Book

*Japanese Title: ぬ~べ~クラスの通信簿の巻 ("Nūbē Kurasu no Tūshinbo no Maki")
*Release Date: November 9, 1997
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-872402-X

:186. Unrun Stories That Aren't that Scary:187. Ryūgu Dōji:188. The Lazy Yōkai Himamushi Nyūdō:189. Nūbē's Class News Book:190. Game Yōkai • Mekurabe:191. Fickle Yukime!? Nūbē's Big Shock:192. Yōkai Homestay:193. It Was Great When I Met You:194. If You See It, You Die! Kainan Hōshi

Volume 23: The Thing Hidden in the Wall

*Japanese Title: 壁の中に潜む者の巻 ("Kabe no Naka ni Hisomumono no Maki")
*Release Date: January 14, 1998
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-872503-4

:195. "Mud":196. The Boy Who Has Wings:197. Clash! Tamamo vs. Izuna:198. The Thing Hidden in the Wall:199. Yōkai Gachapon:200. The Chance Goddess:201. Himaguri Nyōbō's Love Cooking:202. Marchen Miki-chan:203. Dōmori-cho's Ultimate Battle! - One: The Oni Came!

Volume 24: Dōmori-cho's Ultimate Battle!

*Japanese Title: 童守町最大の決戦の巻 ("Dōmori-cho Saidai no Kessen no Maki")
*Release Date: April 8, 1998
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-872540-9

:204. Dōmori-cho's Ultimate Battle! - Two: Izuna's Battle:205. Dōmori-cho's Ultimate Battle! - Three: Zekki, Assault!!:206. Dōmori-cho's Ultimate Battle! - Four: Great Reversal!:207. Dōmori-cho's Ultimate Battle! - Five: Megiddo Fire:208. Dōmori-cho's Ultimate Battle! - Six: Conclusion:209. The Soldier's Song:210. Twelfth Month! Namahage Appears!:211. Spirit Bugs • Tsunemoto Mushi:212. Beutician Yōkai Kamikiri

Volume 25: The Silver-White Great Love Battle!!

*Japanese Title: 白銀の大恋線!!の巻 ("Hakugin no Dairensen!! no Maki")
*Release Date: June 9, 1998
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-872564-6

:213. Yukime, Forbidden Love!?:214. Infamous Yōkai • Konagijiji:215. Ritsuko-sensei's Counterattack!!:216. Nūbē's Beating Heart! The Birth of Rinako-sensei!?:217. The Silver-White Great Love Battle!:218. The True Honto-kun:219. Kasha • The Living Corpse:220. Izuna, Become a Mother!?

Volume 26: Formation!! The Dōmori Youth Spirit-Attack Team

*Japanese Title: 結成!! 童守少年妖撃団の巻 ("Kessen!! Dōmori Shōnen Yōgekidan no Maki")
*Release Date: September 7, 1998
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-872600-6

:221. Yōkai Artist • Toriyama Sekien:222. The Day Tamamo Became Human:223. Succubus and Incubus:224. Formation!! The Dōmori Youth Spirit-Attack Team - One: The Day Nūbē Disappeared:225. Formation!! The Dōmori Youth Spirit-Attack Team - Two: Infiltration! The Cursed Hyakkoku Mansion:226. Formation!! The Dōmori Youth Spirit-Attack Team - Three: The Yōkai Doctor's Secret!!:227. Formation!! The Dōmori Youth Spirit-Attack Team - Four: Menace of the Yōkai Soldier!!:228. Formation!! The Dōmori Youth Spirit-Attack Team - Five: The Yōkai Doctor's Wife:229. Formation!! The Dōmori Youth Spirit-Attack Team - Six: The Great Counterattack!!

Volume 27: Marie-san

*Japanese Title: メリーサンの巻 ("Merī-san no Maki")
*Release Date: November 9, 1998
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-872625-1

:230. Formation!! The Dōmori Youth Spirit-Attack Team - Seven: Light, Shine!!:231. Formation!! The Dōmori Youth Spirit-Attack Team - Eight: Certain Kill • Fever Attack!!:232. Formation!! The Dōmori Youth Spirit-Attack Team - Nine: It's Starting!! The Orochi Release Device!!:233. Formation!! The Dōmori Youth Spirit-Attack Team - Ten: Strong Heart:234. Formation!! The Dōmori Youth Spirit-Attack Team - Eleven: Orochi's Revival!?:235. Formation!! The Dōmori Youth Spirit-Attack Team - Twelve: The Last Word:236. Marie-san (Beginning):237. Marie-san (End):238. A Scary Hospital Story

Volume 28: Shinigami

*Japanese Title: 死神の巻 ("Shinigami no Maki")
*Release Date: January 13, 1999
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-872653-7

:239. Shinigami:240. Agyō-san:241. Oni-Girl • Minki Appears!:242. Are Oni Panties Good Panties!?:243. An Oni's Eyes Also Cry!?:244. Walking Jumpyu:245. Tamamo's Term:246. Heaven Fox • Konmōgyokumen Kyūbi:247. A Soul Grasped in Humanity

Volume 29: Nūbē's Training Period!?

*Japanese Title: ぬ~べ~修業時代!?の巻 ("Nūbē Shūgyō Jidai!? no Maki")
*Release Date: April 7, 1999
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-872695-2

:248. The Trial Jar:249. Nūbē's Training Period!?:250. I Want To Call You "Big Brother"!:251. Hiroshi, Become Micro!?:252. Spirit Charmer • Yan Kailun:253. Oni no Te, Fury!!:254. Clash!! Oni no Te vs. Oni no Te!!:255. The Wielder of the Oni no Te:256. The Yōkai Circus is Here!

Volume 30: Baki, Revive!!

*Japanese Title: バキ、復活!!の巻 ("Baki, Fukkatsu!! no Maki")
*Release Date: June 8, 1999
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-872722-3

:257. Yōkai Girl's High:258. The Legendary Kudagitsune:259. Crash Course! Izuna and Gedo:260. An Itako's Pride!:261. The True Treasure:262. Baki, Revive!!:263. Baki, Riot Greatly!!:264. The Defeat-Baki Operation!:265. Which is my Big Brother!?:266. The End of the Battle...

Volume 31: Sayonara Nūbē

*Japanese Title: さよならぬ~べ~の巻 ("Sayonara Nūbē no Maki")
*Release Date: September 8, 1999
*(JP) ISBN 4-08-872757-6

:267. Farewell:268. The Unsent Sakura (One):269. The Unsent Sakura (Two):270. The Unsent Sakura (Three):271. Great Proposal Operation!!:272. The Night Before Nūbē's Wedding:273. For The Tears You've Wept!:274. Look! This is Love's Final Form!!:275. The Graduation From Nūbē:Finale (276.) Sayonara Nūbē:Special (1): Nūbē Historical Chronology:Special (2): After Hell Teacher Nūbē

Bunko Volumes

In 2006, Shueisha released the entire series in new volumes, filled with more chapters per volume than the original 31 volume run and new material by Takeshi Okano.

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