Huánuco Region

Huánuco Region

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name = Huánuco [ [ Official website of INEI] ]

imagesize = 100px
image_caption = Regional logo

president = Jorge Espinoza Egoávil
capital = Huánuco
largest = Huánuco
area = 36,848.85
pop = 730,871 (2005 census)
density = 19.8
provinces = 11 provinces and 76 districts
lowest = 167 m (Honoria)
highest = 3839 m (Puños)
areacode = 62
lat =
long =
resources = -
poverty = 78.9%
GDPshare = 1%
website = []
iso = HUC
ubigeo = 10

Huánuco is a region in central Peru. It is bordered by the La Libertad, San Martín, Loreto and Ucayali regions on the north; the Ucayali Region on the east; the Pasco Region on the south; and the Lima and Ancash regions on the west. Its capital is the city of Huánuco.

Huánuco has a rough topography comprising parts of the Sierra and the High Jungle (mountain rim) regions. Being equidistant from the north and the south of the country, it has the privilege of having a mild weather with an average annual temperature of 20°C (68°F).

This region is important for its geographical location, history, and for the richness of its land, where the presence of man goes back to ancient times. "El Hombre de Lauricocha" (Man of Lauricocha) is among the most distinctive examples, dating from 10,000 BC, as well as Kotosh, where vestiges of the oldest settlement in the Americas (4,200 BC) took place.

Several ethnic groups inhabited this region. However, after a severe resistance, they started to incorporate as part of the Inca empire. Huánuco then became part of the Cusco-Cajamarca-Cusco route.

In the beginning of the 19th century, during the emancipation process, Huánuco was one of the first cities to promote Peru's independence. Moreover, a first oath took place in this city on December 15, 1820, after several uprisings in Huamalíes, Huallanca and Ambo.

Political division

The region is divided into eleven provinces ( _es. provincias, singular: "provincia"), which are composed of 75 districts ("distritos", singular: "distrito").

The provinces, with their capitals in parenthesis, are:

* Ambo (Ambo)
* Dos de Mayo (La Unión)
* Huacaybamba (Huacaybamba)
* Huamalíes (Llata)
* Huánuco (Huánuco)
* Lauricocha (Jesús)
* Leoncio Prado (Tingo María)
* Marañón (Huacrachuco)
* Pachitea (Panao)
* Puerto Inca (Puerto Inca)
* Yarowilca (Chavinillo)


External links

* [ Huanuco Peru web site]
* [ Official web site of the Huánuco region]

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