Phoenix Ancient Art

With galleries in New York City and Geneva, Switzerland, Phoenix Ancient Artis a leading dealer in antiquities from various cultures of western civilization. Its works of art have been purchased by arts and antiquities museums worldwide, as well as by private individuals.

Incorporated since 1995, Phoenix Ancient Art is a second-generation family business that continues today under the leadership of his sons, Hicham Aboutaam and Ali Aboutaam, after being founded by their father, Sleiman, in 1968.

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NEW YORK TIMES March 18, 2007, SundayBy RON STODGHILL (NYT); Cover of Money and Business/Financial Desk, 3010 words

FORBES * [ FORBES MAGAZINE] "Ancient History for Sale", by Carrie Coolidge. An investigative article on collecting antiquities quotes Hicham Aboutamm and the legendary hedge-fund-manager-turned-full-time-philanthropist Michael Steinhardt. The article presents a photographic slideshow of antiquites from Phoenix Ancient Art.

BUSINESS WEEK* "Antiquities to grow old with" featuring Hicham Aboutaam
* The website of the Iraq National Museum reports how Hicham Aboutaam, Interpol, and ICE, successfully recovered the famous stolen statue of Entemena, which is "on the FBI top 10 list of art heists."
* [ Illicit Antiquities Research Centre] News about illicit antiquities trade, including references to events to which Phoenix Ancient Art has been associated. FINANCIAL TIMES* The Financial Times article "Antiquities Weather the Market" featuring the new era in the antiquities trade, Phoenix Ancient Art and a major Egyptian head of queen.
* [ Press Release for an exhibition of Greek vases presented by Phoenix Ancient Art]
* [ "New Leaf for Aboutaams"] NEW YORK SUN* [ Antiquities Dealers Suddenly Emerge into the Sunlight] Hicham Aboutaam discusses the changing scrutiny in the antiquities business.

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