Boomerang (disambiguation)

A boomerang is a curved wooden implement, some of which — if thrown correctly — will return to the location it was thrown from.

Boomerang may also mean:

In Bionicle

*A specialized explosive weapon used by the Order of Mata Nui member Hydraxon.

In geopolitics
* the Boomerang effect, a concept describing the effects colonial governance has on the metropole

In technology:
* Boomerang (roller coaster), a type of roller coaster made by Vekoma
* BOOMERanG experiment, a sub-orbital experiment which studied the properties of cosmic microwave background radiation
* "CAC Boomerang", an aircraft
* Maserati Boomerang, an influential prototype automobile
* Scaled Composites Boomerang, an unconventional twin engine aircraft designed by Burt Rutan
* Boomerang (mobile shooter detection system), a gunshot location detection system designed for military uses.
* Whitney Boomerang, an aircraft

In entertainment:
* Boomerang (TV channel), TV channel operated by Cartoon Network
* "Boomerang" (1947 film), a 1947 courtroom drama film
* "Boomerang" (1992 film), a 1992 movie starring Eddie Murphy
* "Boomerang" (soundtrack), a soundtrack to the 1992 film
* "Boomerang", an arcade game developed by Sun Electronics. Also known as "Farmers Rebellion" and "Ikki".
* "Boom Boom Boomerang (song)", song made popular in 1955 by the The DeCastro Sisters
* "Boomerang" (The Creatures album), a 1989 album by The Creatures
* "Boomerang" (Hanson album), a 1995 album by Hanson
* "Boomerang" (album), a 1997 album by Stacey Q
* "Bang en boomerang", a 1975 Swedish pop song
* The Boomerangs, Jonathan Kelly's first band
* "Laramie Boomerang", a daily newspaper in Laramie, Wyoming
* Boomerang (comics), a Marvel Comics supervillain
* Captain Boomerang, a DC Comics supervillain and enemy of the Flash
* Boomerang! (audio magazine), an "audio magazine" for kids
* Boomerang (horse), a show jumping horse

Boomerang may also be a slang or jargon term for:
* A controller for the PlayStation 3 games console
* A color magazine, used to change the colors of a spotlight
* A curved erection of the penis, most often found in sufferers of Peyronie's disease

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