Dark Quest

"Dark Quest" is a series of video games based on elements of Greek mythology. While "Dark Quest" has not achieved great popularity, it remains popular with some gamers. The original game's main character was Epikleros, a man who must prove his worth to his "oikos" and "demos" by killing an automaton.

The series has produced nine games and the tenth in the series is rumoured to be in production.

In the first game of the series, Epikleros leaves his "oikos" and his parents Kurios and Circe to hunt down an automaton that has been terrorising the helots of Laconia. He meets Zeus in the course of his adventures, who grants him the power of Infernal Fire Bolts to use against his enemies. This becomes a key feature of the game, along with the Inferno Blasters that his father Kurios gave to him before he left. Eventually he succeeds in killing the automaton, named Hoganos and returns to his "polis" a hero.

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