Quicksand (disambiguation)

Quicksand may refer to:

In geology:
* Quicksand, loose, water-logged sand which yields easily to weight or pressure
* Dry quicksand, loose sand which yields easily to weight or pressure

In music:
* Quicksand (song), a 1960s soul song recorded by Martha & the Vandellas
* Quicksand (David Bowie song), a 1970s song by David Bowie
* Quicksand (band), an 1990s Post-Hardcore band
* Quicksand (UK band), who recorded for the Dawn label
* Quicksand, a song by the Canadian pop/rock band Lillix from their album Falling Uphill
* Quicksand, a single by Finger Eleven off the album Tip

In film:
* "Quicksand (1950 film)", a 1950 film starring Mickey Rooney
* "Quicksand (2003)", starring Michael Caine and Michael Keaton
* "Quicksand (2002 film)", starring Michael Dudikoff
* "Quicksands", a 1913 film directed by Allan Dwan
* "The Quicksands", a 1914 film starring Lillian Gish

In books:
* "Quicksand (novel)", a novel by Junichiro Tanizaki
* "Quicksand (Nella Larsen novel)", a novel by Nella Larsen
* "Quicksand (John Brunner novel)", a novel by John Brunner

In other:
* Quicksand (comics), a Marvel Comics supervillain

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