Himalayan states

Himalayan states

Himalayan states is the name given collectively to all the countries/states which contain the mountain range of the Himalayas. Geographically, the Himalayan states lie in the Indian subcontinent.

This definition includes the following countries and regions:

* Afghanistan
* Nepal
* Bhutan
* China
** Tibet
* India
** Arunachal Pradesh
** Himachal Pradesh
** Jammu and Kashmir
** Manipur
** Meghalaya
** Mizoram
** Nagaland
** Sikkim
** Tripura
** Uttarakhand
** The Darjeeling district of West Bengal
* Pakistan
** North Western Frontier Province (administrative province of Pakistan)
** Gilgit Agency
* Disputed Kashmir region
** Jammu (mostly administered by India)
** Ladakh (mostly administered by India)
** Siachen Glacier (mostly under control of India)
** Trans-Karakoram Tract (mostly under control of Pakistan)
** Aksai Chin (mostly administered by China)
** Azad Kashmir (mostly administered by Pakistan)
Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam are the main religions in the Himalayan region.

ee also

*Indian Ocean Island States
*Peninsular India

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