Chickamauga Union order of battle

The following Union Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Chickamauga of the American Civil War. The Confederate order of battle is listed separately.


Abbreviations used

Military Rank


  • w = wounded
  • mw = mortally wounded
  • k = killed

Army of the Cumberland

MG William Rosecrans

General Headquarters

  • 1st Battalion, Ohio Sharpshooters: Cpt Gershom M. Barber
  • 10th Ohio Infantry: Ltc William M. Ward
  • 15th Pennsylvania Cavalry: Col William J. Palmer

XIV Corps

MG George Henry Thomas

Provost guard


  • 1st Ohio Cavalry, Company L: Cpt John D. Barker
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
      BG Absalom Baird

1st Brigade

   Col Benjamin F. Scribner

  • 38th Indiana: Ltc Daniel F. Griffin
  • 2nd Ohio: Ltc Obadiah C. Maxwell, Maj William T. Beatty, Cpt James Warnock
  • 33rd Ohio: Col Oscar F. Moore
  • 94th Ohio: Maj Rue P. Hutchins
  • 10th Wisconsin: Ltc John H. Ely, Cpt Jacob W. Roby
2nd Brigade

   BG John C. Starkweather (w)

3rd Brigade

   BG John H. King

  • 4th Battery, Indiana Light: Lt David Flansburg, Lt Henry J. Willits
  • Battery A, 1st Michigan Light: Lt George W. Van Pelt, Lt Almerick W. Wilbur
  • Battery H, 5th United States: Lt Howard Mather Burnham (k), Lt Joshua A. Fessenden

Second Division
      MG James S. Negley

1st Brigade

   BG John Beatty

  • 104th Illinois: Ltc Douglas Hapeman
  • 42nd Indiana: Ltc William T. B. McIntire
  • 88th Indiana: Col George Humphrey
  • 15th Kentucky: Col Marion C. Taylor
2nd Brigade

   Col Timothy R. Stanley
   Col William L. Stoughton

3rd Brigade

   Col William Sirwell

  • 37th Indiana: Ltc William D. Ward
  • 21st Ohio: Ltc Dwella M. Stoughton, Maj Arnold McMahan, Cpt Charles H. Vantine
  • 74th Ohio: Cpt Joseph Fisher
  • 78th Pennsylvania: Ltc Archibald Blakeley
  • Bridges' Battery, Illinois Light: Cpt Lyman Bridges
  • Battery G, 1st Ohio Light: Cpt Alexander Marshall
  • Battery M, 1st Ohio Light: Cpt Frederick Schultz

Third Division
      BG John Milton Brannan

1st Brigade

   Col John M. Connell

2nd Brigade

   Col John T. Croxton
   Col William H. Hays

  • 10th Indiana: Col William B. Carroll, Ltc Marsh B. Taylor
  • 74th Indiana: Col Charles W. Chapman, Ltc Myron Baker
  • 4th Kentucky: Ltc P. Burgess Hunt, Maj Robert M. Kelly
  • 10th Kentucky: Col William H. Hays, Ltc Gabriel C. Wharton
  • 14th Ohio: Ltc Henry D. Kingsbury
3rd Brigade

   Col Ferdinand Van Derveer

  • Battery D, 1st Michigan Light: Cpt Josiah W. Church
  • Battery C, 1st Ohio Light: Lt Marco B. Gary
  • Battery I, 4th United States: Lt Frank G. Smith

Fourth Division
      MG Joseph J. Reynolds

1st Brigade

   Col John T. Wilder

2nd Brigade

   Col Edward A. King
   Col Milton S. Robinson

  • 68th Indiana: Cpt Harvey J. Espy
  • 75th Indiana: Col Milton S. Robinson, Ltc William O'Brien
  • 101st Indiana: Ltc Thomas Doan
  • 105th Ohio: Maj George T. Perkins
3rd Brigade

   BG John B. Turchin

  • 18th Kentucky: Ltc Hubbard K. Milward, Cpt John B. Heltemes
  • 11th Ohio: Col Philander P. Lane
  • 36th Ohio: Col William G. Jones, Ltc Hiram F. Devol
  • 92nd Ohio: Col Benjamin D. Fearing, Ltc Douglas Putnam, Jr.
  • 18th Battery, Indiana Light: Cpt Eli Lilly
  • 19th Battery, Indiana Light: Cpt Samuel J. Harris, Lt Robert S. Lackey
  • 21st Battery, Indiana Light: Cpt William W. Andrew

XX Corps

MG Alexander McDowell McCook


Provost guard
81st Indiana Infantry, Company H: Cpt William J. Richards

2nd Kentucky Cavalry, Company I: Lt George W. L. Batman

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
      BG Jefferson C. Davis

1st Brigade

   Col P. Sidney Post

2nd Brigade

   BG William P. Carlin

  • 21st Illinois: Col John W. S. Alexander (k), Cpt Chester K. Knight
  • 38th Illinois: Ltc Daniel H. Gilmer (k), Cpt Willis G. Whitehurst
  • 81st Indiana: Cpt Nevil B. Boone, Maj James E. Calloway
  • 101st Ohio: Ltc John Messer, Maj Bedan B. McDonald, Cpt Leonard D. Smith
  • 2nd Battery, Minnesota Light Artillery: Lt Albert Woodbury, Lt Richard L. Dawley
3rd Brigade

   Col Hans C. Heg
   Col John Alexander Martin

Second Division
      BG Richard W. Johnson

1st Brigade

   BG August Willich

  • 89th Illinois: Ltc Duncan J. Hall, Maj William D. Williams
  • 32nd Indiana: Ltc Frank Erdelmeyer
  • 39th Indiana: Col Thomas J. Harrison
  • 15th Ohio: Ltc Frank Askew
  • 49th Ohio: Maj Samuel F. Gray, Cpt Luther M. Strong
  • Battery A, 1st Ohio Light Artillery: Cpt Wilbur F. Goodspeed
2nd Brigade

   Col Joseph B. Dodge

  • 79th Illinois: Col Allen Buckner
  • 29th Indiana: Ltc David M. Dunn
  • 30th Indiana: Ltc Orrin D. Hurd
  • 77th Pennsylvania: Col Thomas E. Rose, Cpt Joseph J. Lawson
  • 20th Battery, Ohio Light Artillery: Cpt John F. Edward Grosskopff
3rd Brigade

   Col Philemon P. Baldwin (k)
   Col William W. Berry

  • 6th Indiana: Ltc Hagerman Tripp, Maj Calvin D. Campbell
  • 5th Kentucky: Col William W. Berry, Cpt John M. Huston
  • 1st Ohio: Ltc Bassett Langdon
  • 93rd Ohio: Col Hiram Strong, Ltc William H. Martin
  • 5th Battery, Indiana Light Artillery: Cpt Peter Simonson

Third Division
      MG Philip Sheridan

1st Brigade

   BG William Haines Lytle (k)
   Col Silas Miller

  • 36th Illinois: Col Silas Miller, Ltc Porter C. Olson
  • 88th Illinois: Ltc Alexander S. Chadbourne
  • 21st Michigan: Col William B. McCreery, Maj Seymour Chase
  • 24th Wisconsin: Ltc Theodore S. West, Maj Carl von Baumbach
  • 11th Battery, Indiana Light Artillery: Cpt Arnold Sutermeister
2nd Brigade

   Col Bernard Laiboldt

  • 44th Illinois: Col Wallace W. Barrett
  • 73rd Illinois: Col James F. Jaquess
  • 2nd Missouri: Maj Arnold Beck
  • 15th Missouri: Col Joseph Conrad
  • Battery G, 1st Missouri Light Artillery: Lt Gustavus Schueler
3rd Brigade

   Col Luther Prentice Bradley (w)
   Col Nathan H. Walworth

XXI Corps

MG Thomas Leonidas Crittenden


15th Illinois Cavalry, Company K: Cpt Samuel B. Sherer

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
      BG Thomas J. Wood

1st Brigade

   Col George P. Buell

  • 100th Illinois: Col Frederick A. Bartleson, Maj Charles M. Hammond
  • 58th Indiana: Ltc James T. Embree
  • 13th Michigan: Col Joshua B. Culver, Maj Willard G. Eaton
  • 26th Ohio: Ltc William H. Young
2nd Brigade

   BG George D. Wagner

  • 15th Indiana: Col Gustavus A. Wood
  • 40th Indiana: Col John W. Blake
  • 57th Indiana: Ltc George W. Lennard
  • 97th Ohio: Ltc Milton Barnes
3rd Brigade

   Col Charles G. Harker

  • 3rd Kentucky: Col Henry C. Dunlap
  • 64th Ohio: Col Alexander McIlvaine
  • 65th Ohio: Ltc Horatio N. Whitbeck, Maj Samuel C. Brown, Cpt Thomas Powell
  • 125th Ohio: Col Emerson Opdycke
  • 8th Battery, Indiana Light: Cpt George Estep
  • 10th Battery, Indiana Light: Lt William A. Naylor
  • 6th Battery, Ohio Light: Cpt Cullen Bradley

Second Division
      MG John M. Palmer

1st Brigade

   BG Charles Cruft

  • 31st Indiana: Col John T. Smith
  • 1st Kentucky: Ltc Alva R. Hadlock
  • 2nd Kentucky: Col Thomas D. Sedgewick
  • 90th Ohio: Col Charles H. Rippey
2nd Brigade

   BG William Babcock Hazen

  • 9th Indiana: Col Isaac C. B. Suman
  • 6th Kentucky: Col George T. Shackelford, Ltc Richard Rockingham, Maj Richard T. Whitaker
  • 41st Ohio: Col Aquila Wiley
  • 124th Ohio: Col Oliver Hazard Payne, Maj James B. Hampson
3rd Brigade

   Col William Grose


   Cpt William E. Standart

  • Battery B, 1st Ohio Light: Lt Norman A. Baldwin
  • Battery F, 1st Ohio Light: Lt Giles J. Cockerill
  • Battery H, 4th United States: Lt Harry C. Cushing
  • Battery M, 4th United States: Lt Francis L. D. Russell
  • 110th Illinois (battalion): Ltc Ebenezer Hibbard Topping

Third Division
      BG Horatio P. Van Cleve

1st Brigade

   BG Samuel Beatty

  • 79th Indiana: Col Frederick Knefler
  • 9th Kentucky: Col George H. Cram
  • 17th Kentucky: Col Alexander M. Stout
  • 19th Ohio: Ltc Henry G. Stratton
2nd Brigade

   Col George F. Dick

  • 44th Indiana: Ltc Simeon C. Aldrich
  • 86th Indiana: Maj Jacob C. Dick
  • 13th Ohio: Ltc Elhannon M. Mast (k), Cpt Horatio G. Cosgrove
  • 59th Ohio: Ltc Granville A. Frambes
3rd Brigade

   Col Sidney M. Barnes

  • 35th Indiana: Maj John P. Dufficy
  • 8th Kentucky: Ltc James D. Mayhew, Maj John S. Clark
  • 21st Kentucky: Col Samuel Woodson Price {not engaged; at Whitesides}
  • 51st Ohio: Col Richard W. McClain, Ltc Charles H. Wood
  • 99th Ohio: Col Peter T. Swaine
  • 7th Battery, Indiana Light: Cpt George R. Swallow
  • Battery B, Pennsylvania Light Artillery: Cpt Alanson J. Stevens, Lt Samuel M. McDowell
  • 3d Battery, Wisconsin Light: Lt Cortland Livingston

Reserve Corps

MG Gordon Granger

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First division
      BG James B. Steedman

1st Brigade

   BG Walter C. Whitaker

  • 96th Illinois: Col Thomas E. Champion
  • 115th Illinois: Col Jesse H. Moore
  • 84th Indiana: Col Nelson Trusler
  • 22nd Michigan: Col Heber Le Favour, Ltc William Sanborn, Cpt Alonzo M. Keeler
  • 40th Ohio: Ltc William Jones
  • 89th Ohio: Col Caleb H. Carlton, Cpt Isaac C. Nelson
  • 18th Battery, Ohio Light Artillery: Cpt Charles C. Aleshire
2nd Brigade

   Col John G. Mitchell

  • 78th Illinois: Ltc Carter Van Vleck, Lt George Green
  • 98th Ohio: Cpt Moses J. Urquhart, Cpt Armstrong J. Thomas
  • 113th Ohio: Ltc Darius B. Warner
  • 121st Ohio: Ltc Henry B. Banning
  • Battery M, 1st Illinois Light Artillery: Lt Thomas Burton

Second Division

2nd Brigade

      Col Daniel McCook, Jr.

  • 85th Illinois: Col Caleb J. Dilworth
  • 86th Illinois: Ltc David W. Magee
  • 125th Illinois: Col Oscar F. Harmon
  • 52nd Ohio: Maj James T. Holmes
  • 69th Ohio: Ltc Joseph H. Brigham
  • Battery I, 2nd Illinois Light Artillery: Cpt Charles M. Barnett

Cavalry Corps

BG Robert B. Mitchell

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division
      Col Edward M. McCook

1st Brigade

   Col Archibald P. Campbell

  • 2nd Michigan Cavalry: Maj Leonidas S. Scranton
  • 9th Pennsylvania Cavalry: Ltc Roswell M. Russell
  • 1st Tennessee Cavalry: Ltc James P. Brownlow
2nd Brigade

   Col Daniel M. Ray

  • 2nd Indiana Cavalry: Maj Joseph B. Presdee
  • 4th Indiana Cavalry: Ltc John T. Deweese
  • 2nd Tennessee Cavalry: Ltc William R. Cook
  • 1st Wisconsin Cavalry: Col Oscar H. LaGrange
  • Battery D, 1st Ohio Light Artillery (1 section): Lt Nathaniel M. Newell
3rd Brigade

   Col Louis D. Watkins

  • 4th Kentucky Cavalry: Col Wickliffe Cooper
  • 5th Kentucky Cavalry: Ltc William T. Hoblitzell
  • 6th Kentucky Cavalry: Maj Louis A. Gratz

Second Division
      BG George Crook

1st Brigade

   Col Robert H. G. Minty

2nd Brigade

   Col Eli Long

  • 2nd Kentucky Cavalry: Col Thomas P. Nicholas
  • 1st Ohio Cavalry: Ltc Valentine Cupp, Maj Thomas J. Patten
  • 3rd Ohio Cavalry: Ltc Charles B. Seidel
  • 4th Ohio Cavalry: Ltc Oliver P. Robie


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