Bardak Siah Palace

Bardak Siah Palace was the name of ancient Persian king's palace situated near township of Dashtestan in the northern part of Bushehr Province of Iran. In 2005, archaeologists discovered a fragmentary sculpture featuring the head of Darius the Great (r. 521 BC-485 BC) and a servant carrying an umbrella behind him. It was unearthed at the Persian king's palace, known as Bardak Siah Palace, which was discovered in 1977. An inscription was also recovered, with handwriting in Neo-Babylonian language.

The eagle was a symbol of power and wisdom during the Achaemenid era. The capitals of the palace had been decorated with the images of eagles and lions. Pieces of the capitals, including eyes, wings, fangs, and snouts, have been discovered during previous excavations. Such images can be seen at Persepolis as well. Six bronze coins were also discovered beside the statue.

The archaeologists have also discovered some ornaments made of ivory and several fragments of lapis lazuli and ironstone with the handle.

The archaeological team began the excavations in early winter under the supervision of Yaghmaii, whose earlier team had discovered the Darius Palace in 1977. The Darius Palace, also known as the Bardak Siah Palace, is somewhat similar to the Apadana Palace in Persepolis. The palace had 36 columns. Sixteen bases of the columns were unearthed during the first phase of the excavations. Each column rose to about 20 to 23 meters.

Bardak Siah is located near the city of Borazajan in Iran's southern province of Bushehr. Built during the Achaemenids' zenith, the palace had been destroyed by fire in a war.


* [ Archaeology news about Bardak Siah of Iran]

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