Mary Ruwart

Mary J. Ruwart, Ph.D.

Ruwart in 2008
Born October 16, 1949 (1949-10-16) (age 62)
Detroit, Michigan
Occupation author, assistant professor, scientist, doctor

Mary J. Ruwart, Ph. D. (born October 16, 1949) is a research scientist and libertarian speaker, writer, and activist. She was a leading candidate for the 2008 Libertarian Party presidential nomination and is the author of the award-winning international bestseller "Healing Our World."



Born in Detroit, Ruwart holds an undergraduate degree in biochemistry (B.S., 1970), and a graduate degree in biophysics (Ph.D., 1974) from Michigan State University. After a brief term as an Assistant Professor of Surgery at St. Louis University Medical School, Ruwart spent 19 years as a pharmaceutical research scientist for Upjohn Pharmaceuticals,[1] and has written extensively on the subjects of government regulation of the drug industry and on libertarian communication.

In 1992, Ruwart published her best-selling book Healing Our World: The Other Piece of the Puzzle (ISBN 0-9632336-2-9); in 2003, the third edition was published, retitled Healing Our World in an Age of Aggression (ISBN 0-9632336-6-1). In the afterword of the third edition of Healing Our World, Ruwart describes the experience of her sister's death, an assisted suicide facilitated by Jack Kevorkian.

Libertarian activism and candidacies

A member of the Libertarian Party, Ruwart campaigned unsuccessfully for the party's presidential nomination in 1984 and for the vice-presidential nomination in 1992.[2] Ruwart was the Libertarian Party of Texas's nominee for U.S. Senate in 2000, where she faced incumbent Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison; Ruwart polled 1.16% of the popular vote (72,798 votes), finishing fourth of four candidates behind Green Party candidate Douglas Sandage.[3]

Ruwart has served on the Libertarian National Committee, and was a keynote speaker at the 2004 Libertarian National Convention.[4] In 2002, libertarians launched an unsuccessful lobbying campaign to get Dr. Ruwart appointed Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner.[5] Additionally, Ruwart has served on the boards of the International Society for Individual Liberty, the Fully Informed Jury Association, and the Michigan chapter of the Heartland Institute.[4] She is part of the anarcho-capitalist wing of the LP.[6] Ruwart is a longtime supporter of the Free State Project and officially endorsed it on May 17, 2008 while on-air on Free Talk Live.[7]

Ruwart has filed to run for Texas Comptroller in 2010 against incumbent Republican Susan Combs. She will be competing against Edward Lindsay of the Green Party.[8]

2008 presidential campaign

In March 2008, in response to an informal draft effort by a group of Libertarian Party activists, Ruwart announced her candidacy for the Libertarian presidential nomination in the 2008 election.[9][10] She lost the nomination to Bob Barr on the sixth ballot at the 2008 Libertarian National Convention on May 25, 2008. Despite tying with Barr on the third and fourth ballots and taking the lead on the fifth, she ultimately lost after third-placed candidate Wayne Allyn Root threw his support behind Barr. Root later received the vice-presidential nomination.[11]


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