Vous êtes ici!!

Infobox Album
Name = Vous êtes ici!!
Type = studio
Longtype =
Artist = eXtério

Released = 2003
Recorded =
Genre = Alternative Rock
Length =
Label = Slam Disques
Producer =
Reviews =
Last album = "Démo Pré-Prod"
This album = "Vous êtes Ici!!"
Next album = "Le Délire du Savant Fou"

"Vous êtes ici!!" is the debut album by eXtério, released in May 2003.

Track listing

"Bonhomme 7h"
"Peinture fraîche"
"Goodbye My love"
"10 saoul"
"Grosse Salope"
"Chien Blanc"

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