Census block group

A census block group is a geographical unit used by the United States Census Bureau which is between the census tract and the census block. It is the smallest geographical unit for which the bureau publishes sample data, i.e data which is only collected from a fraction of all households.

Census block groups are identified by a number, usually single digit. This number determines the first digit of all the census blocks which compose the block group, for instance census block 2 would have any block numbered 2000 to 2999.

The United States including Puerto Rico has 211,267 block groups, each containing an average of 39 blocks.


*Definition is from glossary from the United States Census Bureau. "Explain census geography" link on the [http://factfinder.census.gov/servlet/DTGeoSearchByListServlet?ds_name=DEC_2000_SF1_U&_lang=en&_ts=177497956300 FactFinder page]
*Statistics from the Census Bureau's [http://www.census.gov/geo/landview/lv6help/pop_estimate.html description] of the Landview 6 software.

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* [http://www.gcensus.com/browse-data/ gCensus: Browse Block Groups and Block Numbers] . You can also view this information using Google maps.

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