Gross Misconduct

Infobox Album
Name = Gross Misconduct
Type = studio
Artist = M.O.D.

Background = lightsteelblue
Released = 1989
Recorded = Aug – Oct, 1988
Pyramid Sound,
Ithaca, New York, USA
Genre = Crossover thrash
Length = 37:59
Label = Megaforce Records
Noise International
Producer = Alex Perialas
Reviews = *Allmusic Rating|3|5 [ link]
Last album = "Surfin' M.O.D."
This album = "Gross Misconduct"
Next album = "Rhythm of Fear"
(1992) |

"Gross Misconduct" is the second album from crossover thrash metal band, M.O.D.. It was released in 1989 on Megaforce Records and Noise International and follows 1988's "Surfin' M.O.D." It was three years until the band released another record, with "Rhythm of Fear" in 1992.


Lyrically, Milano tackled less controversial issues than previously (including his time with S.O.D.) and the music was more accessible – the upshot of which was a more commercial offering.

The music video for " [ True Colors] " starts off with a Slash look-alike plugging his guitar into the amp before being pushed out of the way by Billy Milano.

Track listing

*All songs written by M.O.D., unless otherwise stated
#"No Hope" (Alex Perialas, Billy Milano, Ferrero) – 4:12
#"No Glove No Love" – 2:02
#"True Colors" – 3:48
#"Accident Scene" – 3:12
#"Godzula" – 2:26
#"E Factor" – 3:08
#"Gross Misconduct" – 4:03
#"Satan's Cronies" – 2:36
#"In the City" (Fear) – 1:57
#"Come As You Are" (Perialas, Milano, Ferrero) – 2:45
#"Vent" – 0:13
#"Theme" – 2:06
#"P.B.M." – 1:18
#"The Ride" (Perialas, Milano, Ferrero) – 5:00
#"Dark Knight" (Ferrero & Milano) – 5:58 []


* Billy Milano – vocals
* Louie Svitek – guitar
* John Monte – bass
* Tim Mallare – drums

* Recorded August – October, 1988 at Pyramid Sound, Ithaca, New York, USA
* Produced and engineered by Alex Perialas
* Assistant engineered by Rob Hunter
* Executive produced by Jon and Marsha Zazula
* Mastered by Tom Coyne at Hit Factory
* Cover illustration by Craig Hamilton

External links

* [ Megaforce Records album page]
* [ Official S.O.D. and M.O.D. fansite]
* [ BNR Metal discography page]

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