Agostino Gemelli University Polyclinic

The Agostino Gemelli University Polyclinic ( _it. Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli) is a large general hospital in Rome, Italy. It serves as the teaching hospital for the medical school of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (the largest private university in Italy), and owes its name to the university founder, the Franciscan friar Agostino Gemelli.

Construction began in 1959 on the hill of Monte Mario, and the hospital opened its doors in July 1964. It provides free medical assistance as part of the Italian national health system as well as paid-for "private" assistance in hotel-style wards called "Solventi" (Italian for "Payers"), and includes facilities for basic and clinical research, on-site student residences, three canteens, three cafeterias, one restaurant, one bookshop, and two medical libraries. Undergraduate and postgraduate education in Medicine & Surgery, Nursing sciences, physiotherapy and a variety of other clinical subjects takes place at the hospital. Apart from student residences, the hospital consists of four buildings open to the public: the "Biological Institutes", the "Protected Health Residence", the combined "Institute of Infectious Diseases" and "Centre for the Medicine of Aging", and the main hospital building (the "Polyclinic"), which was significantly expanded in recent years by the addition of a new wing, where the Accident and Emergency department and most operating theatres were transferred, as well as several laboratories. The buildings are surrounded by parking lots and meadows. The original manorial villa, built long before the site was chosen to build the hospital and previously used as a convent, now serves as the Institute of Bioethics, as well as the main university Church.

The Gemelli hospital entered a worldwide spotlight during the pontificate of Pope John Paul II, who was rushed there to receive emergency surgery after the failed assassination attempt in 1981, and returned there various times, up to a few weeks before his death in 2005. Another famous ex-patient is Georg Ratzinger, elder brother of Pope Benedict XVI.

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