Guy or Guys may refer to:
* Man, in slang
* "Guys", a group of two or more people, originally used to refer to groups of males, now commonly used to refer to any groups, although the singular "guy" might not be used to refer to an individual female.
* In the United Kingdom, a "guy" is an effigy of Guy Fawkes, who tried to blow up the British Parliament in 1605. See also Guy Fawkes Night.


Given name

* Guy Bailey, President of Texas Tech University
* Guy Berryman, of the band Coldplay
* Guy Branum, American comedian
* Guy Burgess, British/Soviet double agent, one of the Cambridge Five spy ring
* Guy Burnet, English actor who plays Craig Dean on the soap opera "Hollyoaks"
* Guy Carbonneau, retired French Canadian hockey player and head coach of the Montreal Canadiens
* Guy Chambers, British song-writer of Robbie Williams fame
* Guy Charron, retired French Canadian hockey player and former NHL head coach
* Guy Chouinard, retired French Canadian hockey player
* Guy Debord, French author and filmmaker, Situationist
* Guy Fieri, winner of the second season of "The Next Food Network Star"
* Guy Goma, who gained fame when he was accidentally interviewed on BBC
* Guy Hebert, retired American hockey goalie
* Guy Lafleur, retired French Canadian Hall of Fame hockey player
* Guy Lapointe, retired French Canadian Hall of Fame hockey player
* Guy Le Borgne, French paratroop general
* Guy of Lusignan, king-consort of Jerusalem and king of Cyprus
* Guy de Maupassant, French writer and journalist
* Guy Murray, American track/cross country coach and former marathon runner
* Guy Pearce, Australian/English actor; star of many American films including "L.A. Confidential", "Memento", "Winged Creatures"
* Guy Picciotto, of the band Fugazi
* Guy Pratt, British session musician
* Guy Ritchie, British film director, married to Madonna
* Guy Sebastian, the winner of the first "Australian Idol"
* Guy Severin, former director of NPP Zvezda
* Guy of Tuscany, Count and Duke of Lucca, and Margrave of Tuscany (915 - 929)
* Guy Verhofstadt, the prime minister of Belgium
* Guy Whatley, American organist
* Guy Whittingham, British footballer, of Aston Villa fame


* Étienne Guy, surveyor and political figure in Lower Canada
* Fritz Guy, Seventh-day Adventist theologian
* Henry Lewis Guy, British mechanical engineer
* Richard Guy, professor of mathematics, b. 1916
* William Guy, British physician and statistician
* Jasmine Guy, Actress

Fictional people

*Guy (Final Fight), a character from the "Final Fight" and "Street Fighter" games by Capcom
*Sir Guy of Gisborne, a villain in the Robin Hood legend
*Guy Montag, character in Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451"
*Guy Smiley, the host of various game shows on the children's show "Sesame Street"
*Might Guy, alternately known as Maito Gai (Japanese pronunciation), a character from "Naruto"
*Guydo Baggins, a small hobbit like person likely played in the game Dungeons and Dragons
*Guy LeDouche, the English parody name given to one of the cast members of Most Extreme Elimination Challenge


In the United States:
* Guy, Arkansas
* Guy, Indiana
* Guy, Texas
* Guys, Tennessee


*Guy-Concordia (Montreal Metro), a Montreal metro station
*Guy Motors, the former British bus and truck builder which was acquired by Jaguar

Other uses

* Guy-wire (also guy rope), used to keep a mast, tent or other structure in place against the effects of wind
* Guy (sailing), a rope to control a spar on a sailboat
* Guy (band), a R&B New jack swing group
* "Guy" (film), from 1997, starring Vincent D'Onofrio in the title role

ee also

* Guy I
* Guy II

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