List of American football teams in the Netherlands

This is a list of American Football Teams in The Netherlands :

AFBN Division One

Division One North

*Amsterdam Crusaders
*Lightning Leiden
*Hilversum Hurricanes

Division One South

*Arnhem Falcons
*Maastricht Wildcats
*Rotterdam Trojans

AFBN Division Two

Division Two North

*Amsterdam Panthers
*Almere Flevo Phantoms
*Groningen Giants
*Lelystad Commanders
*Amersfoort Untouchables

Division Two South

*Alphen Eagles
*Delft Dragons
*Den Haag Raiders '99
*Nijmegen Pirates
*Utrecht Dominators

AFBN Division Three

*Eindhoven Raptors
*Hoorn Unicorns
*Purmerend Longhorns

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