Afer may refer to:

* Afer, an individual of the Afri tribe after which the continent of Africa is probably named
* Afer, a roman Cognomen in reference to Africa, see list of Roman cognomina.
* AFER, an alternate acronym for the Air Force Expeditionary Service Ribbon
* Afer pigeon ("Columba unicincta")
* Afer ventus, another name for Lips, the Roman deity of the southwest wind. See Anemoi.
** A song on the 1991 Enya album "Shepherd Moons"
* Antonius Guilelmus Amo Afer (1703–c.1759), alternate name for Anton Wilhelm Amo, Ghanaian-German academic
* Arnobius Afer (d. 4th century), also Arnobius the Elder, Roman rhetorician in the province of Africa
* Domitius Afer (d. 60), Roman orator
* Gaius Marius Victorinus Afer (4th cent.), also Gaius Marius Victorinus, Roman grammarian and rhetorician
* Publius Aelius Hadrianus Afer, father of the Roman emperor Hadrian
* Publius Terentius Afer (d. 159 BC), Roman comic playwright better known as Terence

Scientific names

:"All named because the species is native to Africa."
* "Cinnyris afer", Greater Double-collared Sunbird
* "Euplectes afer", Yellow-crowned Bishop
* "Francolinus afer", Red-necked Francolin
* "Nilaus afer", Brubru
* "Orycteropus afer", aardvark
* "Papyrocranus afer ", Reticulate Knifefish
* "Parus afer", Southern Grey Tit, also classified as "Melaniparus afer"
* "Ptilostomus afer", piapiac
* "Turtur afer", Blue-spotted Wood Dove
* "Afer", a genus of gastropods

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