Ansar (Islam)

Ansar (Islam)

:"For other uses, see Ansar disambiguation.Ansar is an Islamic term that literally means "helpers" and denotes the Medinan citizens that helped Muhammad and the Muhajirun on the arrival to the city after the Migration to Medina. They belonged to two main tribes, the Banu Khazraj and the Banu Aws.


The following Ansari are known by name:

Banu Khazraj

*Abd-Allah ibn Ubaiy, chief [] ]
*Sa'd ibn Ubadah, chief [] [ Imamate: The Vicegerency of the Prophet] ] [ [ Lesson Twenty-Seven ] ]
*Hassan ibn Thabit — Fact|date=February 2007
*Ubayy ibn Kab — Fact|date=February 2007
*Al-Bara ibn Malik Fact|date=February 2007
*Habab ibn Mundhir
*Anas ibn Malik [] ]
*Al-Bara ibn Malik
*Abu Ayyub al-Ansari [] [] ]

Banu Aws

*Sa'd ibn Mua'dh, chief [William Montgomery Watt, "Muhammad at Medina", Oxford, 1966.]
*Bashir ibn Sa'ad Imamate: The Vicegerency of the Prophet [] [] ]


*Abu Mas'ud Al-Ansari [bukhari|3|34|439]
*Asim ibn Thabit [ [ SunniPath Online Islamic Library ] ]
*Amr ibn Maymun History of the Caliphs by Suyuti]
*Zayd ibn Thabit A Restatement of the History of Islam and Muslims on [] ]
*Jabir ibn Abd-Allah
*Sahl ibn Sa'd
*Uthman ibn HunaifPeshawar Nights on [] ]
*Hudhaifa ibn Yaman Tarikh al-Yaqubi, as quoted in Peshawar Nights on [] [] . Also, a list composed of sources such as Ibn Hajar Asqalani and Baladhuri, each in his Ta'rikh, Muhammad Bin Khawind Shah in his Rauzatu's-Safa, Ibn Abdu'l-Birr in his Isti'ab ]
*Khuzaima ibn Thabit A Shi'i-Sunni dialogue on [] ]
*Abu'l-Hathama ibn Tihan
*Sahl ibn Hunaif
*Farwah ibn `Amr ibn Wadqah al-Ansari

ee also

*Ansari (nesbat)
*Brotherhood among the Sahaba
*Ansar-e Hezbollah


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