Rudolf Stüssi

Rudolf Stüssi (d. July 22, 1443) served as burgomaster of Zürich during the mid-fifteenth century. His expansionist ambitions for Zurich caused the Old Zürich War.

Stüssi's father had come from Glarus and had become a citizen of Zürich in 1375. Stüssi's father had been elected to offices in Zürich starting in 1388. His son Rudolf was elected to city offices from 1414. In 1424, he served as Zürich's envoy in the Old Swiss Confederacy.

He served as mayor of Zürich from 1430 until his death.

In 1433, he traveled to Rome as a representative of Zürich to attend the coronation of Sigismund of Luxembourg. There he was knighted.

During his term of office, Stüssi attempted to extend the rule and influence of his city. In 1436, Count Friedrich VII of Toggenburg died, leaving neither heir nor will. The canton of Zürich, led by Stüssi, claimed the Toggenburg lands; the cantons of Schwyz and Glarus made counter-claims, backed by the other cantons. Stüssi allied himself in 1442 with Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor against the Old Swiss Confederacy.

He died at the Battle of St. Jakob an der Sihl defending the bridge over the Sihl while covering the retreat of the army of Zürich. According to chroniclers, he was killed by a confederate hiding below the bridge.

He lived in the house later called the Stüssihofstatt, situated some 100m north-east of the "Rathaus" (coord|47.3724|N|8.5436|E|)

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