Archangela Girlani

Archangela Girlani

Infobox Saint
name=Blessed Archangela Girlani
death_date=January 25 1494
feast_day=February 13
venerated_in=Roman Catholic Church

birth_place=Trino, Italy
beatified_date=October 1 1864
beatified_by=Pope Pius X

Blessed Archangela Girlani (1460 - 25 January 1494) is a Roman Catholic saint beatified on 1 October 1864, by Pope Pius X. Her feast day is celebrated on 13 February.

The Blessed Archangela Girlani was born in Trino, Italy and was baptized Eleanor. Throughout her life, she planned to become a Benedictine nun. However, on her way to the convent, her horse refused to take her there. Interpreting this a a sign, she became a Carmelite nun in Parma, and took the name "Archangela". She was professed in 1478. She was named prioress of the convent, and founded a new Carmelite convent in Mantua. She was reported to have the gifts of ecstasies, levitation, and miracles.

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