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show_name = Skatoony

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format = Fantasy Quiz
runtime = 22 minutes approx.
creator = Cartoon Network Inc. (UK)
voices = Rupert Degas (Chudd Chudders) Lewis Macleod (The Earl)
theme_music_composer = Whole Company
country = flagicon|United Kingdom UK
network = flagicon|UK Cartoon Network UK flagicon|India Cartoon Network India
distributor = Cartoon Network Inc. / Time Warner
first_aired = flagicon|UK October 2006 - February 10 2008 flagicon|India January 2007- April 5 2008
last_aired = UK - February 10 2008 India - April 5 2008
num_episodes = flagicon|UK 60 [ Cartoon Network has stop doing this for a while due to unpopularity and the loss of money from the nintendo wii's.]
flagicon|India 48
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Skatoony is a children's competition show which airs on Cartoon Network in the UK. It is based around two hosts named 'Chudd Chudders' (voiced by Rupert Degas) and 'The Earl' (voiced by Lewis MacLeod). Whenever a contestant leaves, the hosts sing "You're Outta Here!"


Skatoony was not originally a TV show but instead originated as a microsite on the Cartoon Network UK website. 2006 was the first Skatoony full length TV show. However a few phone-in shows such as Skatoony Quizmas, Ready Steady Skatoony and Skatoony Truckatoony existed before as a sort of continuity during school holidays. These phone-in shows ended in 2005. Owing to the success of the first two series of Skatoony, Turner Broadcasting have commissioned a third series of the show, to launch on Cartoon Network (UK) in November 2008.


Skatoony is a toon vs children quiz show that offers prizes to the winners. Chudd Chudders and The Earl are the main cartoon characters in the show, and the have appeared in other questionairre adverts on the cartoon network held all the way in Holland/The Netherlands, asking viewers in English some unscrambling questions and more. The current prize to be won is a Nintendo Wii, since last time only low price small gizmos were offered as prizes, Video Ipod and a Sony PSP, but now, a bigger and better console it offered as a prize, and it should stay the same one, since a Sony PS3 will be far to expensive to win just in a quiz, although an Xbox 360/Xbox might be held at some stage. Also another character the show's fictional money making producer and big boss Tony Eagle Eyes makes appearances, likes sausages, hates Chudders and calls him Chubbers.

Toon Contestants

* Headley Didly Dee: an evil untalented wannable quizz show host who is always after Chudd's job
* Kevin Quizzy: the self proclaimed greatest quizzer to ever put on pants
* Captain Quills: a hedgehog based superhero
* Santa Claus(Twice): the legendary giver of Joy
* Guts Glory: a superhero based on Superman
* Colonel Zappo: an alien warlord
* Wasp Boy: a superhero and Guts Glory's sidekick although he says Guts is his sidekick
* Dabs: a balloon man, seen in the audience at times
* Attila the Hun: a warrior king
* Chef: a chef
* Dr Jenkhill and Mr Hives: a smart scientist who always get the questions right and his later ego is a monster who always gets the questions wrong, parody of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
* Fernado Fernado Fernado: the self proclaimed greatest wizard in all of Mexico.
* Erbert Einstein: a smart scientist
* Rex Triumph: the over competitive "most successful, greatest and most expensive player of Rugby, Soccer, Basketball and Hungry Hungry Hippos in the world"
* T-Bone, Fibbs and Skabbs: 3 skeletons who make up the skeleton crew, a rap group, T-Bone is apparently the leader and gets the other 2 to do stuff like give him their place if he loses, they make numerous cameos in the audience and even present Tony Eagle-Eyes with new shows (all terrible ideas).
* Kids From episode 22 - Stop The Pop: Martha (3rd) Sara (2nd) Alice (1st)


The only current way to participate in the show is by going on the official website, although soon competitions will be held in the UK Cartoon Network Magazine by Panini.

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