St. Sylvester's College

St Sylvester's College, Kandy is a college in the city of Kandy, Sri Lanka.

name = St. Sylvester's College

motto = FORTITER IN RE("Brave in all deeds")
established = 1940
type = Public School
principal = Mr.T.R.S.Meetiyagoda
city = Kandy
country = Sri Lanka
website= []


St.Sylvester’s began as a separate institution on 1st November 1940 with very Rev.Fr. D. Robert. Perera O.S.B. as the principal. The college owed its inception to the foresight of his lordship Bishop regna and Abbot Weerasinghe, the heads of the sylvestro-benedictine congregation. They felt that a good catholic school in Kandy town was a prime need, once St. Anthony’s had been completely shifted to its home on the banks of the Mahaweli at Katugastota. Father Robert was given the tremendous task of rearing the new baby that had just been born. St.Sylvester’s had made name for itself in the field of education, not only Kandy but also throughout the length and breadth of the island. Starting with a more 250 pupils and 12 teachers in 1940.

Father Robert was not expected to do big things a St.Sylvester’s. The buildings were not teeming with scholars, the laboratories were empty, and libraries were without books. Even the wherewithal to run the school was not available. It is said that he had to start with a bank over draft, but the picture of the institutions now is a very different one. It is full to capacity, and its financial stability is assured. The outhoritese of the Sylvestro-Benedictines intended originally to develop St.Sylvester’s only as a junior school and afeed to St.Anthony’s but such restrictions were not damp the ardour of Father Robert. He early had visions of his institution as a collegiatie school, second to one in the Island.

t. Sylvester Gozzolini

Founder of the sylvestrines born of the noble family of the Gozzolini at Osimo, in 1177. Died on 26 November 1267. He was sent to study jurisprudence at Bologna and Padua but, feeling within himself a call to the ecclesiastical state, abandoned the study of law for that of theology and Holy Scripture, giving long hour daily to prayer. On his return home we are told that his father, angered at his change of purpose, refused to speak to him for ten years. Sylvester now accepted a canonry at Osimo and devoted himself to pastoral work with such zeal as to arouse the hostility of his bishop, whom he had respectfully rebuked for the scandals caused by the prelate’s irregular life. The saint was threatened with the loss of his canonry, but decided to leave the world on seeing the decaying corpse of one who had formerly been noted for great beauty. In 1227 he retired to a desert place about thirty miles from Osimo and lived there in the utmost poverty until he was recognized by owner of the land, a certain nobleman named Conrad, Who offered him a better site for his hermitage. From this spot he was driven by damp and next established himself at Grotta Fucile, where he eventually built a monastery of his order. In this place his penances were most severe, for he lived on raw herbs and water and slept on the bar e ground. Disciples flocked to him seeking his direction, and it became necessary to choose a rule According to the legend the various founders appeared to him in a vision, each begging him to adopt his rule. St.Sylvester chose for his followers that of St.Benadict and built his first monastery on Monte Fano, where, like another St.Benadict, he had first to destroy the remains of a pagan temple. In 1247 he obtained from Innocent IV, at Lyons, a bull confirming his order, and before his death founded a number of monasteries. An account of his miracles and of growth of his cultus will be found in Bolzonetti. His body was disinterred and placed in a shrine (1275-1285) and is still honoured in the church of Monte Fano. Clement IV first recognized the tile of blessed popularly bestowed on Sylvester, who was inscribed as a saint in the Roman Martyrology by order of Clement VIII (1598). Leo XIII extended his office and Mass to the Universal Church. His feast is kept on 26 November.

Affirmation of Oath of School

I am legitimate of my alma mater St.Sylvesters college, with a long prestigious history.In order to achieve the maximum benefits of my school days, I do hereby affirm to carry out my tasks under the supervision and guidance of the principal and the staff, and guide my colleagues along the correct path, to follow the rules and regulation of the school to the world, to maintain cordial relationship with the whole student population of the school, to actively participate in the maters pertaining to subject of study, to respect and honor my school , with all my might and to follow the path of distinguish old sylvestrians

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