Dragon Slayer series

Dragon Slayer series

is a computer role-playing game published in 1984 by Falcom on the NEC PC-8801 and Fujitsu FM-7 computer systems, giving rise to a series of sequels, most of the them created by Falcom and a few by other companies. Many of the early titles in this series were released for the MSX and MSX2 computers and other early Japanese PCs and later ported to the consoles.

Although commonly referred to as a series, the Dragon Slayer name is used to designate the body of work from producer Yoshio Kiya. There is no continuity in plot or even genre, but most of the games use role playing elements and experiment with real time gameplay.

Two of the games released for the Nintendo Family Computer, "Dragon Slayer IV: Drasle Family" and the spin-off of "" known as "Faxanadu" were released on the North American Nintendo Entertainment System. The former was renamed "Legacy of the Wizard". The second of the three games released for the Nintendo Family Computer, "Romancia" has never been released in North America for any platform. A fan English translation of the Famicom version of "Romancia" was released on April 23, 2008 by DvD Translations.

An English version of "Sorcerian" was released in North America for DOS.

An English version of "" was released for the TurboGrafx-CD in 1991, and is usually known as simply, "Dragon Slayer".

The games in the series include:

* 1.1 - "Dragon Slayer" (1984)
* 2.1 - "" (1985)
* 2.2 - "Xanadu Scenario II" (1986)
* 2.3 - "Faxanadu" (Nov 16, 1987)
* 3.1 - "Romancia" - Dragon Slayer Jr. (1986, Famicom: October 30, 1987)
* 4.1 - "" ("Legacy of the Wizard") (Jul 17, 1987)
* 5.1 - "Sorcerian" (1987)
* 5.2 - "Sorcerian Additional Scenario Vol. 1" (1988)
* 5.3 - "" (1988)
* 5.4 - "" (1988)
* 6.1 - "" (1989)
* 6.2 - "" (1992)
* 7.1 - "Lord Monarch" (1991)
* 7.2 - "Advanced Lord Monarch" (1991)
* 7.3 - "Monarch Monarch" (1994)
* 8.1 - "The Legend of Xanadu" (1994)
* 8.2 - "The Legend of Xanadu II" (1995)

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