David Woodley Packard

David Woodley Packard

David Woodley Packard, Ph.D. (born 1940) is a former professor and noted philanthropist; he is the son of Hewlett-Packard co-founder David Packard. A former HP board member (1987-1999), David is best known for his opposition to the HP-Compaq merger[1] and his support for classical studies, especially in regards to the digitization of classics research. Packard currently serves as president of the Packard Humanities Institute.[2]

According to a 2006 media report, Packard was responsible for acquiring, with David and Lucile Packard Foundation funds, the former Mount Pony facility for the Library of Congress in 1997; it has opened as the National Audio-Visual Conservation Center. Packard currently runs operations of the Stanford Theatre.


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