Regions of Ethiopia

Regions of Ethiopia

Ethiopia is divided into 9 ethnically-based administrative regions ("kililoch"; singularndash "kilil") and three chartered cities ("astedader akababiwach", singularndash "astedader akabibi"). The word "kilil" more specifically means "reservation" or "protected area" and the ethnic basis of the regions and choice of the word "kilil" has drawn fierce criticism from the opposition, who have drawn comparisons to the bantustans of Apartheid South Africa. [] The 9 regions (and three chartered cities, marked by asterisks) are:

These administrative regions replaced the older system of provinces (which are still sometimes used to indicate location within Ethiopia).

#Addis Ababa*
#Dire Dawa*
#Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region

List of Regions

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* [ Regional maps of Ethiopia at UN-OCHA]
* [ States of Ethiopia at Statoids]

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