Vision Thing

Infobox Album |
Name = Vision Thing
Type = studio
Artist = The Sisters of Mercy

Released = November 13, 1990
Recorded = Puk Recording Studios, Gjerlev, Denmark
Genre = Hard rock
Gothic rock
Length = 42:35
Label = Merciful Release/EastWest
Producer = Andrew Eldritch, Jim Steinman
Reissue Producer:
Andy Zax
Reviews =
*Allmusic Rating|2|5 [ link]
*"Q" (Favourable) [ link] |
Last album = "Floodland"
This album = "Vision Thing"
Next album = "Some Girls Wander By Mistake"
Misc = Singles
Name = Vision Thing
Type = studio
Single 1 = More
Single 1 date = October 1, 1990
Single 2 = Doctor Jeep
Single 2 date = December 1990
Single 3 = When You Don't See Me
Single 3 date = February 1991

"Vision Thing", the third and last album by UK band The Sisters of Mercy was released in 1990, on band's own label Merciful Release (under distribution contract with EastWest).

The album was designed by songwriter and singer Andrew Eldritch as an attack on United States policies (the title comes from a George H. W. Bush quote). ["Vision Thing", Oxford Dictionaries, retrieved 21 May 2003. [] ]

Described by Andrew Eldritch as 'a fine album' [] . "Q magazine" included it in their 'Fifty Best Albums of 1990' list. It appears that the majority of tracks on the album are based on the original demos, Eldritch being unhappy with the mixed versions and going back to basics.

Track listing

All songs written Andrew Eldritch, except where stated.All songs produced by Eldritch except "More" produced by Jim Steinman/Eldritch.

#"Vision Thing" – 4:35
#"Ribbons" – 5:28
#"Detonation Boulevard" (Eldritch/Bruhn) – 3:49
#"Something Fast" – 4:37
#"When You Don't See Me" (Eldritch/Bruhn) – 4:45
#"Doctor Jeep" (Eldritch/Bruhn) – 4:41
#"More" (Eldritch/Steinman) – 8:22
#"I Was Wrong" – 6:03

2006 Re-issue

Along with the group's previous two releases, "Vision Thing" was re-issued in November 2006 with bonus tracks, which, listed as follows:


  • "You Could Be The One" - 4:01
    #"When You Don't See Me (remix)" - 4:43
    #"Doctor Jeep (extended version)" - 8:59
    #"Ribbons (live)" - 4:25
    #"Something Fast (live)" - 3:02


    *Doktor Avalanche (drum machine) - drums
    *Tim Bricheno - guitar
    *Andreas Bruhn - guitar
    *Andrew Eldritch - vocal, guitar
    *Tony James - bass guitar

    *John Perry - guitar
    *Maggie Reilly - backing vocal


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