EFA may refer to:

In organizations:
*Egyptian Football Association, the governing body of football (soccer) in Egypt
*Electronic Frontiers Australia, an Australian NGO
*Environmental Foundation for Africa, an African environmental NGO
*Equestrian Federation of Australia, the governing body for equestrian sports in Australia
*Equity for Africa, a British charitable Trust
*Eton Fives Association, the governing body for Eton Fives in the UK
*European Film Academy, an entity promoting European film culture
*European Free Alliance, a grouping of European political parties

In politics:
*Education For All, an initiative by the UNESCO
*Expedited Funds Availability Act, a U.S government act

In schools:
*"École française d'Athènes" (really EfA), a French Archaeological Institute in Athens
*Elmira Free Academy, a high school in upstate New York.

In science:
*Essential Fatty Acid, a type of fatty acid

In military:
*"Engin de franchissement de l'avant", a kind of mobile bridge used by the French military
* European Fighter Aircraft, an early designation for what was to become the Eurofighter

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