Anglo-Swedish War (1810–1812)

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During the Napoleonic wars Sweden was allied with the United Kingdom, the only exception being the period 1810-1812. As a result of the Finnish War and pursuant to the Treaty of Fredrikshamn, Sweden declared war on the United Kingdom. The war existed on paper only, and Britain was still officially allowed to station ships in the Swedish port of Hanö and trade with the Baltic nations.

The peace in Paris 1810 forced Sweden to join the [Continental System] , a trade embargo against Great Britain. Since Great Britain were Sweden's bigest trade partner that became a big problem. Trade still continued to take place through smuggling. France eventually grew weary of the Swedish inability to maintain the trade embargo and November 13th, 1810 was submitted one ultimatum to the Swedish government:Sweden were within five days forced to
*declare war against Great Britain
*confiscate all British boats in Swedish ports
*seize all British products in Sweden.

Unless Sweden met the French requirements, France and its allies would declare war against Sweden. On November 17, the Swedish government abided to the French requirements and declared wars against Great Britain.

However, no acts of war occur during the war. Great Britain was even permitted to have boats in Hanö during “the conflict”.The only bloodshed during the war happened 15th of June, 1811 when the Major-General Hampus Mörner with 140 men had to dissipate a group of farmers in Klågerup because they objected to the conscription of soldiers. In the Klågerup riots 30 farmers were killed by Mörners soldiers.

When Jean Baptiste Bernadotte was chosen to be the crown prince of Sweden the relationship with France deteriorated. When France 1812 occupied Swedish Pommern and Rügen, Sweden sought peace with Great Britain. After long negotiations, the peace treaty was finally signed on the 18:th of July 1812 in Örebro.

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