Durham Business School

Coordinates: 54°45′51″N 1°35′10″W / 54.76417°N 1.58611°W / 54.76417; -1.58611

Durham Business School
Established 1965
Type Business School
Dean Professor Rob Dixon
Students 2,500
Location Durham, England
Campus Semi-rural
Website http://www.dur.ac.uk/dbs/
Durham logo DBS.jpg

Durham Business School in Durham, England, is the international business school[1] of Durham University. Established in 1965, it is one of the oldest business schools in the United Kingdom, and one of eleven business schools in the UK to hold triple accreditation (AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS).[2]

The School offers postgraduate degrees in management, marketing, finance and economics, including MBA, MA, MSc, DBA and PhD. At the undergraduate level it offers Bachelor's degrees in the fields of Economics, Finance, Business, Marketing and Accounting. The University's department of Economics and Finance and the Foundation for Small and Medium Enterprise Development merged with the Business School in 2002 to become the School of Economics, Finance and Business, more commonly known as Durham Business School. The school has around 11,000 alumni from over 100 countries worldwide[3] belonging to its "Agora" association.



Main Building of Durham Business School on Mill Hill Lane

All of the school's MSc programmes have Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) recognition through its partnership status with the Institute.[4]

Rankings and accreditations of Durham Business School include:

  • The Financial Times Global MBA rankings placed the School 55th in the world in 2011.[5] The DBS MBA is ranked 10th in the UK for career progress[6]
  • Durham Business School is ranked 14th in the UK and 41st in Europe in the FT European Business School rankings 2010.
  • The Economist ranked the MBA 55th in the world and 8th in the UK[7] in 2010
  • Expansión – Mexico’s leading business magazine – places Durham Business School 54th out of 65 schools in its International Ranking of ‘The Best Global MBAs 2011.[8] Durham is ranked 17th in Europe and 8th in the UK.
  • Ranked 15th in the UK by Business School Deans, and second tier ("top business school internationally known") by EDUNIVERSAL's International Scientific Committee.[9]
  • Teaching in economics and finance received the maximum 24 score in the last QAA subject review.
  • The Association of MBAs recently re-accredited all MBA programmes for the maximum five-year period.
  • EQUIS accreditation awarded in 2005.
  • AACSB accredited in April, 2009.[10]
Business School Rankings
2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002
Accelerated MBA by The Wall Street Journal 14th[11]
Global MBA by The Financial Times 55th[12] 74th[13] 80th[14] 102nd[15] 96th[16] 94th[17] 91st[18] 82nd[19] 95th=[20] 89th[21]
Which MBA by The Economist 55th[22] 53rd[23] 65th[24] 59th[25] 57th[26] 62nd[27] 78th[28] 61st[29] 55th[30]
The Best Global MBAs by Expansión 54th[31] 52nd[32] 54th[33]
Executive MBA by The Financial Times 88th[34] 83rd[35] 82nd[36] 74th[37]
European Business Schools by The Financial Times 41st[38] 25th[39] 28th[40] 23rd[41] 18th[42] 35th[43]
Masters in Management by The Financial Times 56th[44] 43rd[45] 34th[46] 23rd[47] 19th[48]
Online MBA by The Financial Times Top 40 Listing[49] Top 40 Listing[50] Top 40 Listing[51] Top 40 Listing
Masters in Finance by The Financial Times 28th[52] Top 94 Listing[53] Top 89 Listing[54] Top 39 Listing[55]

Organisational relationships

Durham Cathedral – the oldest university building in the world

The Business School has a variety of links with companies and organisations as well as other academic institutions.

The school's academic network includes:[56]

Notable alumni (first name order and qualifications with year of graduation if known)

Anwar Choudhury – British High Commissioner to Bangladesh
  • Andrew Thorburn MBA, Group Executive, New Zealand, Asia and the United States, National Australia Bank[58]
  • Anwar Choudhury, MBA, British High Commissioner to Bangladesh
  • Conrad Clifford, MBA, CEO of Monarch Airlines, UK[59]
  • David Collins, MBA, Canadian High Commissioner to Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda; Ambassador to Burundi, Eritrea and Somalia; and Permanent Representative to the UN Organisations based in Nairobi[60]
  • Finlay Scott, Chief Executive of the General Medical Council, United Kingdom[61]
  • Graham Moffitt, MBA, Head of Asset Based Lending, HSBC Bank Plc and former Senior Vice-President – Senior Risk Officer, Bank of America, USA[62]
  • Grahame Maxwell, MBA, Chief Constable of North Yorkshire Police, United Kingdom[63]
  • Hector Montado, Chief Executive, Government of Gibraltar, Gibraltar
  • James Averdieck, BA in Economics (1988), founder and former managing director of Gü[64]
  • John Cuthbert, MBA, Managing Director, Northumbrian Water plc, United Kingdom[65]
  • Killick Datta, MBA, Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer, Global Brand Marketing Inc, United States of America[66]
  • Norman Lacy, MSc, Minister for Educational Services and Minister for the Arts, Government of Victoria, Australia
  • Paul Madden, MBA (2002), British High Commissioner to Australia[67]
  • Will Greenwood, BA in Economics (1994), famous English rugby union footballer of the 1990s and 2000s[68]


Norman Lacy – Famous Australian Politician and Alumnus of Durham Business School
Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz – Honorary Doctor of Durham Business School

Durham Business School considers itself a research-led business school. In the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise, 95 per cent of the Business and Management Studies research at Durham University was assessed as being at least of International Quality (2* and above) in terms of originality, significance and rigour.[69] This positions the School 19th in a total of 90 schools within the business and management sector (based on the Grade Point Average score).[70] In the last external assessment of teaching quality by the QAA, which looked at Economics and Finance, the School was awarded a maximum score of 24/24.

The school's research is thematic with research based in the following areas:

  • Decision Science
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Human Resources Management and Organisational Behaviour
  • Public Management
  • Strategy and Organisation

The school's research centres and groups are:

  • Behavioural Economics and Finance
  • Communication Science
  • Economic Growth and Policy
  • Organisational Dynamics and Ecological Studies
  • Leadership and Followership
  • Institute for Local Governance
  • Critical Management Group
  • China Development Group
  • Financial Stability
  • Government Policy and Fixed Income Securities

Prominent academics include:

  • Alessandra Guariglia, Professor of Financial Economics
  • George Wright, Professor of Management
  • Laszlo Polos, Professor of Organisational Theory
  • Parantap Basu, Professor of Macroeconomics
  • Tom Redman, Professor of Human Resource Management

Honorary Doctorates:

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