Carne asada fries

Carne asada fries (aka carne-fries) are a local specialty found primarily in San Diego, California, but are also found on the menus of Mexican restaurants throughout the southern part of the state. Recently, Carne asada fries have begun appearing in restaurants which serve "authentic" Mexican food in other states, such as the "Betos" chain in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. The dish is made of a base layer of french fries covered with carne asada. Most restaurants serving this dish also include cheese, guacamole, and sour cream; some are even known to include pico de gallo and lettuce. Often ordered from drive-thru windows and eaten directly from styrofoam clam-shells, this dish often weighs over 3lbs per serving. The diverse ingredients in carne-fries make it an extremely popular meal among students, surfers, and snowboarders, who often do not have or are not near a kitchen to prepare equally wholesome meals. As proof of the dishes popularity, many radio stations in the San Diego area are agreeing that Carne Asada Fries are the unofficial dish of San Diego. There is a young man by the name of Cyril Rigmaiden who claims to have invented this dish. It was during the fall of 1992, at a small taco shop near Herbert Hoover High School. At that time, the price of the dish was $1.75. He would request it during his lunch and soon after, it gained popularity. Carne asada fries are generally not found in more mainstream mexican food eateries.

imilar dishes

* Poutine
* Disco fries
* Carne asada chips

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