Busy Hour Call Attempts

In telecommunications, Busy Hour Call Attempts (BHCA) is a teletraffic engineering measurement used to evaluate and plan capacity for telephone networks. BHCA is the number of telephone calls attempted at the busiest hour of the day (peak hour), and the higher the BHCA, the higher the stress on the network processors. BHCA is not to be confused with BHCC (Busy Hour Call Completion) which truly measures the throughput capacity of the network. If a bottleneck in the network exists with a capacity lower than the estimated BHCA, then congestion will occur resulting in many failed calls and customer dissatisfaction.

BHCA is usually used when planning telephone switching capacities and frequently goes side by side with the Erlang unit capacity calculation. As an example, a telephone exchange with a capacity of one million BHCA is estimated to handle 250,000 subscribers. The overall calculation is more complex however, and involves accounting for available circuits, desired blocking rates, and Erlang capacity allocated to each subscriber.

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