Minimal model

  • In theoretical physics, the term minimal model usually refers to a special class of conformal field theories that generalize the Ising model, or to some closely related representations of the Virasoro algebra. It is a simple CFT model with finite primary fields and hence is completely solvable.
  • In birational geometry, a minimal model of an algebraic variety is one for which the canonical line bundle is numerically effective, in particular as much has been blown-down as possible. It can also mean the Néron minimal model of an abelian variety or elliptic curve.
  • In algebraic topology, the (Sullivan) minimal model of a differential graded algebra is used in rational homotopy theory.
  • In endocrinology and diabetology, the term minimal model denotes a mathematical model of metabolic control of glucose homeostasis via insulin.
  • In set theory, the minimal model of ZFC is part of the Constructible universe.

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