Yukon Legislative Assembly

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name = Yukon Legislative Assembly
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house_type = Unicameral
houses = Legislative Assembly
leader1_type = Speaker
leader1 = Ted Staffen
party1 = Yukon Party
election1 = November 23, 2006
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party2 =
election2 =
members = 18
p_groups = Yukon Party
Liberal Party
New Democratic Party
election3 = October 10, 2006
meeting_place = Legislative Building, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
website = [http://www.legassembly.gov.yk.ca/ www.legassembly.gov.yk.ca]

The Yukon Legislative Assembly is the legislative assembly for Yukon, Canada. It is located in Whitehorse.


From 1900 to 1978, the elected legislative body in the Yukon was the Yukon Territorial Council, a ten-member body which did not act as the primary government, but was a non-partisan advisory body to the Commissioner of the Yukon. Following the passage of the Yukon Elections Act in 1977, the Territorial Council was replaced by the current Legislative Assembly, which was elected for the first time in the 1978 election.

The Yukon Legislative Assembly is the only legislature in Canada's territories which is organized along political party lines. In Nunavut and the Northwest Territories, the legislative assemblies are instead elected on a non-partisan consensus government model.

Current members

bgcolor="lightskyblue" border="1" | Staffen
bgcolor="deepskyblue" border="1" | Lang
bgcolor="deepskyblue" border="1" | Horne
bgcolor="#FFFFFF" border="1" | ****
bgcolor="deepskyblue" border="1" | Hart
bgcolor="lightskyblue" border="1" | Nordick
bgcolor="#FFFFFF" border="1" | ****

Seating plan of the 32nd Legislative Assembly


* [http://www.legassembly.gov.yk.ca/ The list from the official website]

ee also

*List of Yukon general elections

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