John Carter

John Carter may refer to:
*John Carter (author)
* John Carter (cricketer), Nottingham cricketer
* John Carter (environmentalist)
* John Carter (ice hockey)
* John Carter (insurer) (born 1937) chairman of Commercial Union (1994–1998)
* John Carter (jazz musician) (1928–1991), American jazz musician
* John Carter (musician) (born 1942), English singer-songwriter
* John Carter (New Zealand) (born 1950), New Zealand politician
* John Carter (pirate), the "King of Prussia", pirate operating out of Prussia Cove, Cornwall
* John Carter (police officer) (1882–1944), Assistant Commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police, 1938–1940
* John Carter (Texas politician) (born 1941), U.S. Representative from Texas
* John C. Carter, Confederate general in the American Civil War
* John Carter (South Carolina) (1792–1850), U.S. Representative from South Carolina
* John Carter (1942–2000), founder of Carter's Steam Fair
* John Charles Carter, the birth name of Charlton Heston
* Carter (artist) (born John Carter, 1970), contemporary American artist
* Jack Carter (politician) (born John William Carter, 1947), United States Senate candidate from Nevada and son of President Jimmy Carter
*Johnny Carter, American gospel musician
*John Franklin Carter, U.S. journalistFictional characters:
* John Carter (character), character from the classic science fiction series by Edgar Rice Burroughs
* John Carter (ER), character from the television series "ER"
* John Carter, a character from the film "Cromwell" played by Frank Finlay
* John Carter, character from the television series "Little House on the Prairie" played by Stan Ivar
* Zebadiah John Carter, character from Robert A. Heinlein's book, "The Number of the Beast"

ee also

*Jack Carter (disambiguation)
*Jon Carter, English musician
*Jonathan Carter, American football player

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