Fear Agent

"Fear Agent" is a science fiction comic book series by Rick Remender with art by Tony Moore and Jerome Opena, who alternate on story arcs.

It stars the rugged alcoholic Texas spaceman Heath Huston, the supposed last Fear Agent, in a series of fast-paced adventures. The series is notable for its emphasis on action, adventure, horror, and plot twists rather than realism or scientific detail; Remender claims in the first issue that "science fiction has lost its stones" and that "Fear Agent" is his attempt to fight that trend. Many incidents in the early issues are unexplained until many issues later to reinforce this.

Publication history

The series launched in October 2005, published by Image Comics. It ran for 11 issues. In September 2006, Dark Horse Comics announced [ [http://www.darkhorse.com/news/pressrelease.php?id=1359 Dark Horse press release] ] that "Fear Agent" would be moving to Dark Horse. The company reprinted the first trade paperback collection (originally published by Image), released on April 28, 2007. The second volume followed on May 30th, 2007.

On June 13, 2007, Dark Horse began "Fear Agent: The Last Goodbye", a four-part mini-series telling of the alien invasion and creation of the Fear Agents by way of flashback after issue 10's events. The series will continue in the four-issue mini-series format.


1-4: Re-Ignition

Heath Huston is the last Fear Agent, a task force dedicated to eradicating alien threats to their home planet, Earth. A Mark Twain-studying redneck from Texas, Heath spends his days as a borderline alcoholic conversing with Annie, the A.I. system of his spaceship.

After a close escape from the planet Frazterga, Heath is forced to investigate a space outpost that he finds abandoned and unable to communicate. As it turns out, the compound has been invaded by Feeders, a plasmoid-like octopoid race that do nothing other than devour using powerful stomach acids and reproduce more of their kind.

Familiar with the Feeders' patterns and the race that uses them in biological warfare, the Dressites, aliens that achieve immortality by placing their brains in robotic bodies, the newly refueled Heath discovers the Dressites intend to destroy Earth, something the race nearly succeeded with before.

Heading back to Earth, Heath picks up Mara, another survivor from the mostly decimated Earth. Unfortunately, Heath is sidetracked into joining with a race of seemingly primitive aliens, only he finds there is more than meets the eye in the situation.

As events progress, it is revealed Heath is the lone survivor because all of the other Fear Agents were killed in an unknown incident. Adding more danger, Heath discovers one of the "primitive" race is actually planning to betray him and his brethren by giving him to the Dressite Empire, who have posted a bounty on his head for a prior incident. Luckily for Heath, the primitives' betrayer kills him before he can do much about it.

5-10: My War

Heath's luck still doesn't run out, when a race of aliens clone him and place his conscience in a new body. He sets out to travel backwwards in time to stop the robotic Tetaldians, the second alien race that has targeted Earth for destruction. Flashbacks reveal that an alien invasion started and lead to the immediate deaths of Heath's son and father, explaining his hatred of the races. Heath successfully stops the Tetaldian threat early on.

Heath's bad luck leads to a race of aliens responsible for the fabric of time, the Keepers, imprison Heath, who is unapologetic. After several time travelling incidents all ending with the Keepers jailing him, and when he retaliates after learning the Keepers plan to restore the Teteldian Empire, Heath is locked up for life, but subsequently freed by them.

Mara ends up having sex with Keith, and he receives a mysterious message from a different version of Mara during the night. Heath sweeps this aside, and is determined to return to Earth to see if his wife, Charlotte is alive. When he arrives, he finds Earth overrun by the Tetaldian Empire, and can't find evidence of Charlotte being alive. He gives her up for dead.

An army of Tetaldians attack Heath, and as he prepares for the death of the last Fear Agent, a small army of Free Agents rescue him. When the group return to their base, Heath discovers Charlotte is now the head of the Earth rebellion, but his relief melts as the Houston luck shows that Charlotte no longer consiers Heath her husband for mysterious reasons. Charlotte is now married to one of the Fear Agents, who seems to be a much better person than Heath.

11: Along Came a Spider

An issue long 'Tales of the Fear Agent' illustrated by Italian illustrator Francesco Francavilla. A population of human flies pays Heath to protect them from a race of spiders slowly taking over their world. However, when Heath becomes impregnated with the spiders' eggs he becomes the planet's greatest threat."

The Last Goodbye 1-4 (#12-15)

Heath leaves after finding out Charlotte left him, and walks outside the base on the moon. Mara follows him and he tells her the origins of the Fear Agents.

Hours after returning home with his father, trucker Heath's family is lost to an alien invasion with the exception of Charlotte. Hours later, it seems the entire population of Earth is decimated, with Heath and his wife stuck in the middle of it all.

The survivors end up in an abandoned warehouse, and Heath finds some jumpsuits. He motivates the survivors that they will begin a resistance against these aliens, and show the invaders the meaning of the word "Fear". The Fear Agents are born. With the help of alien sympathizers, the Fear Agents gain space technology, such as the ability to travel deep space, worm hole teleportation, rocket packs, and powerful blasters to offset the forces of Dressites and Tetaldians, as the Agents discover the races are named. Holding the line, Heath loses many of his friends, but his iron will doesn't succumb to the terrors he conquers daily as a Fear Agent.

A short time later, the Fear Agents discover one of their own is a traitor who uses the worm hole teleportation tech to lead the Dressites, who are at war with the Tetaldians in a fight that Earth just happened to fall in the middle of, to their base, which leads to a mass eradication of the Fear Agents, which leads Heath to believe he's one of the few remaining resistance members.

Heath talks to a sympathizer, and takes a bomb to the Dressite throneworld. Unaware of just how powerful the bomb is, he unleashes it even as his allies are slaughtered on the moon. When Heath returns to Earth, Charlotte leaves him: the bomb killed hundreds of innocent Dressite mothers and children. This leads to Heath's targeting for a "capture alive if possible" bounty being posted on his head by the Dressites, who hold no sympathy for the innocents murdered in their war on Earth.

Tales of the Fear Agent: Twelve Steps in One (#16)

Down on his luck and drunk as a skunk, Heath Huston, alien exterminator, stumbles upon a corrupt and immoral alien race using religion as a justification to drain a sun of the energies that sustain it. This race of scumbags always finds a rationale to put economic bottom lines before the cost to life and the environment. With no love for money-grubbing heartless manipulators, Huston hires himself to stop the twisted operation in hopes of saving the lives of billions of creatures . . . and maybe for a bit of personal satisfaction.

17-21 Hatchet Job

Mara's past is revealed as a space pirate named Levi sells her family to a third race looking for a foothold on Earth, a cannibalistic race. Mara grows up, swearing to the Dressites she will do anything in their name for revenge on the pirate Levi.

Heath goes to the Feeders' homeworld to find their natural predator, but he is stuck with his number one rival in his current life, Charlotte's new husband. The race on this planet targets the two for a battle to the death, but even as Heath is losing, his rival impales himself on Heath's weapon, revealing that the daughter he raised as his own is actually Heath's. Heath is sent free.

Meanwhile, Mara leads some Fear Agent survivors including Charlotte on a different mission. Charlotte catches Mara's act of treachery with the Dressites, that she will be given Levi's location in exchange for that of her fellow Fear Agents'. Charlotte's team ends up stranded on-planet, stuck with aliens that used religion to reunite with their god, but the experiment went awry and left them all soul-eating ghouls. Mara and Charlotte team up after losing some agents, and along the way, Mara sends a message to the past and hopes to make what will happen clear to a Heath in that timeline, but he dissregarded her message.

Heath makes his way on-planet and saves Charlotte, and Mara escapes to the pirate ship. She discovers a Dressite telling one of the pirates about Heath's bounty, but kills the pirate before he can tell his comrades. Heath tries to convince Mara not to kill Levi since it will spiral into more Galactic civil war. Levi takes the distraction's opportunity to sneak a gun after Mara's laser blast takes one of his arms away. Levi shoots Mara in the back and kills her, and throws Keith out the airlock. Without his oxygen tank and running out of time, Heath admits to himself that he saw Levi taking the gun and let him shoot Mara anyway.

22-27 I Against I



"*Note: After completion of "The Last Goodbye", Dark Horse adopted a chronological numbering for the series in addition to the arc numbering, hence "The Last Goodbye" makes up issues 12-15."


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