Point targets

Point Targets are

1. A target of such small dimension that it requires the accurate placement of ordnance in order to neutralize or destroy it.
2. nuclear - A target in which the ratio of radius of damage to target radius is equal to or greater than 5. [(JP 1-02) FM 101-5-1 Operational Terms and Graphics, 30 September 1997, Headquarters, Department of the Army ]

Targets such as city buildings, and targets in the midst of many non-targets are considered to be point targets. When attacking point targets, weapons with only the necessary amount of spread and power are employed. For example, a single building in the middle of an urban city containing terrorists would not necessitate a thermonuclear warhead. It is also significant that point targets be hit precisely, as they are often located near other buildings which contain civilians and other innocents, therefore guided munitions are used to take out only the intended target. A strike executing in this manner is often referred to as a surgical strike.

On a smaller scale, point targets can include enemy units and positions. Long-range firearms, such as machine guns, have calculated effective ranges for both point targets and area targets, based on the fact that point targets are more difficult to hit and require more precision from the weapon and its firer. Effective ranges at point targets are therefore reasonably lower than area targets.

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