List of Kansas State University people

The following is a list of notable people associated with Kansas State University.

University Presidents

of Kansas State University: [cite web |title =List of Kansas State Presidents |url = |accessdate =2006-09-11]
* Joseph Denison, 1863-1873
* John Alexander Anderson, 1873-1879
* George T. Fairchild, 1879-1897
* Thomas Elmer Will, 1897-1899
* Ernest R. Nichols, 1899-1909
* Henry J. Waters, 1909-1917
* William M. Jardine, 1918-1925
* Francis D. Farrell, 1925-1943
* Milton S. Eisenhower, 1943-1950+
* James A. McCain, 1950-1975
* Duane C. Acker, 1975-1986
* Jon Wefald, 1986-present+"President Milton S. Eisenhower was a Kansas State alum"



* May Louise Cowles - Researcher and nationwide advocate of Home Economics study [cite web |title =May Louise Cowles biography from University of Wisconsin |url = |accessdate =2007-04-18]
* Kenneth S. Davis - Historian; professor; nominated for National Book Award [cite web |title =Kenneth S. Davis biography from Random House |url = |accessdate =2006-09-08]
* Milton S. Eisenhower - Former president of Kansas State, Penn State, and Johns Hopkins universities; brother of Dwight D. Eisenhower [cite web |title =Milton Eisenhower biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-08]
*David Hall - Dean of Northeastern University School of Law; Northeastern provost [cite web |title =David Hall biography from Northeastern |url = |accessdate =2007-04-18]
*Naomi B. Lynn - First Hispanic female president of an American public university
* Ernest Fox Nichols - Physicist; former president of Dartmouth College and MIT [cite web |title =Ernest Fox Nichols biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-08]
* George Peterson - Chancellor of the University of Colorado-Boulder [cite web |title =George Peterson biography from University of Colorado |url = |accessdate =2006-09-08]
* John Slaughter - Former chancellor of University System of Maryland; director of the National Science Foundation [cite web |title =John Slaughter biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-08]

Arts and media

* Kirstie Alley - Actress ("Cheers", "Veronica's Closet", "Fat Actress"); awarded two Emmy Awards [cite web |title =Kirstie Alley biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-08]
* Craig Bolerjack - Announcer on "NFL on CBS"; Utah Jazz television announcer [cite web |title =Craig Bolerjack biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-08]
* Bill Buzenberg - Journalist; executive director of Center for Public Integrity; former vice-president of news at NPR [cite web |title =Bill Buzenberg biography |url = |accessdate =2006-10-02]
* Del Close - Actor, improviser, writer; co-founder of I.O. theatre in Chicago and one of premier influences on modern improvisational theater
* Frank Marshall Davis - Poet; journalist; Editor of several African-American newspapers [cite web |title =Frank Davis biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* Lucinda Dickey - Actress ("Breakin'", ""), former "Solid Gold" dancer
* Roy M. Fisher - Journalist; former Editor-in-Chief of "Chicago Daily News" [cite web |title =Roy Fisher biography from University of Missouri |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* Gail Gregg - Artist [cite web |title =Gail Gregg biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* Mitch Holthus - Radio voice of Kansas City Chiefs [ [ Mitch Holthus speaker brought to you by FIVE STAR Speakers & Trainers ] ]
* Velina Houston - Playwright [cite web |title =Velina Houston biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* Gordon Jump - Actor ("WKRP in Cincinnati", "Maytag Man") [cite web |title =Gordon Jump biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* Claude McKay - Poet influential during Harlem Renaissance [cite web |title =Claude McKay biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* Virgil Miller - Film special effects pioneer; Academy Award nominee [cite web |title =Virgil Miller biography |url = |accessdate =2008-02-25]
* Clementine Paddleford - Journalist and food writer; declared by "Time magazine" in 1953 as the "best known food editor in the United States." [cite web |title =Clementine Paddleford biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* Steve Physioc - Television voice of Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim [cite web |title =Steve Physioc biography from L.A. Angels |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* Keylee Sue Sanders - Television fashion consultant; former Miss Teen USA; pageant organizer [cite web |title =Keylee Sue Sanders biography from Miss California site |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* Mark Schultz - Musician [K-State University Archives, VF: Alumni, Notable]
* Crystal Smith - Model, actress, and "Playboy" centerfold [K-State University Archives, VF: Alumni, Notable]
* Jerry Wexler - Record producer; enshrined in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame [cite web |title =Jerry Wexler biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]


* John Allen - Chief operating officer, Cincinnati Reds [cite web |title =John Allen biography from Cincinnati Reds |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* John P. Bilbrey - Senior Vice President of The Hershey Company and President of Hershey International
* Igor Evans - Former president, Union Pacific Railroad [cite web |title =Igor Evans biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* James Harbord - Major General during World War I; president and Chairman of the Board for RCA [cite web |title =James Harbord biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-11]
* John Hofmeister - President and CEO, Shell Oil [cite web |title =John Hofmeister biography from Shell Oil |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* Richard Pearson - Former president and COO, TWA [cite web |title =List of K-State alumni |url = |accessdate =2006-09-25]
* Carl Ice - Current COO, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway [cite web |title =List of K-State alumni |url = |accessdate =2006-09-25]
* William A. Porter - Founder of E-Trade [cite web |title =William Porter biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* Donald Prigmore - Former president and COO, GTE Sprint [cite web |title =List of K-State alumni |url = |accessdate =2006-09-25]
* Warren Staley - President and CEO, Cargill, Inc. [cite web |title =Warren Staley biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* Neil Vander Dussen - Former president, Sony Corporation of America [cite web |title =List of K-State alumni |url = |accessdate =2006-09-25]
* Kevin Weiberg - Former Commissioner, Big 12 Conference [cite web |title =Kevin Weiberg biography from Big 12 Conference |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]

Politics, government, & military

* Joseph Boakai - Vice President of Liberia (2006-present) [cite web |title =Joseph Boakai biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* Sam Brownback - U.S. Senator, Kansas (1996-present) [cite web |title =Sam Brownback Senate biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* John W. Carlin - 40th Governor of Kansas; Archivist of the United States (1995-2005) [cite web |title =John Carlin biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* Peggy Ann Clark - Deputy Director of White House Personnel (1992-1998) [K-State University Archives, VF: Alumni, Notable]
* Gregory E. Couch - Brig. General U.S. Army Reserves
* Hashim Dabbas - Energy Minister in Jordan [cite web |title =Hashim Dabbas biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* Glen E. Edgerton - Major General, US Army [K-State University Archives, VF: Alumni, Notable]
* Marlin Fitzwater - Press Secretary under Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush [cite web |title =Marlin Fitzwater biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
*Jim Geringer - 30th Governor of Wyoming [cite web |title =Jim Geringer biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* Mike Hayden - 41st Governor of Kansas [cite web |title =Mike Hayden biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* Lori Healey - Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Planning and Development
* Lynn Jenkins - Kansas Treasurer (2002-present)
* Ronald E. Keys - General, US Air Force [K-State University Archives, VF: Alumni, Notable]
* Richard Myers - Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff (2001-2005) [cite web |title =Richard Myers biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* Richard Bordeaux Parker - Diplomat [cite web |title =Richard Bordeaux Parker biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* John Jacob Rhodes - Minority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives (1973-1981) [cite web |title =John Rhodes biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* Pat Roberts - U.S. Senator, Kansas (1996-present) [cite web |title =Pat Roberts Senate biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* Susanna M. Salter - ("attended") Mayor of Argonia, Kansas (1887); first female mayor in United States [cite web |title =Susanna Salter biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* Fred Andrew Seaton - U.S. Senator, Nebraska (1951-1952); U.S. Secretary of the Interior (1956-1961) [cite web |title =Fred Seaton biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* Theresa Sparks - president of the San Francisco Police Commission
*David Thibodaux - Educator and author

cience and technology

* Herbert M. Dimond - Inventor [K-State University Archives, VF: Alumni, Notable]
* David Fairchild - Distinguished botanist and explorer [cite web |title =David Fairchild biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* Paul C. Fisher - Inventor [K-State University Archives, VF: Alumni, Notable]
* Philip Fox - Astronomer [cite web |title =Philip Fox biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* Margaret Grosh - Senior economist at The World Bank [cite web |title =Margaret Grosh biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* Luis Montaner - AIDS/HIV researcher [cite web |title =Luis Montaner biography from University of Pennsylvania |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* Lloyd Carlton Stearman - Aircraft designer
* Charles Hazelius Sternberg - Paleontologist
* Walter Tennyson Swingle - Botanist
* Samuel Wendell Williston - Paleontologist [cite web |title =Samuel Williston biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]



* Elden Auker - All-American (1932); All-Big Six Conference in football, basketball, and baseball; played for Detroit Tigers
* Josh Billings - 11-year Major League Baseball veteran
* Ted Power - 12-year Major League Baseball veteran
* Craig Wilson - All-American (1992); member of the 1992 Olympic baseball team in Barcelona; played for Chicago White Sox
* Jack Woolsey - All-American (1968)


* Ernie Barrett - Former NBA basketball player (Boston Celtics); first-round pick in 1951 NBA Draft; former Athletic Director at Kansas State
* Michael Beasley - All-American and Big 12 Conference Player of the Year (2008); second overall selection in the 2008 NBA Draft.
* Rolando Blackman - All-American (1981); former NBA basketball player (Dallas Mavericks), first-round pick in 1981 NBA Draft, four-time NBA All-Star
* Bob Boozer - Two-time All-American (1958, 1959); first overall draft pick in 1959 NBA Draft (Cincinnati Royals); NBA All-Star
* Mike Evans - Former NBA basketball player (Denver Nuggets); first-round pick in 1978 NBA Draft; NBA executive and coach
* Bill Guthridge - Former basketball coach at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; National Coach of the Year (1998)
* Gene Keady - Former basketball coach at Purdue; four-time National Coach of the Year (1984, 1994, 1996, 2000)
* Lon Kruger - Basketball coach at UNLV; former coach of Atlanta Hawks; two-time Big Eight Conference Player of the Year (1973, 1974)
* Willie Murrell - Led KSU to Final Four in 1964; former ABA basketball player
* Nicole Ohlde - Three-time All-American (2002, 2003, 2004); first-round pick in 2004 WNBA Draft
* Mitch Richmond - All-American (1988); former NBA basketball player (Golden State Warriors, Sacramento Kings); first-round pick in 1988 NBA Draft; six-time NBA All-Star
* Howie Shannon - All-American (1948); first overall draft pick in 1949 NBA Draft (Providence Steamrollers)
* Juan "Pachín" Vicens – named "Best Basketball Player in the World" in 1959 [ [ ABC News (49): "Former K-State basketball star dies at 72"; February 22, 2007.] accessed on October 2, 2007.] [ [ Canada Basketball: "Candidates for the 2007 Class of the FIBA Hall of Fame announced"; May 25, 2007] accessed on October 2, 2007.]
* Kendra Wecker - All-American and Big 12 Conference Player of the Year (2005); first-round pick in 2005 WNBA Draft (San Antonio Silver Stars)


* David Allen - All-American (1998); former NFL kick returner (Jacksonville Jaguars)
* Michael Bishop - Won Davey O'Brien Award and second in voting for Heisman Trophy in 1998; All-American (1998)
* Larry Brown - Former NFL running back (Washington Redskins); four-time NFL Pro Bowler
* Chris Canty - Two-time All-American (1995, 1996); first-round pick in 1997 NFL Draft
* Henry Childs - Former NFL tight end (New Orleans Saints); NFL Pro Bowler
* Paul Coffman - Former NFL tight end (Green Bay Packers); three-time NFL Pro Bowler
* Darrell Dickey - Former football coach at University of North Texas
* Lynn Dickey - Former NFL quarterback (Green Bay Packers); named all-time All-Big Eight quarterback in 1996
* Ralph Graham - Starter in 1934 East-West Shrine Game; football coach at Kansas State
* Martín Gramática - Won Lou Groza Award in 1997; All-American (1997); NFL placekicker (Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New England Patriots); NFL Pro Bowler
* Steve Grogan - Former NFL quarterback (New England Patriots)
* Kirby Hocutt - Athletics Director at University of Miami
* Jeff Kelly - All-American (1998); former NFL linebacker (Atlanta Falcons)
* Terence Newman - Won Jim Thorpe Award in 2002; unanimous All-American (2002); first-round pick in 2003 NFL Draft
* Gary Patterson - Head football coach at TCU
* Ellis Rainsberger - Former head football coach at Kansas State University and Pittsburgh Maulers
* Harold Robinson - Broke color barrier in Big Seven Conference in 1949
* Clarence Scott - All-American (1970); NFL Pro Bowler
* Mark Simoneau - All-American (1999); Big 12 Player of the Year, NFL linebacker (New Orleans Saints)
* Sean Snyder - All-American (1992)
* Gary Spani - All-American (1977); Member of College Football Hall of Fame and Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame
* Darren Sproles - All-American (2003); NFL running back (San Diego Chargers)
* Veryl Switzer - Former NFL running back (Green Bay Packers); first-round draft pick in 1954 NFL Draft


* Jim Colbert - finished second at NCAA Championships; registered 8 victories on PGA Tour; has 20 victories on Champions Tour; well-known television analyst

Track and field

* Thane Baker - winner of four Olympic medals, including gold, at 1952 Summer Olympics and 1956 Summer Olympics
* DeLoss Dodds - Big Seven champion; Kansas State track coach (1963-1976); U.S. Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Association Hall of Fame
* Steve Fritz - Big Eight champion; finished fourth in decathlon at 1996 Summer Olympics; assistant coach at Kansas State
* Kenny Harrison - won gold medal in triple jump at 1996 Summer Olympics
* Ivan Riley - won bronze medal in 400 meter hurdles at 1924 Summer Olympics
* Jeff Schemmel - NCAA distance champion in 1975; Athletic Director at San Diego State University [ [ San Diego State profile of Jeff Schemmel] ]
* Austra Skujytė - won silver medal in heptathlon (for Lithuania) at 2004 Summer Olympics; assistant coach at Kansas State
* Thomas Randolph - Two sport All American (1992) (indoor 55 meter dash)


* Erin Brockovich - Activist [cite web |title =Erin Brockovich biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]
* Jim Rayburn - Founder of Young Life
* Earl Woods - Father of Tiger Woods; broke color barrier in baseball in the Big Seven Conference at Kansas State [cite web |title =Earl Woods biography |url = |accessdate =2006-09-09]

Faculty and staff

*Stephen Ambrose - Professor of history
*Helen Brockman - Fashion designer
*Kenneth S. Davis - Professor of history
*Nehemiah Green - Military drill tactician
*T. Marshall Hahn - Dean of College of Arts and Sciences
*George A. Milliken - Professor of Statistics
*Benjamin Franklin Mudge - Chair of Geology Department
*Mitsugi Ohno - Glassblower


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