company_name = CACI
company_motto = Ever Vigilant
company_type = Public (NYSE|CAI)
foundation = July, 1962 (Santa Monica, California, USA)
location = Arlington, Virginia, USA
key_people = Herb Karr, Founder
Harry Markowitz, Founder
Dr. J. P. "Jack" London, Chairman of the Board
Paul Cofoni, CEO and President
industry = Information Technology
services = Systems Integration
Engineering Services
Managed Network Services
Knowledge Management
revenue = profit USD 1.94B
operating_income = profit USD 150.28M (2006, June)
net_income = profit USD 84.84M (2006, June)
num_employees = 10,200 (2007)
homepage =

CACI International, Inc. (NYSE|CAI) is a publicly held Information Technology (IT) company, headquartered in Arlington, Virginia and London, England. CACI provides national security, defense, and intelligence-related solutions in the national interest of the United States to counter the threat of global terrorism, assure homeland security, and strengthen the company’s role as a national asset for national missions. CACI has approximately 11,800 employees in 120 offices in the US and Europe; 69% of CACI employees hold security clearances.

Corporate Leadership

On July 1, 2007, Paul Cofoni was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), William Fairl was appointed President, US Operations, and Randall Fuerst was appointed Chief Operations Officer (COO). Dr. J. P. (Jack) London remained Chairman of the Board and became Executive Chairman.

President and CEO Paul Cofoni was selected as one of the Federal Computer Week (FCW) "Fed 100" for 2008.

Executive Chairman Dr. Jack London was awarded the Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz Award by the (US) Navy League for exemplary leadership in the maritime defense industry.

Corporate structure

CACI is organized into two major business groups: CACI Federal, which serves federal, state, and local governments in the United States, and CACI, Ltd., which offers consumer and market analysis and provides information systems services in the United Kingdom.

CACI is in four major lines of business:

* Systems integration. CACI offerings in Systems Integration combine current systems with new technologies or integrate hardware and software from multiple sources to improve Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). These offerings include sustainment and enhancement of existing systems for migration to new, more advanced environments. The CACI RENovate reengineering methodology brings open architectures, advanced applications and ease of support. The CACI SIMPROCESS animates business processes, captures key metrics, and shows the path to new requirements. CACI web integration brings Internet technologies to systems and applications. Clients benefit by protecting systems investment, avoiding costly new development

* Managed Network Services. CACI offerings in Managed Network Services include a complete suite of solutions for total lifecycle support of global networks. CACI delivers global network services that enable the secure transmission of classified and unclassified information. CACI supports over 3600 customer-owned nodes around the world, on dedicated or shared networks, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), intranets, and the Internet. CACI clients rely on CACI’s 40+ years of Modeling and Simulation (M&S) to plan efficient network upgrades. CACI operates 24x7 Network Operation Centers (NOCs) ensure continuous, high-quality support. CACI also leverages cleared field technical support personnel and core network engineers to provide expertise.
* Engineering and Logistics Services. CACI offerings in Engineering and Logistics enable clients to standardize and improve the way they manage the logistical lifecycles of systems, products and material assets, resulting in cost savings and increased productivity. CACI offers a diverse range of logistics and supply chain management functions. CACI experts reverse-engineer older systems to preserve investments and reduce life-cycle costs. CACI solutions enhance supply chain management, software design and integration, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). CACI helps coordinate and support tests and evaluations to maintain optimal performance. CACI provides C4ISR operations analysis, Research and Development (R&D), systems prototyping, and field service support, including Intelligence and Electronic Warfare (IEW).

* Knowledge management. CACI offerings in Knowledge Management encompass a range of information management tools and enabling technologies, including Internet-based user interfaces, commercial off-the-shelf software and workflow management systems. CACI offers expertise gained from more than 29 years of handling large volumes of mission-critical data. CACI solutions include case and records management, debt recovery, and litigation support. CACI automates document imaging, conversion, storage, and retrieval for instant access and action. CACI ensures document access and data security for classified and non-classified information. CACI increases courtroom win rates with powerful, effective presentation tools.

CACI's major markets are:

* National Security
* Intelligence
* Homeland Security
* eGovernment


CACI was founded by businessman Herb Karr and future Nobel laureate Harry Markowitz who left RAND Corporation in 1962 to commercialize the SIMSCRIPT simulation programming language. The company went public in 1968. "CACI", which was originally an acronym for "California Analysis Center, Incorporated", was changed to stand for "Consolidated Analysis Center, Incorporated" in 1967. In 1973, the acronym alone was adopted as the firm's official name; it no longer stands for anything. CACI's corporate motto is "Ever Vigilant."


* 1992: American Legal Systems Corp.
* 1993: Softech, Inc. (Federal Government Business divisions)
* 1995: Automated Sciences Group
* 1996: IMS Technologies
* 1997: Statistica, Inc. (Systems Engineering Division)
* 1997: Infonet Services Corp. (Government Systems, Inc. subsidiary)
* 1998: QuesTech, Inc.
* 2000: XEN Corp.
* 2000: Century Technologies, Inc.
* 2000: (N.E.T. Federal, Inc. subsidiary)
* 2001: Digital Systems International, Inc.
* 2002: Condor Technology Solutions, Inc. (Government Solutions Division)
* 2002: Acton Burnell, Inc.
* 2003: Rochester Information Services Ltd. (UK)
* 2003: Applied Technology Solutions of Northern VA, Inc.
* 2003: Premier Technology Group, Inc.
* 2003: C-CUBED Corp.
* 2004: MTL Systems, Inc.
* 2004: CMS Information Services, Inc.
* 2004: American Management Systems, Inc. (Defense and Intelligence Group)
* 2005: National Security Research, Inc.
* 2005: Information Systems Support, Inc.
* 2006: AlphaInsight Corp.
* 2007: Institute for Quality Management, Inc.
* 2007: The Wexford Group International
* 2007: Athena Innovative Solutions, Inc.
* 2007: Dragon Development Corp.

Industry Recognition

CACI has been received numerous awards and been recognized by numerous publications, including:

- Fortune 1000 (#921)
- 2nd Most Admired IT Services Company (Fortune)
- 2nd Most Admired Company in Virginia (Fortune)
- 7th Largest IT Services Company (Fortune)
- Largest Software Developer (Washington Business Journal)
- 3rd Largest Systems Integrator (Washington Business Journal)
- 4th Largest IT Employer (Washington Business Journal)
- 3rd of 100 Largest Government Contractors in Best Ethics Programs (Ethisphere Institute)
- 1st in 10 Best Ethics Training and Communications Programs (Ethisphere Institute)
- 1st in 10 Best Internal Control Systems (Ethisphere Institute)
- 9th in sale on Government-wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) (Federal Times)
- 17th Top GSA Contractor (Government Executive)
- 21st Largest Local Company (Washington Post)
- 3rd Largest Aerospace and Defense Company (Washington Post)
- 22nd of Top 100 Federal Prime IT Contractors (Washington Technology)
- 2007 James S. Cogswell Award from Defense Security Service (CACI-NSR)
- Excellence in Enterprise Architecture Award (DoD Business Transformation Agency)

Abu Ghraib Controversy

In 2004, the company was linked to the Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse along with another US Government contractor, Titan Corp. (now owned by L-3 Communications). CACI employees Joe Ryan and Steven Stephanowicz were investigated in the Taguba inquiry. The Department of the Army found that "contractors were involved in 36 percent of the [Abu Ghraib] proven incidents" and identified 6 employees as "individually culpable" P. W. Singer (March/April 2005) "Outsourcing War". Foreign Affairs. Council on Foreign Relations. New York City, NY] , although none have faced prosecution, unlike DoD servicemen.

According to an early Army report, a CACI interrogator, " [m] ade a false statement to the investigation team regarding the locations of his interrogations, the activities during his interrogations, and his knowledge of abuses". Further, investigators found the CACI interrogator encouraged Military Policemen to terrorize inmates, and "clearly knew his instructions equated to physical abuse". [cite web|url=|title=Private Contractors and Torture at Abu Ghraib, Iraq|author=Chatterjee, Pratap|coauthors=A.C. Thompson|date=2004-05-07]

CACI Response

According to CACI’s website, "the company provided a range of Information Technology (IT) and intelligence services in Iraq. These services included intelligence analysis, background investigations, screenings, interrogation, property management and recordkeeping, and installation of computer systems, software and hardware. Only a small portion of these employees worked as interrogators. The company states that "no CACI employee or former employee has been indicted for any misconduct in connection with this work, and no CACI employee or former employee appears in any of the photos released from Abu Ghraib". CACI also adds that they "are no longer providing interrogation services in Iraq," which concluded in the early fall of 2005 upon the conclusion of a contract with the Department of the Army.

CACI also adds "nonetheless, we do not condone, tolerate or endorse any illegal behavior by our employees in any circumstance or at any time. We will act forcefully if the evidence shows that any of our employees acted improperly, but we will not rush to judgment on the basis of speculation, innuendo, partial reports or incomplete investigations."

CACI also claims on their website that US Government reports generally "concluded that civilian interrogators performed their duties in an appropriate fashion and made a major contribution to the US mission in Iraq." CACI further claims a March 2005 report by US Navy Inspector General and Vice Admiral Albert T. Church shows that despite the publicity surrounding Abu Ghraib, "we found very few instances of abuse involving contractors." cite web|url=|title=CACI in Iraq - Frequently Asked Questions]

Radio show comments result in a lawsuit

On August 26, 2005, Randi Rhodes, a host for the Air America talk radio program, claimed that employees of CACI International had raped and murdered Iraqi civilians at the Abu Ghraib prison. CACI sued Air America and its parent company, Piquant LLC, for allegedly making "false and defamatory" charges. CACI sought $1M in compensatory damages and $10M in punitive damages. The claim was dismissed by a US District Court judge on September 21, 2006. [cite web|url=|title=Court papers: The USA District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia Alexandria division|format=pdf] CACI is pursuing an appeal, having received permission to do so from a bankruptcy court (which lifted the automatic stay that resulted when Air America filed for bankruptcy protection). [cite web|url=|title=Court Allows Lawsuit Against Air America|date=2007-01-05]

May 2008 abuse lawsuit

In May 2008, four former Abu Ghraib prison inmates, who were all released without charge, brought separate lawsuits in four US courts against CACI and L-3 Communications as well as against three civilians. One of these former inmates, Emad al-Janabi, sued and CACI for allowing their employees to abuse him physically and mentally at the prison. [] [] In a statement released on their website [] CACI has stated that these lawsuits are "baseless" and they "reject emphatically this latest plaintiff's allegations and claims" calling on "numerous and thorough government investigations" in these allegations.


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