List of chewing gum brands

*"Aidin" - Dadash Baradar, Iran
*"Airwaves" (2000) - Wrigley, USA
*"Bazooka" - Topps, USA
*"Big Red" (1976) - Wrigley, USA
*"Big League Chew" - Amurol Confections, USA
*"Black Jack Gum" (1884) - Cadbury, USA
*"Boomers" - Joyco, Spain
*"BrushRush" - EthixMedical, Canada
*"Bubble Yum" (1976) - Hershey, USA
*"Bubblicious" - Cadbury, UK
*"CalciYumm" - EthixMedical, Canada
*"Carefree" - Hershey, USA []
*"Chewels" - (19??) (defunct)
*"Chiclets" - Cadbury, UK
*"Cinnaburst" - Cadbury, UK
*"Dentyne" - Cadbury, UK
*"Doublemint" (1914) - Wrigley, USA
*"Dubble Bubble" - Concord Confections, Canada
*"Eclipse" (1999) - Wrigley, USA
*"Eclipse IceWrigley, Australia, New Zealand *"Excel" - Wrigley, USA
* "Europe" Chewing Gum - Ayul Trading Incorporated, Canada
*"Extra" (1984) - Wrigley, USA
*"Five" (2007) - Wrigley, USA
*"Freedent" (1975) - Wrigley, USA
*"Hilal", Pakistan
*"Hollywood", France
*"Hoodia Gum", USA
*"Hubba Bubba" - Wrigley, USA
*"Ice Breakers" - Hershey, USA
*"Jenkki" - Leaf, Finland
*"Juicy Fruit" (1893), Canada, USA
*"Kallas" - Khayri Kallas, Syria
*"Nicorette" - ?, Canada, USA
*"Orbit" (2001) - Wrigley, USA *"Spry" - Xlear Inc., USA
*"Platinum Chewing Gum" - (2007), Nanogum, Japan
*"Stimorol" - Dandy, Denmark
*"Think Gum" - Think Gum LLC, USA
*"Stride" - Cadbury, USA
*"Trident" - Cadbury, Canada
*"Winterfresh" (1994) - Wrigley, USA
*"Wrigley's Spearmint" (1893) - Wrigley, USA
*"Xylit.All" - EthixMedical, Canada
*"Zoft Gum" - ?, USA

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