British Columbia Highway 10

British Columbia Highway 10

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starting_terminus=Highway 91 in Delta
junction=Hwy 99A in Surrey
Hwy 15 in Surrey
Hwy 1A in Langley
ending_terminus=Hwy 1 in Langley, BC

Highway 10, known locally as the "Ladner-Langley Highway", is a minor east-west route through the southern portion of the Greater Vancouver Regional District. Highway 10 was first commissioned in 1953, following its current alignment from Ladner east to Scott Road in Delta/Surrey, then turning north onto Scott Road. In 1967, the highway was re-aligned to go through Langley to a junction with Highway 1 at 232nd Street, and two years later, Highway 10 through the Langley centre was re-routed to a bypass. Today, Highway 10 is used mainly as a connector route between the Trans-Canada Highway east to Hope and the Richmond-Delta region, including the B.C. Ferry terminal at Tsawwassen.

In 2003, all sections of Highway 10 west of the Highway 91 interchange were removed from the provincial highway system; this was done to keep large trucks off the road and out of rural Delta. The municipality of Delta now maintains this segment of the old highway, now only known as Ladner Trunk Road (which some residents still think of as part of route 10).

Route details

Highway 10 goes for a total length of 28 km (17 mi) from East Delta to Langley. In the west, Highway 10 begins at the junction with Highway 91; it promptly turns into 58th Avenue. 1 km (about ½ mi) east of the Highway 91 junction, Highway 10 crosses from Delta into Surrey.

4 km (2½ mi) east of Scott Road, Highway 10 reaches an intersection with Highway 99A, turning onto 56th Avenue at the junction. 6 km (4 mi) east of the Highway 99A junction, Highway 10 reaches its intersection with Highway 15 at Cloverdale. 3 km (2 mi) east of Highway 15, Highway 10 turns onto the Langley Bypass at 192nd Street, officially crossing from Surrey into Langley 1 km later (about ½ mi), and meets Highway 1A another 1 km (about ½ mi) east.

1 km (about ½ mi) east of Highway 1A, Highway 10 turns northeast onto Glover Road. 3 km (2 mi) later, Highway 10 turns east onto Springbrook Road. Highway 10 follows Springbrook Road for 2 km (1¼ mi) east to 232nd Street, then turns north for 1 km (about ½ mi) to a junction with Highway 1, at which point Highway 10 finally terminates.

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