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This is the episode list of Six Degrees (or ), an American dramatic television series about six residents of New York City and their respective relationships and connections with one another, based on the idea of six degrees of separation. The show was created by Raven Metzner and Stuart Zicherman. J. J. Abrams, Bryan Burk and Thom Sherman serve as executive producers through their Bad Robot Productions company. The show was filmed on location in Manhattan and at Silvercup Studios in Long Island City, Queens, New York City.[1]

premiered on Wednesday, September 20, 2006 on Global in Canada and debuted in the U.S. on ABC the following night where it lost more than 50% of the viewers from the episode of Grey's Anatomy which preceded it.[2] ABC removed from its broadcast schedule in early November 2006. After more than four months hiatus ABC added into their schedule on Friday nights at 9:00 pm beginning on March 23, 2007. As of March 26, 2007 the tenth episode had been scheduled for broadcast on April 13.[3] On April 3 ABC announced that Wife Swap would be replacing on Fridays at 9:00 pm.[4] On April 12, 2007 ABC announced that the remaining five episode of would be added to their online streaming video, a new episode each Friday starting April 27, 2007.[5] The complete series has been broadcast in various countries since being cancelled by ABC.

Episode list

# Title Directed by Written by U.S. air date U.S. viewers
1 "Pilot" Rodrigo Garcia Raven Metzner & Stuart Zicherman September 21, 2006 (2006-09-21) 12.560[2]
The show begins by establishing a little background information on each of the characters. We learn that Carlos is an up-and-coming lawyer, that Mae has some hidden past she is always running from, Laura lost her husband, who worked as a reporter, in Iraq, Damian is an almost limousine driver who has racked up some substantial gambling debts, Whitney's fiancé is cheating on her but still proposed to her, and that Steven is divorced and has a son and once was a respected photographer. As the show progresses, however, we begin to see how the characters interact. Whitney goes to a nail salon and meets Laura. Laura hires Mae as a nanny. Laura also watched the clip of her husband dying after an explosion and goes outside to mourn. Steven photographs her as he attempts to revive his career. Carlos requests help from Damian to get in a club so he can ask Mae on a date. After Carlos learns that Mae isn't at the club, he goes out to find Damian being beat up by two loan shark henchmen. He saves Damian and Damian wants to repay him by buying him a drink. While the two are at the bar, they see Whitney's fiancé making out with another woman. At the end of the episode, Carlos and Mae end up sitting across from each other in a subway car. 
2 "What Are the Odds?" Jace Alexander Stuart Zicherman & Raven Metzner September 28, 2006 (2006-09-28) 10.150[6]
Mae changes her mind about leaving New York; Carlos has his hands full with a case of attempted murder; Laura starts her new job; Whitney struggles with planning her wedding; Damian helps someone else's fate, but worries about his own; and Steven's new job could possibly turn his entire life around. 
3 "A New Light" Wendey Stanzler Elisa Zuritsky, Peter Parnell, & Julie Rottenberg October 5, 2006 (2006-10-05) 9.110[7]
Laura's perception of her deceased husband is changed by a video she received; Steven is urged to mix business with pleasure by a younger woman; While Mae seeks help in locating an old acquaintance from Carlos, who's in a difficult case. 
4 "The Puncher" Juan Campanella Laura Wolner & Peter Elkoff October 12, 2006 (2006-10-12) 8.690[8]
While the city is beset by the Puncher, a rogue criminal who punches total strangers and runs, Whitney plans her wedding. Meanwhile Laura wonders whether her friendship with Whitney can survive telling her the truth about Roy; Carlos and Mae go on a double date to a karaoke bar with Damian and Regina, and Damian realizes Mae's connection to him; and Steven meets with his son and ex-wife and learns that there are more complications to his new life than he originally thought. 
5 "Masquerade" Mary Harron Pang-Ni Landrum October 19, 2006 (2006-10-19) 8.360[9]
Damian reveals to Carlos what he knows about Mae and her past, but in the meantime, she prepares to run away from the place she's called home. Laura supports Whitney through her transition by attending her big work party -- a masquerade called the Monster Ball. Steven gets a chance to prove himself as a father to Max, but an unexpected situation leads to him failing. 
6 "What You Wish For" David Semel Bradford Winters November 2, 2006 (2006-11-02) 7.400[10]
Damian proposes to Regina but still won't be honest about his criminal past as they look to the future. Caseman finally gets a chance to spend quality time with his son, Max, but Whitney offers him the job of a lifetime, which forces him to reassess his priorities. Meanwhile, Laura receives a promotion with some big strings attached. 
7 "Slings and Arrows" Dean White Julie Rottenberg & Elisa Zuritsky March 23, 2007 (2007-03-23) 4.450[11]
Laura decides to leave the past behind when she has her first date since her husband died. But when she and Andrew visit a gallery opening, she discovers the photo that Steven took of her. Meanwhile, Whitney learns that Roy, her ex-fiancée, has acquired one of her clients. This new situation forces her to work with the man who broke her heart and dreams. Meanwhile, Carlos learns Damian's secret about the shooting. 
8 "Get A Room" Eric Laneuville Peter Parnell March 30, 2007 (2007-03-30) 3.120[12]
Whitney and Carlos are on the hunt for new apartments, and Carlos, Anya and Steven's lives change when a friend from the past returns. Meanwhile Whitney has a rebound affair with Todd (Jason Lewis), which she struggles to keep casual, Laura meets a new man through the connecting power of the Internet, and Mae and Carlos have trouble defining their relationship — and someone winds up getting hurt. 
9 "Sedgewick's" Tucker Gates Peter Elkoff April 27, 2007 (2007-04-27) (online) N/A
Laura asks Whitney to work pro bono to save Sedgewick's, a local bar/restaurant that is scheduled to be redeveloped into a hotel. Whitney has to say no, since her father (the one who is redeveloping it) has already hired her to drum up favorable press coverage for him. Steven has a drink. 
10 "Ray's Back" Tony Goldwyn Stuart Zicherman & Raven Metzner May 4, 2007 (2007-05-04) (online) N/A
Ray Jones, a self-described “connector” who has a past with some of the main characters, comes to town and gives Whitney, Steven, Laura, and Damian a $50,000 check, a fruit basket, a job, and a naked marriage proposal — not in that order, and not without arousing suspicion. Carlos interviews for a job at a private law firm. 
11 "Surstromming or a Slice" David Petrarca Kenneth Biller & Peter Elkoff May 11, 2007 (2007-05-11) (online) N/A
Ray hires Laura and Steven to decorate his new office space; while working together they find that they're attracted to each other, which causes problem’s for Laura’s daughter Eliza. But Steven feels he can’t be in a relationship now. Mae finds the trail of Maggie Newton, an author and NYU professor who could be her mother. Ray gives Damian an impossible task at 5:32 a.m. and hires Laura, not J.T., to design his new office space. As a power play against Whitney, Ray hires Steven to take photos for the office. Damian uses Ray’s name to help Carlos. 
12 "Objects in the Mirror" Tom Verica Peter Elkoff May 18, 2007 (2007-05-18) (online) N/A
Laura develops an interest in a carpenter who is working on her space. Carlos gets a professional boost from Ray, and is brought back into Mae’s life as a result. At the PR firm, Ray brings in a management consultant, who tells Whitney to fire staff and freeze promotions/raises after she had already promised one to her assistant, Melanie. Mae summons the courage to meet Maggie, but things don’t go as Mae had hoped. After learning of the specifics of the situation, Whitney ends a relationship with Maggie’s publishing house. Damian comes to a brotherly understanding with Michael, who is being sent to prison. Carlos and Lisa break up. Steven tells Laura he’d like to try again. 
13 "A Simple Twist of Fate" Eric Laneuville Stuart Zicherman & Raven Metzner May 25, 2007 (2007-05-25) (online) N/A
Laura wants to keep her relationship with Steven secret; Steven wants to open up about it and is eventually forced to. Ray gives Whitney the opportunity to go on vacation; she debates whether to ask him to come. Steven’s car gets towed after taking shots of Ray with Whitney, causing him to spend a long time with Whitney. Melanie organizes the opening party for Ray’s office, and her plans cause a bit of trouble, one of which being the electricity running out. Ray gives Damian silver cufflinks, only one of which makes it to the office party for the other one was used to restore the power. Reporters hound Mae and Laura about Maggie’s book, causing Mae to reveal to Laura her real name, and to decide to leave New York. On the late night, Whitney kisses Steven and he reveals that he and Laura are in a relationship. The next day Whitney confronts Laura, and she is shocked to see how jealous Whitney is of her and Steven. Whitney claims that she is just furious because she wished Laura would have told her. In an effort to avoid problems with the Justice Department, Ray wants Carlos to take advantage of Laura’s trust in him to get her computer. Carlos does so and give the laptop to Ray, but not before he shows it to the Justice Department. On her way to the office party, Whitney tells Ray that she would not be going on vacation with him and she doesn't think that something will happen between them. At the office party, Laura sees Whitney and Steven talking, when Whitney goes to Laura and reveals that Steven adores Laura and that Laura should go after him before its too late. Laura assures Whitney that she will find someone, and they hug meaning their friendship is stronger than ever. Mae shows up and tells Laura and Carlos that she is done running and wants to live her life, when Carlos asks her to dance. The two dance as Lisa watches them when she reveals to the bartender that she is pregnant. Whitney walks home and runs into a man she met/saw earlier, they flirt for a minute and he leaves. Whitney then looks out and sees that her options are open. 


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